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KeyIssue TypePrioritySummaryDescriptionStatusCreatedUpdated
LEG-745New FeatureMediumAdd Seniority level Field to Admin & Setup* Seniority level Field is added to the Admin & Setup. Defaulted to: have Junior Associates, Associates, Senior Associates & Partners in the sample data.
* The Seniority Level is added to the User form (under Received by team) and also in Time tracking grid, and Time Tracking advanced search.
Merged6/4/2015 17:437/7/2015 19:30
LEG-853New FeatureMediumSeniority Level in the user form should be a mandatory field* Seniority Level in the user form is now a mandatory field in the User form.Merged7/7/2015 12:427/7/2015 19:30
LEG-770New FeatureMediumTime Tracking by Seniority report and pie chart to be added* This report is added to the Reports module under Time Tracking section.
* It is searchable by Cases.
* The report brings:
Case ID
Case Subject
Time spent (total in hours)
seniority Group
* A pie chart is also present also to show how to the hours are divided per group. 
Merged6/16/2015 15:327/7/2015 19:30
LEG-798New FeatureMediumEnhance the deletion of columns in Case & Task Boards* While trying to delete a column, there is a small delete sign (x) above every column instead of decreasing the column lines. This way the user can select a certain column to remove.Merged6/29/2015 15:467/7/2015 19:30
LEG-771New FeatureMediumLet up rounding on Time Logs to be optional* The default values configuration now has a field for enabling up rounding decimals in Time Logs. Merged6/17/2015 10:087/7/2015 19:30
LEG-728New Feature
MediumTime logs to be rounded up* It is now implemented.Merged5/27/2015 12:287/7/2015 19:30
LEG-744New FeatureMediumAdd User Rates tab to Time Logs* Specific User Rates tab is added to Time Logs. The Time Logs have 2 tabs: Logged Time & User Rates.
* User Rates displays Users and their corresponding rates.
* By default the first user to appear is the assignee on the Case.
* If there is a default User Rate for the assignee it appears as a suggestion and the manager can edit it later. 
Merged6/4/2015 17:367/7/2015 19:30
LEG-735New FeatureMediumOutlook - Add the possibility of adding a new Hearing via Outlook* A Hearing can now be added via Outlook.Merged6/2/2015 13:017/7/2015 19:30
LEG-687New FeatureMediumAmend the Cover Page with new design* Cover Page is amended with new design.Merged4/22/2015 14:027/7/2015 19:30
LEG-682New FeatureMediumImplement Kanban functionality in Case & Task Board* Ianban functionality is implemented in Case & Task Board.Merged4/20/2015 18:377/7/2015 19:30
LEG-632New FeatureMediumAdd the Export to Excel to the Invoice in the Invoice Details* The action wheel now contains the following
** Export Cover Page (Word)
** Export Invoice with Cover Page (Word)
** Export Invoice (Excel)
Merged4/2/2015 14:397/7/2015 19:30
LEG-625New FeatureMediumIntegrate permissions on Reminders (Show All, My Reminders)* A new permissions is created for Show only my Reminders and Show All of Reminders.Merged3/27/2015 18:257/7/2015 19:30
LEG-593New FeatureMediumLookup of Tasks should abide by the Permissions granted* Lookup of Tasks now abides by the Permissions granted. If a user is only allowed to see My Tasks, then he/she can't see the rest of the Tasks in look up fields.
