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When creating a support request through our Service Desk, our Customer Support & Operations team will respond within the SLA detailed in the table below.

We aim to satisfy Customer Requests in the same business day and to guarantee a high Quality of Service. Thus, we will use reasonable efforts to provide support in accordance with this Service Level Agreement, and will not be responsible for any delays caused by the customer for reasons beyond our control.

Business Hours

Our Customer Support & Operations team business hours are from 4am to 8pm GMT, Sunday through Friday (i.e. all week days except Saturday). Our Support Agents are constantly monitoring the Customer Portal and the support channels to respect the high priority of our customers, especially when it comes to critical incidents.

Support Channels

Clients can request support through one of the following channels:


Type of Request



First Time to response

Time to Work-around by Remote Access

Time to Final Resolution by Remote Access

Incident / Bug / Question


Any Defect, error, bug or malfunction that causes a failure or imminent failure of the software installed at Client servers and or on-cloud

2 Hours

6 Hours

2 Business Days


Any Defect, error, bug or malfunction that causes significant system degradation, without causing Priority 1 (Critical) issue of the software installed at Client servers or on-cloud

4 Hours

8 Hours

2 Business Days


Any Defect, error, bug or malfunction that affects the use of the Software but that is not: (a) a Priority 2 (High) request; (b) a Priority 1 (Critical) request; or (c) a single question functional or technical on the software installed at Client servers or on-cloud.

6 Hours

2 Business Days

4 Business Days

Our Standard Support Includes

  • Help with troubleshooting problems
  • Answering Support requests related to App4Legal modules & Licensing from both technical and functional perspectives. 
  • Bug Fixing: executing of minor patches remotely on client servers in order to fix App4Legal bugs or getting automatically the fixes when on-cloud.
  • Access to upgrades and new App4Legal versions for App4Legal on-server.

Our Standard Support Does Not Include

  • “On-Site” Support & Maintenance of App4Legal on client premises unless the client purchases on-site man-days.
  • Development requests, including custom code development or support for non-certified third party softwares.
  • For App4Legal on-server: Database integrity or server’s/networks performance issues, including tuning and technical optimization
  • Client Network topology or environment issues
  • For App4Legal on-server: Servers and hardware issues not directly related to App4Legal