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KeyIssue TypePrioritySummaryDescriptionStatusCreatedUpdated
BMCMS-737New FeatureMediumAdd "Feedback" link.Now you can report your Feedbacks or Bugs via the Feedback form in the Homepage.Merged2014-02-212014-03-07
BMCMS-620New FeatureMediumAdd "Export to Word" on Invoice.Now you can Export to Word your Invoices also not only to PDF.Merged2013-11-042014-03-07
BMCMS-711New FeatureLowMake App4Legal operational on IIS 7.0 and SQL Server 2008.App4Legal is now successfully operational with IIS 7.0 and MS-SQL.Merged2014-02-072014-03-07
BMCMS-747ImprovementHighAdd "Export to Word" on Case.Now you can Export to Word your Cases.Merged2014-02-282014-03-07
BMCMS-742ImprovementMediumEnhance Hearings and Reminders  tabs.
  • Add to the Hearing form new fields which are: Court Type, Court Degree, ourt Region and Court.
  • The notification text of a reminder is now as follows:

[Hearing][%Case_ID%-%Case_Subject%][%Court_Type%][%Court_Degree%][%Court_Region%][%Court%][%Summary%] .

  • Update the Hearing now:


  1. Dismiss all previously related Reminders and keep the most recent. 
  2. Add new Reminder for each assigned Lawyer with the new Hearing data.
  3. Update all Tasks for each assigned Lawyer with the new Hearing data.


