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This article tends to help clients in enabling Push Notification on Mobile for Jira Service Desk Portal.

Before you start with Step-by-step guide please make about the following:

  1. If your organization has a firewall, you need to open the following ports: 52285229, and 5230 to unlock this feature (You can refer to this link for further details FCM Ports), these Ports are used by FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging).
  2. You need to have admin access on your Jira Instance.

Step-by-step guide

From your Jira Instance:

  1. Login with your Admin account.
  2. Navigate to Add-ons settings.
  3. Select Push Notification Configuration from Mobile for Jira Service Desk Portal section as shown in the below image:

  4. Make sure that Notification feature is enabled for the needed projects (if not enable it, kindly click on the checkbox to enable it as shown in the below image):

  5. After enabling Notification feature, click on Configure Notification Scheme for the needed project, you will be navigated to a screen as the below:

  6. Make sure to enable the needed Scheme for notifications.

From your Mobile App, you need to apply the following:

  1. Close the Mobile app and remove it from the background.
  2. From your Android device and iOS device, make sure about the below:
    1. iOS:
      1. From your iOS device click open settings.
      2. Click on Mobile for JSD Portal.
      3. Click on Notification.
      4. Make sure that Allow Notifications is turned On.
    2. Android:
      1. From your Android device click on settings.
      2. Click on Apps.
      3. Click on Mobile for Jira Service Desk Portal.
      4. Click on Notifications.
      5. Make sure that the feature is turned On.
  3. Open Mobile for Jira Service Desk Portal in Android and Mobile for JSD Portal in iOS.
  4. Login using your Customer User credentials.
  5. Navigate to setting and make sure Notification is enabled as in the below image:

To test if Push Notification feature is working:

  1. You should have two accounts: Customer (Account A) and the other one Agent (Account B).
  2. If Public comment added scheme is enabled for example in the add-on:
    1. Open the Mobile app.
    2. Login with Account A.
    3. Create a test ticket
    4. Then close the App
  3. From your web browser on your PC:
    1. Login with Account B.
    2. Open the ticket created by Account A.
    3. Add a public comment.
    4. Account A, should receive Push Notification about the comment, and he can view comment history from the app.