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KeyIssue TypePrioritySummaryDescriptionStatusCreatedUpdated
BMCMS-691New FeatureMediumAdd a report "Users Audit Report".This Report manages Users Audit Log  (i.e. when, who, what was modified in Edit Profile, Change Password, actions from Users grid, and modifications from User Edit form).
You can access this Report  from Administration and Setup & you can export it to Excel.
BMCMS-690New FeatureMediumAdd report to User Groups Permissions called "Permissions List".You can access this report from Manage Users, it lists the permissions of all Users (i.e. Accountant, Accountant-read-only, Administrator, System Administrator, etc..) & you can export it to Excel. Merged2014-01-162014-01-27
BMCMS-688New FeatureMediumEnhance the Due Date time picker.Due Date can not be less than Arrival Date any more on Case, Bill & Invoice modules.Merged2014-01-152014-01-27
BMCMS-681New FeatureHighAdd validation on Edit Case Note form.Add validation on Edit Case Note to "Added By" field.Merged2013-12-282014-01-27
BMCMS-672New FeatureMediumAdd Alerts on the auto-complete fields in all Modules.If you add any data with no matches found and you save before adding your data on the database an Alert has been added on the auto-complete fields in all modules.Merged2013-12-122014-01-27
BMCMS-686ImprovementMediumImprove some words in Arabic.Replace "??????" by "????????" on the main menu of Money.Merged2014-01-112014-01-27
BMCMS-685ImprovementMediumHide the Bill ID from Bill grid.The column Bill ID is hidden from the  grid now and from the Excel sheet.Merged2014-01-092014-01-27
BMCMS-682ImprovementMediumImprove the Invoice Status.Add Overdue status to the Invoice Statuses in case the Invoice is not paid and the Due Date is less than the System Date.Merged2014-01-062014-01-27
BMCMS-671ImprovementMediumEnhance the Add on the Fly to Contact & Company on Add Case form.Now you can add on the fly Contacts & Companies from Add Case form.Merged2013-12-122014-01-27
BMCMS-670ImprovementMediumEnhance Task filters.
  • In Advanced Search  the Task Type field != Meeting by default on grid.
  • The system save now the last Quick Filters chosen into Task Grid.
BMCMS-650ImprovementMediumEnhance Case Advanced Search.
  • Add "Outsource to" as a search field. 
  • Add "External Reference" with default operator "contains" as a text free entry.
BMCMS-693BugMediumFix Reset button using IE.Reset button is fixed now using IE.Merged2014-01-202014-01-27
BMCMS-692BugMediumFix the validation message of the Amount field.The validation message of the Amount field on Record Invoice Payment is fixed now to define the variable.Merged2014-01-172014-01-27
BMCMS-687BugMediumFix the Case ID into Time Tracking grid when logged from Case grid.The Case Id is fixed now on Time Tracking and give properly the ID when the Case is logged directly from Case grid and not from the Time Tracking form.Merged2014-01-142014-01-27
BMCMS-680BugMediumTechnical: Remove Constraints Names when adding a Foreign Key on tables for the Core module.Technical: Remove Constraints Names when adding a Foreign Key on tables for the Core module.Merged2013-12-272014-01-27
BMCMS-678BugMediumFix Case Note Attachments.Case Note save now all attachments uploaded.Merged2013-12-202014-01-27
BMCMS-677BugHighFix the Rate Per User on Time Tracking when sending to the Invoice.The system calculates properly now the Time Tracking sent to the Invoice when the Rate Per User is changed.Merged2013-12-182014-01-27
BMCMS-676BugMediumFix Drag and drop on Chrome & IE.Drag & Drop is fixed now on Chrome & IE.Merged2013-12-182014-01-27
BMCMS-674BugMediumFix feedback messages on "Shareholders & Shares By Date Report".A feedback message added on  Shareholders & Shares By Date Report when you try to transfer shares from a company which doesn't have a capital.Merged2013-12-172014-01-27
BMCMS-673BugMediumFix the message of Delete Files & Folders in all Objects.Message of Delete Files & Folders is fixed in all Objects.Merged2013-12-122014-01-27
BMCMS-669BugMediumFix System Preferences.The System Preferences Values is fixed now to allow the Backslash character "\" .Merged2013-11-282014-01-27
BMCMS-668BugMediumFix Bearer Shares on Company add form.
  • when you add Capital & Shares in the Company Add form, and let the Bearer Shares empty the system put 0 by default. 
  • Converting Juristic Contact to Internal Company is fixed now.
BMCMS-661BugMediumFix the text editor  and export to PDF in Money module.The rich text editor and export to PDF are fixed now on Money module.Merged2013-11-262014-01-27
BMCMS-435BugLowFix the Warning message of Drag & Drop or Upload folders.The message now is:
"Action failed.
You can not upload folders and/or files with this extension".
BMCMS-371BugMediumFix Universal search to search at least 3 characters.Universal search, search now at least 3 characters and not less then.Merged2013-07-082014-01-27
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