* Look up fields are in:
** Time logs
** Reminders
** Advanced Search of the above
Merged3/12/2015 14:407/7/2015 19:30
LEG-394New FeatureMediumImport Money Settings values from one entity to another* The ability to import Money Settings values from one entity to another is added:
** Needed Accounts (Other than system Accounts)
** Invoice Items
** Invoice Taxes
** Bill Taxes
** Expense Categories
** Invoice templates
Merged7/15/2014 19:537/7/2015 19:30
LEG-373New FeatureMediumAdd the ability to have several Opponents on a Litigation Case* The ability to have several Opponents on a Litigation Case is added.Merged9/1/2014 13:147/7/2015 19:30
LEG-327New FeatureMediumCompany can have more than one Company Lawyer* Company can now have more than one Company Lawyer.Merged8/14/2013 13:467/7/2015 19:30
LEG-854ImprovementMediumUnneeded horizontal scroll in the Task form on Chrome* Unneeded horizontal scroll in the Task form on Chrome in Ar is fixed.Merged7/7/2015 13:007/7/2015 19:30
LEG-852ImprovementLowEnhance the name of the files of the Dynamic Report when not Saved* The name of the report is now in singular form (Dynamic report not reports) in all languages.Merged7/7/2015 12:257/7/2015 19:30
LEG-841ImprovementMediumIntegrate permissions on the Filter action in Case & Task Board* Permissions on the Filter action in Case & Task Board are now integrated.Merged7/3/2015 14:237/7/2015 19:30
LEG-839ImprovementVery LowEnhance the translation of "Logged Time" In French* It is now Temps connecté.Merged7/3/2015 12:167/7/2015 19:30
LEG-837ImprovementMediumUnneeded scroll in the Add Hearing form in Ar on Chrome* Unneeded scroll in the Add Hearing form in Ar on Chrome is fixedMerged7/2/2015 17:257/7/2015 19:30
LEG-835ImprovementMediumEnhance the look and feel of feedback messages* The transparency of the feedback messages is removed.Merged7/2/2015 16:457/7/2015 19:30
LEG-823ImprovementCriticalEnhance the GUI of the landing page in App4Legal (login page)The GUI of the landing page in App4Legal (login page) is enhanced.Merged7/1/2015 16:227/7/2015 19:30
LEG-818ImprovementMediumEnhance the export to Word of the Cover PageThe export to Word of the Cover Page is now enhanced.Merged7/1/2015 12:477/7/2015 19:30
LEG-799ImprovementMediumTranslate the Account Type in the Money Settings Import* The Account Type in the Money Settings Import to Ar & Fr is now translated.Merged6/29/2015 17:197/7/2015 19:30
LEG-795ImprovementMediumAdd padding to Case save button* It is now enhanced.Merged6/26/2015 9:527/7/2015 19:30
LEG-793ImprovementMediumEnhance Case Export to Word in all languages* The column "Is lawyer" in Related Contacts grid when exporting the Case to Word is removed in:
** related Contacts
** Outsourcing
** Contributor
* Related Contributors to Contributor is renamed.
* Outsource to Lawyer to Outsourcing is renamed.
* The ":" from column names is removed.
* Related Tasks to the Case doesn't give the Est. effort, Due Date, Archived (Yes/No). It is now enhanced.
* In Ar Priority is translated.
Merged6/25/2015 9:527/7/2015 19:30
LEG-788ImprovementHighEnhance the font color in the application especially in Grids* It is now enhanced.Merged6/24/2015 11:107/7/2015 19:30
LEG-787ImprovementMediumChange ??? to ???* It is now changed.Merged6/23/2015 12:377/7/2015 19:30
LEG-786ImprovementMediumTitles drop-down list in Contacts pop-up add form is broken on Mozilla* It is now fixed.Merged6/22/2015 15:377/7/2015 19:30
LEG-785ImprovementMediumPrevent auto-complete filling in Expenses & Bills quantities* Filling into Invoices, Expenses / Bills was very annoying with the browser autocomplete in the quantity fields. It is now fixed in:
** Invoice Form: Quantity, Price, Partners shares percentages
** Bill Form: Quantity, Price, Price per currency
** Expense Form: Amount
Merged6/22/2015 12:297/7/2015 19:30
LEG-784ImprovementMediumAdd save button at the bottom of the case form* It is now implementedMerged6/22/2015 10:417/7/2015 19:30
LEG-782ImprovementMediumEnhance the translation of Convert to Litigation in Ar* In the conversion from Legal Matter to Litigation:
** ??????? instead of ??????
* ?????? instead of ???????/??????.
