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Follow the below steps in order to get Mobile for Jira service desk Portal installed in your JIRA instance:

 1- Download and install App from Atlassian Marketplace


1.Log into Jira using an Administrator account

2. Click on the “Settings” symbol in the top right corner



3. Click on “Add-ons”

4. A new screen will be loaded. Click on “Find new Add-ons”



5. Search for "Mobile for Jira service desk Portal"

6. Click on "Install"

7. A window will appear to confirm the add-on is installed and ready to use

 2- Install the app on your Mobile device from Playstore and/or Appstore


 3- Login to your service desk portal from Mobile


  1. Open Mobile for Jira service desk portal in your device

  2. Enter you JIRA credentials

  3. Enter your JIRA URL

  4. You're all set

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