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Google To Jira - GTJ uses oAuth 1.0a to connect to your Jira instance. You need to create a new application link, so GTJ can connect to it. Please follow the instructions carefully - any misspelling could prevent GTJ from working correctly.

1.Open Admin Area

Open JiraJira SettingsApplicationsApplication links.

2. New Appication Link

2.1 Create

Afterwards open the menu "Application Links" and create a new link for ""

2.2 Confirm Popup

There will be a popup, telling you that no response was received. This is no error. The communication with JIRA will be exclusively done from GTJ, our server will at no time connect to JIRA directly. Just click "Continue" to skip to the next step.

2.3. Maintain Header Data

In the Creation dialog just enter the following mandatory values:

Application Name: Google To Jira

Application Type: Generic Application

Continue again to save the application link

2.4. Maintain Incoming Authentication

There is a bug in JIRA and you cannot directly maintain incoming authentication data. So please save the link first and then edit your newly created application and switch to "Incoming Authentication".

Enter the following values:

Please follow these values carefully. Every misspelling may cause errors later on when using GTJ. Better spend a minute now to double-check if everything is correct. Thank you!



Consumer Keygoogletojira
Consumer NameGoogle To Jira
Description<This text is visible to the users. Set a text that helps users to identify this JIRA system>
Public Key-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----
-----END PUBLIC KEY-----

2.5. Save

Save all your changes. Jira is ready to provide the data to GTJ.