Merged6/19/2015 11:497/7/2015 19:30
LEG-781ImprovementMediumDrop-down list of Case type should be by alphabetical order* It is now implementedMerged6/19/2015 11:437/7/2015 19:30
LEG-779ImprovementMediumEnhance conversion from Legal Matter to Litigation details* Enhance conversion from Legal Matter to Litigation details. Case Stage & Case Type.Merged6/18/2015 13:107/7/2015 19:30
LEG-777ImprovementMediumEnhance Kanban board when the column has 2 or more Statuses* Kanban board can now display a column with 2 or more Statuses in Case & Task BoardsMerged6/18/2015 11:527/8/2015 17:17
LEG-774ImprovementMediumEnhance Relation of Contacts* Relate Contact A to Contact B and write a comment. Go to Contact B, check his/her related Contact, the comment doesn't appear. It is now fixed.Merged6/18/2015 11:037/7/2015 19:30
LEG-772ImprovementMediumRemove the Correct Time hyperlink from the feedback message after logging time* The Correct Time hyperlink is removed from the feedback message after logging timeMerged6/17/2015 17:187/7/2015 19:30
LEG-765ImprovementMediumBill,Invoice and Expense Add form should have upload* It is now Implemented.Merged6/12/2015 14:467/7/2015 19:30
LEG-762ImprovementMediumExpand the Log time pop-up window to show the Billing part* The Log time pop-up window is now expanded to show the Billing part. It will more user friendly.Merged6/11/2015 17:187/7/2015 19:30
LEG-759ImprovementMediumAdd feedback messages to the Kanban boards* It is now Implemented.Merged6/11/2015 14:367/7/2015 19:30
LEG-758ImprovementMediumCase Board & Task Board Titles are broken in Fr* They are now fixed.Merged6/11/2015 14:337/7/2015 19:30
LEG-743ImprovementMediumRemove Time logging on "Other"* Time logging on "Other" is removed.Merged6/4/2015 17:297/7/2015 19:30
LEG-741ImprovementMediumTask of Type meeting the Time box is broken* Task of Type meeting the Time box is broken. It is now fixed.Merged6/4/2015 16:057/7/2015 19:30
LEG-740ImprovementMediumBreak the Attachment name in Notes if needed* Breaking the Attachment name in Notes if needed is now implementedMerged6/4/2015 14:397/7/2015 19:30
LEG-736ImprovementMediumSummary is not aligned in Hearing add form* It is now fixed.Merged6/2/2015 13:527/7/2015 19:30
LEG-729ImprovementLowAdd to the bread crumb of the Custom Fields the name of the module* It is now Implemented.Merged5/27/2015 12:367/7/2015 19:30
LEG-727ImprovementMediumTranslate "Total of" in Money Report* "Total of" in Money Report is now
** Totale de
** ?????
Merged5/26/2015 12:517/7/2015 19:30
LEG-726ImprovementVery LowEnhance the Homepage selection* It is now enhanced.Merged5/25/2015 9:197/7/2015 19:30
LEG-725ImprovementMediumEnhance the Export to PDF of an Invoice* When exporting R-L, only the content of the table is being switched not the tables. It is now enhanced.Merged5/22/2015 12:237/7/2015 19:30
LEG-723ImprovementMediumEnhance the translation of Change Content Lang in Ar*It is now enhanced to ????? ??? ???????.Merged5/21/2015 13:157/7/2015 19:30
LEG-722ImprovementMediumCompany Shareholder report should open in a new tab* Company Shareholder report should open in a new tab. It is now enhanced.Merged5/20/2015 15:527/7/2015 19:30
LEG-708ImprovementMediumEnhance the goto & Add me positionIt is now enhanced to be situated in the middle of the text field not above the middle
* Reminder form
* Case form
* Record Expense form
* Hearing form (near the Case)
Merged5/7/2015 17:057/7/2015 19:30
LEG-693ImprovementMediumEnhance the desc section in the Invoice* Scenario: assume we have more than 1 item in the Invoice add form. try to expand the first section. then expand the second. the rest of the column get outside the border.
Try to decrease the desc section the columns do not go back to their original location.
* It is now enhanced.
Merged4/23/2015 17:427/7/2015 19:30
LEG-691ImprovementMediumDelete sign of Partner Shares become broken on mouse hovering* Delete sign of Partner Shares become broken on mouse hovering. bring the cursor closer and arrow gets cut. It is now enhanced.Merged4/23/2015 13:157/7/2015 19:30
LEG-676ImprovementMediumEnhance the syntax of the Permissions of App4Legal* The syntax of the Permissions of App4Legal is now enhanced.Merged4/20/2015 14:167/7/2015 19:30
LEG-621ImprovementLowEnhance the Currency column in the Advanced Case Report* It is now enhanced to appear between parenthesis.Merged3/26/2015 14:117/7/2015 19:30
LEG-577ImprovementMediumResponsive: Notes History section to be highlighted* When the user first opens the Activity section, it not clear which section is selected. So by default, the Notes History is to be selected. On wide screen it's clearer. It is now enhanced.Merged3/5/2015 11:507/7/2015 19:30
LEG-423ImprovementMediumEnhance Export to Word (make it supports RTL & LTR)* The exported word document direction now depends on the selected system's language in:
** Invoice
** Invoice Details
** Cases
** Account Statement report
** Trial Balance report
** Balance Sheet report
** Income Statement report
Merged10/17/2014 15:167/7/2015 19:30
LEG-411ImprovementMediumHide all Inactive companies and contacts* All inactive companies and contacts are now hidden from the grid, drop-down lists and reports (Except in the history of "Company Shares By Shareholder").