  • Automatic refresh of the list of the reminders is applied directly after a new reminder is added.
  • A new "go to" link added into Reminder to link to the Case, Task, Contact and Company. 
  • In Administration & Setup, a new option is added which is to select a default value for the  Reminder that is auto-created for a certain "Hearing".
BMCMS-739ImprovementMediumEnhance the "Report a bug" link ."Report a bug" link is now accessible as https to instead of http.Merged2014-02-222014-03-07
BMCMS-734ImprovementMediumTechnical: Create a "Global Partner Share" account in Sample Data Script file.Technical: A new account called: "Global Partner Share" is created in Sample Data Script file to cover the partner shares transactions.Merged2014-02-202014-03-07
BMCMS-733ImprovementMediumHide "Restore Database" Link."Restore Database" Link on System Maintenance into Administration and Setup is hidden now.Merged2014-02-202014-03-07
BMCMS-727ImprovementMediumAdd  "Closed On" date field on Case."Closed on" field is added now to Case form and in Advanced Search.Merged2014-02-142014-03-07
BMCMS-725ImprovementMediumAdd Related Cases tab on the level of Company.A new tab called "Related Cases" is added to Company that retrieves all the related cases. This tab is in the form of a grid that you can search in and export.Merged2014-02-142014-03-07
BMCMS-724ImprovementMediumAdd "Added By" and "Added on" fields on Related Documents grid view."Added By" and "Added on" fields are added now to Related Documents grid under all objects.Merged2014-02-142014-03-07
BMCMS-722ImprovementLowChange Legal Case in Administration & Setup.Replace "Legal Case" by "Legal Project" in Administration and Setup on Case Type.Merged2014-02-132014-03-07
BMCMS-721ImprovementMediumHide History tab.History tab is hidden from all Objects.Merged2014-02-132014-03-07
BMCMS-720ImprovementMediumEnhance the CSS hover of elements on Main Menu.The elements in main menu now don't lose the CSS  hover class when the focus event is lost.Merged2014-02-122014-03-07
BMCMS-718ImprovementMediumEnhance the Document Management System.The Document Management System now stores files by unique numbers and restricts certain file types from being uploaded.Merged2014-02-102014-03-07
BMCMS-714ImprovementMediumEnhance French Language.Some words in French are enhanced.Merged2014-02-082014-03-07
BMCMS-713ImprovementMediumAdd Download Attachment link to Action wheel in Money Payment Made.Now you can Download your Attachments from the action wheel under the Payment Made grid.Merged2014-02-082014-03-07
BMCMS-709ImprovementMediumAdd Years drop down list on Dashboard form.Now you can navigate in the Dashboard in years backwards.Merged2014-02-062014-03-07
BMCMS-708ImprovementMediumAdd "Referred By" and "Requested By" fields on Case. "Referred By" and "Requested By" fields are added to the Case.Merged2014-02-062014-03-07
BMCMS-704ImprovementHighEnable Zoom in for Client, Supplier & Partner accounts.Now you can Zoom in your Client, Supplier & Partner accounts.Merged2014-02-042014-03-07
BMCMS-701ImprovementMediumEnhancing Record Expenses from Case.
  • Two check box are added in the Expenses tab inside a Case,  "Time Tracking related to this Case is billable", "This Case is internal and all Expenses related to this Case is not billable".
  • in the Money module, Bills tab precede now the Expenses tab.
  • in the Expenses tab, the Accountant have the option to convert the Invoice to: Billable, Non-Billable and Internal.
  • choosing the Expense to be Billable the system mandates choosing a Client Account.
  • after creating the Invoice and adding all the Items, if YOU chooses to change the Client the tool automatically empties all the Items.
  • in the Expenses grid, three columns are added: Case ID, Client Name, and Client Account.
  • in the Expenses grid and Expense form, the Change Billing Status doesn't allow you to change the Client.
  •   if your Invoice is not Draft, the system make the Invoice to be read-only.
  • the option "Send to Invoice" is eliminated.
BMCMS-699ImprovementMediumHide ID column in Administration and Setup.ID column is hided from Administration and Setup.Merged2014-01-302014-03-07
BMCMS-698ImprovementMediumEnhance Contact Website info.When you add a new Contact and you choose it to be a Juristic Contact, the relevant Website is retrieved automatically.Merged2014-01-302014-03-07
BMCMS-696ImprovementMediumAdd Years drop down list under Money Dashboard.Now you can navigate in the Money Dashboard in years backwards.Merged2014-01-292014-03-07
BMCMS-751ImprovementLowEnhance Case Document Classification.Case Document Classification is improved now to compare between the main classifications and subs.Merged2014-03-032014-03-07
BMCMS-740ImprovementMediumReplace all "Joigner" by "joindre".All "Joigner" are replaced by "joindre" in French.Merged2014-02-242014-03-07
BMCMS-729ImprovementMediumEnhance the Archived Hard Copies section on Case.The design of Archived Hard Copies section on Case is improved.Merged2014-02-202014-03-07
BMCMS-750BugMediumFix Manage Timer.Manage Timer for Cases and Tasks is now successfully logging time in the Time Tracking feature.Merged2014-03-032014-03-07
BMCMS-749BugMediumFix the Custom Fields under Clone Contact.The Custom Fields under Clone Contact don't generate the PHP error anymore.Merged2014-03-032014-03-07
BMCMS-746BugLowCorrect the Advertising & Marketing Account Name.The Account Name is corrected now.Merged2014-02-272014-03-07
BMCMS-732BugMediumFix Switch Entities with MS-SQL.Switch Entities are fixed now with MS-SQL.Merged2014-02-202014-03-07
BMCMS-731BugMediumFix all Advanced Search functions in Money module.Advanced Search work properly now on whole objects under Money module.Merged2014-02-202014-03-07
BMCMS-730BugHighFix Backup Database.Backup Database in Administration and Setup work properly now.Merged2014-02-202014-03-07
BMCMS-728BugCriticalFix Log Time from a Case having the flag "Time Tracking billable" active.When you Log Time now from a Case having the flag "Time Tracking is Billable by default", the Logged Time is automatically saved as "Billable".Merged2014-02-202014-03-07
BMCMS-715BugMediumFix the Payment Made when the Bill is Paid.Now when the Bill is paid, you can not edit the Payment Made.Merged2014-02-102014-03-07
BMCMS-712BugMediumAdd a feedback message on Task Location "Add on the fly" function.When you want to add on the fly a Task Location and don't have a permission, the system shows you the feedback message "access denied".Merged2014-02-072014-03-07
BMCMS-710BugMediumFix URLs .URLS now is fixed on all objects so when you add a URL with https the tool doesn't add anymore the http.Merged2014-02-062014-03-07
BMCMS-707BugMediumFix Added on Date for Notes.Added on Date for Notes takes the date of Today.Merged2014-02-052014-03-07
BMCMS-705BugLowFix Download Logo.Now you can Download the Logo from Invoice properly.Merged2014-02-042014-03-07
BMCMS-702BugMediumFix the Deleting error on User Groups.When you delete a User Groups the system show you a feedback and the User Group will be deleted properly.Merged2014-02-032014-03-07
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