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Mobile for Jira consists of the following Apps:

Mobile for Jira Atlassian Add-on:

Mobile for Jira Add-on is needed for the below reasons:

  • Check if user license is valid to enable Mobile for Jira usage.
  • Add Push Notification needed configuration to Jira Products to support Instant Push Notification over users mobile devices.

This product is verified by Atlassian and set as Top Vendor on Atlassian Marketplace.

Mobile for Jira connectivity with Jira Server/Cloud:

Mobile for Jira Android and iOS apps establish connections over HTTP/HTTPS protocols and communicates with Jira Cloud/Server using Jira Rest API's published by Atlassian through this link.

Mobile for Jira Push Notification feature

Mobile for Jira communicates with FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) to register Android and iOS devices for Push Notification for more details check this link.

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