For Contacts :
Requested By, Referred By, Client, Related Contact for contacts/companies/cases/reminder, Dashboard, Opponent, External Lawyers, Judges, Auditors, Contributors, Company Lawyer, Attestation Authority, Registration Authority, Shareholders, Shares operations, Related Contact in a reminders, Advanced search of case/company/contact, hearings form, supplier/partner/client (add new)

For Companies to disappear in:
Related Companies for Contacts/Cases/reminder, Client, Dashboard, Opponent, Auditors, Shareholders, Shares Operations, advanced search of case/company/Contact, hearing form, supplier/partner/client (add new)

In the advanced search of companies and contacts, the Status field should be default equal to Active so that they do not appear in the grid.
Merged7/18/2014 13:587/7/2015 19:30
LEG-403ImprovementVery Low“Archive Case Status” and “Archive Task Status” should allow multi selection* “Archive Case Status” and “Archive Task Status” in default values now allow multi selection in order to have many values of Statuses to be archived. Merged5/14/2014 11:437/7/2015 19:30
LEG-401ImprovementMediumStatement of Expenses to consolidate like items* The Statement of Expenses report in the Money Module now consolidates items. For example if Stamps were paid several times, the report should show Stamps once with the sum of the whole expenses that were paid for this category. This way the user can sum up how much was spend on every category separately.Merged8/5/2014 12:147/7/2015 19:30
LEG-330ImprovementMediumImprove Custom Fields (Make it support AR, FR)* Improve Custom Fields in :
** Cases
** Contacts
** Companies

* They now support the three languages (EN, FR, AR)
** The displayed custom fields languages depend on the selected system's language.
* There is the ability to add / delete custom fields per each model (cases, contacts, companies).
* There is also the "export to excel" feature to the list of custom fields for each model.
Merged3/13/2014 18:157/7/2015 19:30
LEG-861BugMediumOutsource to field in Dynamic Report is not working on MySQL* Outsource to field in Dynamic Report is not working on MySQL. it's being duplicated. It is now fixed.Merged7/7/2015 17:487/7/2015 19:30
LEG-859BugMediumDatabase Error when deleting Time Types In administration & Setup* It is now fixed.Merged7/7/2015 16:257/7/2015 19:30
LEG-857BugMediumDatabase error when trying to delete a value from the seniority level list* It is now fixed.Merged7/7/2015 15:307/7/2015 19:30
LEG-856BugMediumTask Form Dialog Button Set bug* Task Form Dialog Button Set bug.

Steps to reproduce:
1- Go to "quick add" menu, open hearing form.
2- Close the dialog.
3- Go to "quick add" menu again, and open task form.
4- Repeat "Step 3" many times, each time you open this dialog, a new checkbox with the following label: "Save and Create Another" will be appended to the button set of the dialog.

* It is now fixed.
