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Backup & Restore:

  1. The backups of the Applications are done on regular bases.
  2. The backups are normally done in a time-frame where there is minimal activity on the Customer Application.
  3. The backups of the Application is a full backup of all the data.
  4. The backups are done on two levels:
    1. Hosting Provider Backup: Which is the backup of the whole image of the Infrastructure Server that is holding the Customer Application.
    2. Manual Backups: Regular Backups that are done on the server level, which is a more detailed backup of the files and folders of the application, and should act as another backup plan in case the first backup failed to restore.
  5. Below is a table containing the RTO, RPO & Retention information about the mentioned backup procedures above:

Information1st Backup Method2nd Backup Method
RPO24 Hours24 Hours
RTO2 Hours4 Hours
Retention Time7 Days7 Days

Sanity Checks & Backup Resilience:

  1. Backup Restoration Tests are periodically conducted to test the Backup & Restoration process is working properly.
  2. The Sanity Checks of the backups are conducted on Local/Cloud machines.
  3. The Sanity Checks are done every 1 Month of the latest backup that is taken.
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