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App LogoSize: 1024x1024

Android Notification LogoSize: 1024x1024

Click on the icon to view it

Jira Base URLYour Jira URL that you mainly use to login


Login Background ImageYou can share the required image to be shown in the login screen

 1080*1920 as size  

Login Method UsedYou need to determine if you're using an SSO solution or any hybrid login solution other than Jira login

For example, is using Jira login only.

Other instances might use ADFS, OKTA, Onelogin or other login solutions

App NameThe name of the app that will be displayed in the App/Play Store and in the devicesex: our app name is Mobile for Jira Service Desk Portal
ColoursColours to be used in the app

  1. Primary Light Color.
  2. Primary Color.
  3. Primary Dark Color.
Short descriptionIt will be displayed in the App/Play stores
Full descriptionIt will be displayed in the App/Play stores

Website A link that will be added in App and Play Store for the users to navigate toex:
Test AccountThis account will be used by Apple to review the app, it can be with limited permissions


username: apple

password: 12345678

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