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Important highlights from this release

  1. Hijri Calendar is now supported in App4Legal 
  2. List menu are re-engineered to have an easier navigability 
  3. Single Sign On functionality is implemented for corporate clients 
  4. A hearing can now be deleted 
  5. Client filtering is now possible via the Case Board 


Issue keyIssue TypePrioritySummaryStatusCreatedUpdatedDescription
A4L-3391New FeatureMediumAdd a What's new message after upgradeQA Validated2/8/2017 12:424/17/2017 17:12* The system now displays a pop-up with the highlights of the updates.
A4L-3329New FeatureMediumSSO Integration in App4LegalQA Validated1/16/2017 17:594/11/2017 17:31* App4Legal now supports SSO
A4L-2064New FeatureMediumAdd the ability to delete a HearingQA Validated3/17/2016 10:184/17/2017 16:06* A hearing can now be deleted.
A4L-1013New FeatureMediumImplement Hijri date converterQA Validated8/24/2015 13:384/17/2017 16:06* In the user action list and in forms, the user now has the option to find the equivalent of Gregorian dates in Hijri and vice versa.
A4L-3522ImprovementMediumRename Contact Details section in CompanyQA Validated3/21/2017 12:354/4/2017 10:24* The label is now renamed.
A4L-3471ImprovementMediumIncrease Partner size in Invoice FormQA Validated3/8/2017 13:524/6/2017 17:59* Size is now enhanced.
A4L-3442ImprovementMediumRe-design GridsQA Validated2/27/2017 19:374/17/2017 18:51* Grids are redesigned for better navigability and user experience.
A4L-3218ImprovementMediumAdd client filter to the case boardQA Validated12/19/2016 11:214/17/2017 11:06* Users can now filter on Clients in the Case Board.
A4L-3595BugMediumBugs from calendarQA Validated4/17/2017 10:254/17/2017 17:58* Bug in the filter on a Case on Task Board, the system will give an HTTP error 500

* php error when adding a meeting and the session has no timezone
* Bugs are fixed.
A4L-3556BugMediumBug in api login when the user has avatar icon as a profile pictureQA Validated4/3/2017 10:194/17/2017 15:37* User can't log in from api if the user has an avatar icon as a profile picture.
* Bug is fixed
A4L-3555BugMediumBug in calendar when the user doesn't navigate through the calendar viewQA Validated4/3/2017 10:054/17/2017 15:57* Scenario: Add user and sign in with this user. Sync with google without navigating through the calendar view mode (month,week..)
,a PHP error is attained.
* Bug is fixed.
A4L-3535BugMediumBug in case boardQA Validated3/22/2017 14:474/17/2017 16:05* The first time the user opens the assign user pop up, the first group retrieves all users but if you choose a user group then re-choose this group, the users retrieved are the correct ones and thus the case is saving user team that is not related to the assignee.
 The solution: Add adefault value
A4L-3530BugMediumBug in profile pic QA Validated3/22/2017 10:404/6/2017 18:04* Don't allow the save button to save the profile pic.
* Bug is fixed.
A4L-3505BugMediumBug in drag and drop in the case board QA Validated3/15/2017 17:084/5/2017 16:27* Bug in case dashboard drag and drop when the user has no permission, the user is not able to change the status from/to global. It is now fixed.
A4L-3504BugHighBug in folder privacyQA Validated3/15/2017 16:504/4/2017 15:09* Scenario:
 Add an attachment to a ticket from CP, case notes attachments folder is being created with the creator CP user. Click on share with specific users  from the core, the created by is being added automatically but with wrong i d(id of the user id and not the cp user id ). Solution: hide the link share for folders when the case is created from the CP. It is now fixed.
A4L-3479BugHighRegression bug due to enhancing Contacts gridQA Validated3/13/2017 10:184/17/2017 18:51* Try to display the footer and fix the problem with the grid content in contacts grid
* Try to remove the unneeded horizontal scroll in the window in contacts grids
* If you make the system filter (client, provider, ...) invisible to all => there is no option to make it visible again even if the user is administrator=>(Make system filters read only)
* Fix design.
* Bug when resizing the columns
* Broken design on small screens check(upload.png) +  the fixed header is not working
* All the above is fixed.
A4L-3476BugMediumDb error when deleting company container related to a reminderQA Validated3/10/2017 10:574/4/2017 10:16* It is now fixed.
A4L-3474BugMediumBug in in Partner items in Invoice formQA Validated3/8/2017 18:124/17/2017 16:42* It is now fixed.
A4L-3465BugMediumUnable to login in OTA for Active Directory UsersQA Validated3/7/2017 15:434/17/2017 15:29* API key is not generated by the creation of active directory user. It is now fixed.
A4L-3464BugCriticalUnable to upload file that is larger than 7 MB on IIS using HTTPS modeQA Validated3/7/2017 15:424/17/2017 8:56* It is now fixed.
A4L-3449BugMediumMissing Task data in Case export to wordQA Validated3/2/2017 11:204/4/2017 14:34* The assignee and due date on the related Tasks on the case and IP case doesn't appear in the export to word. It is now fixed.
A4L-3433BugMediumDMS - bug in pagination when searching or using breadcrumbQA Validated2/25/2017 13:104/17/2017 16:49* Navigation in breadcrumb is not working when opening next page and back using the breadcrumb => solution is to reset the pagination number when searching or navigating using the breadcrumb. It is now fixed.
A4L-3432BugMediumDMS - bug in folder privacyQA Validated2/25/2017 13:044/17/2017 17:44* Bug in the Folder Privacy: Create new Private folder with no shared users , in this folder upload an image or file and try to search this file it works successfully .

share this folder with another user and try again to search this file,it's not working.

* It is now fixed.
A4L-3377BugMediumBug when using special characters(')QA Validated2/3/2017 16:064/12/2017 9:24* It is now fixed.
A4L-3319BugMediumCase Assignee is empty in Case Form QA Validated1/13/2017 13:294/17/2017 17:15Scenario:
* Create case assigned to "User X" and Team 1
* Change Team from Team 1 to Team 2 for "User X"
* Assignee is hidden in case form. Knowing that, the Case Board and Grids loads the assignee along with the old team (correct behavior)
* The solution  is to let the dropdown retrieve the assigned user. It is now fixed.
A4L-3266BugMediumBugs when there is no default value in system preferencesQA Validated12/28/2016 13:534/4/2017 12:55* PHP error when opening the documents form in IP. It is now fixed.
A4L-3263BugMediumBehavior when new permissions are addedQA Validated12/27/2016 19:074/14/2017 9:53* There are sets where the child nodes are all checked but the parent isn't (it should be by default)

* There are sets where the parent is checked but not all of the child nodes are checked (they should be by default)
* It is now fixed.
A4L-3142BugMediumBug when converting invoice from draft to openQA Validated11/24/2016 13:004/13/2017 10:58This bug is reproducible when the invoice don't have any item:


*  Create new invoice with related items records.

*  Convert it to draft.

*  Remove all related records items.

*  Go to invoices grid and convert it to open.

*  a PHP error appears.
* It is now fixed.
A4L-1681BugMediumTime log calculation is wrongQA Validated1/13/2016 13:184/6/2017 17:34* Go to the Time log form, put in the Eff. Effort 1.2, the system will put it as 1h 11m. It should be 12 m. Check the problem with the calculation.
* It is now fixed.
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