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App4Legal.v2.0 official release has been issued on 2013-02-21.

Below, you can find the New Features, Improvements & Bug fixing that has been delivered in this release:

KeyIssue TypePrioritySummaryDescriptionStatusCreated OnUpdated On
BMCMS-132New FeatureMediumDatabase Backup & Restore ScriptsProvide scripts for Database backup and Restore for the administratorTested2013-02-11 15:112013-03-15 16:48
BMCMS-108New FeatureMediumImplement a License Module for App4LegalThe administrator can now manage App4Legal License directly from Administration & SetupTested2013-02-04 8:252013-03-15 16:48
BMCMS-38New FeatureHighThe code source is now encryptedIn order to protect the code source, it's now encryptedTested2012-12-27 19:592013-03-15 16:48
BMCMS-149ImprovementMediumHelp/About content enhancedHelp/About Contains now relevant information about the ReleaseTested2013-02-20 11:092013-03-15 16:48
BMCMS-142ImprovementMediumAllow user to change the "Added By" and "Added On" while adding a new "Note" under "Case"Added By is now defaulted to the user logged in.
Added On is now defaulted to the system date-time of App4Legal server.
Tested2013-02-12 14:392013-03-15 16:48
BMCMS-138ImprovementMediumDefault "Provider Group" for Case under System Default Values is now availableIn System Default Values from Administration and Setup, the administrator can now default the Provider Group for Cases to facilitate data entry for users.Tested2013-02-12 14:342013-03-15 16:48
BMCMS-135ImprovementMediumShow Case Subject in Tasks Grid & Task Dialog WindowThe Case Subject appears now in Task Grid and Task Dialog window to facilitate tracking of informationTested2013-02-12 14:212013-03-15 16:48
BMCMS-134ImprovementMediumAll Links in Reports Open in a New TabAll Links in Reports Open in a New TabTested2013-02-12 9:052013-03-15 16:48
BMCMS-143BugMediumUnder Cases Form the count of "Notes" is not reflecting the actual number of notes under the respective "Case"Under Cases Form the count of "Notes" is now computed and publishedTested2013-02-12 14:402013-03-15 16:48
BMCMS-141BugMediumIn "Add Note" dialog under Cases, remove the two empty lines by Default.The 2 empty lines in Note have been removed to resolve the ergonomic issue.Tested2013-02-12 14:382013-03-15 16:48
BMCMS-140BugMediumCases Board & Tasks Board can remember now the last Board chosen by user under IE9The Case Board and Task Board last viewed will open now directly when users access it. It will be saved for next visits.Tested2013-02-12 14:362013-03-15 16:48
BMCMS-137BugMediumTasks Grid Quick Search error has been fixedTasks Grid Quick Search error has been fixedTested2013-02-12 14:292013-03-15 16:48
BMCMS-133BugCriticalUnder Board Members the numbers member ID is being converted from Decimal to OctalUnder Board Members the numbers member ID is being converted from Decimal to Octal: issue now resolved.Tested2013-02-11 19:452013-03-15 16:48
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