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Business NeedFunction NameSyntax
1Retrieve all issues that has attachmentshasAttachments() project=JIRA and issue in hasAttachments()
2Retrieve all issues that has attachments of one or more typeissue in hasAttachments() issue in hasAttachments("pdf","docx")
3Retrieves all issues that has at least one attachment of size larger than the value set in ithasAttachmentLargerThan("")

 The parameter you set is the size in MB:

issue in hasAttachmentLargerThan("15")

4 Retrieves the issues that have a total size of attachments larger that the value set in ithasAttachmentsLargerThan("")

The parameter you set is the size in MB:

issue in hasAttachmentsLargerThan("15")

5 Retrieves all issues that has attachments uploaded by a specific userhasAttachmentsOf("")

 Set the username as parameter:

 issue in hasAttachmentsOf("jsmith")

6 Retrieves all issues that  has attachments that are uploaded to JIRA between 2 time intervalshasAttachmentsUploadedBetween("","")
  •   issue in hasAttachmentsUploadedBetween("2016-04-25","2016-10-14")
  • hasAttachmentsUploadedBetween("","2016-10-14") gets all issues until the second date
  • hasAttachmentsUploadedBetween("2016-04-25",""). gets all issues starting the first date

Retrieves all issues having an attachment holding a certain name


In case the document name is JAMisAwsome use the below

issue in hasAttachmentName("JAMisAwsome")

8Retrieves all issues having attchments in a categoryhasAttachmentCategoryName("")

For the category HLD

issue in hasAttachmentCategoryName("HLD")

You can also search for many Categories:

issue in hasAttachmentCategoryName("Business Requirement", HLD)

9Retrieves all issues having attachments uploaded by a certain grouphasAttachmentsOf("")

We have enhanced our function to support both usernames and group names


It can also support multi groups by adding group names comma separated


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