Merged7/7/2015 15:197/7/2015 19:30
LEG-855BugMediumAdvanced Search in all Grids of cases not working if the case has related contact / companies on MYSQL* Advanced Search in all Grids of Cases is not working if the case has related Contact/Companies. It is now fixed.Merged7/7/2015 15:097/7/2015 19:30
LEG-847BugMediumError when adding related contact to Add Case form* It is now fixed.Merged7/7/2015 10:427/7/2015 19:30
LEG-845BugMediumDynamic reports: Bug in saved reports list* It is now fixed.Merged7/6/2015 17:407/7/2015 19:30
LEG-836BugMediumFix the Validation Errors in Invoice form* They are floated to the left. They are now fixed.Merged7/2/2015 16:507/7/2015 19:30
LEG-825BugMediumLogo in the PDF exported form of the Invoice is squeezed* Logo in the PDF exported form of the Invoice is squeezed. * It is now fixed.Merged7/1/2015 16:407/7/2015 19:30
LEG-824BugMediumCan't delete an Invoice Template that has a Logo* Can't delete an Invoice Template that has a Logo. * It is now fixed.Merged7/1/2015 16:377/7/2015 19:30
LEG-820BugMediumBI report does not load* It is now fixed.Merged7/1/2015 14:207/7/2015 19:30
LEG-814BugMediumEmpty field in the Dynamic Report* Empty field in the Dynamic Report although the sample data and app language is in Eng. It is now fixed.Merged7/1/2015 12:327/7/2015 19:30
LEG-810BugMediumLook up of Client name in Ar doesn't work on v5.2* It is now fixed.Merged6/30/2015 17:027/7/2015 19:30
LEG-809BugMediumEdit Task other than meeting generates an error when the invitees list is empty* It is now fixed.Merged6/30/2015 16:547/7/2015 19:30
LEG-806BugMediumTask Board doesn't open on Linux servers* It is now fixed.Merged6/30/2015 14:257/7/2015 19:30
LEG-805BugMediumCalendar is not loading with using red & light blue color* It is now fixed.Merged6/30/2015 13:067/7/2015 19:30
LEG-801BugMediumAllow selecting text on grids* It is now fixed.Merged6/30/2015 10:047/7/2015 19:30
LEG-797BugMediumWrong Currency when importing Time Logs in an Invoice* It is now fixed.Merged6/29/2015 11:057/7/2015 19:30
LEG-796BugMediumTry to add a new user group, then add any permission to this group, a PHP Error in approve changes dialog appears* It is now fixed.Merged6/26/2015 11:417/7/2015 19:30
LEG-794BugMediumTry to add a note in case form then switch the language, a browser's confirmation message will appear* Try to add a note in case form then switch the language, a browser's confirmation message will appear asking you to resend your notes post.
If the post is resubmitted, additional note will be added and so on. It is now fixed.
Merged6/25/2015 12:437/7/2015 19:30
LEG-792BugMediumWrong count in feedback message after archiving cases and tasks. It is now fixed.* Wrong count in feedback message after archiving cases and tasksMerged6/24/2015 17:347/7/2015 19:30
LEG-790BugMediumTask board Kanban column do not display the count* It is now fixed.Merged6/24/2015 16:467/7/2015 19:30
LEG-789BugMediumHearing From: choose a case, the related data will be loaded, try to change the chosen case, the old data remains in the form* It is now fixed.Merged6/24/2015 13:467/7/2015 19:30
LEG-783BugMediumEnhance the Due Date of Cases to follow the Case Arrival date* Enhance the Due Date of Cases to follow the Case Arrival date at the add form based on the SLA chosen. it shouldn't take the value of today's date at all. It is now fixed.Merged6/19/2015 11:587/7/2015 19:30
LEG-778BugMediumShort Name of Company is missing inside the form* It is now fixed.Merged6/18/2015 12:107/7/2015 19:30
LEG-776BugMediumAccount Type in Chart of Accounts is undefined* Account Type in Chart of Accounts is undefined. It is now fixed.Merged6/18/2015 11:337/7/2015 19:30
LEG-775BugMediumLogo doesn't appear when exporting to Word* It is now fixed.Merged6/18/2015 11:087/7/2015 19:30
LEG-769BugMediumBugs in the Invoice Details Internal web display* Bugs in the Invoice Details Internal web display
** decimals do not appear correctly
** lines are not aligned
* It is now fixed.
Merged6/16/2015 14:277/7/2015 19:30
LEG-767BugHighInvoice Form: Try to add items, then delete one item before saving, the commissions will disappear* It is now fixed.Merged6/15/2015 18:167/7/2015 19:30
LEG-764BugMediumConflict between add quick of Hearing and Case form* It is now fixed.Merged6/12/2015 10:467/7/2015 19:30
LEG-760BugMediumBroken arrows in task pop up form on ie9 in ar* They are now fixed.Merged6/11/2015 14:417/7/2015 19:30
LEG-757BugMediumInvoice Details cover page logo gives wrong success message* It is now fixed.Merged6/11/2015 10:137/7/2015 19:30
LEG-754BugHighPartner shares for Items in Invoice form disappeared after save* It is now fixed.Merged6/9/2015 12:217/7/2015 19:30
LEG-753BugMediumUniversal search gives bug when the session is expired* given that the session has expired, type a string to search for in the Universal search, the system will prompt the user to insert the credentials. when the session is logged in the universal search will bring all the db in the system. It is now fixed.Merged6/9/2015 12:077/7/2015 19:30
LEG-752BugMediumEdit of event doesn't send a meeting request to Outlook* Edit of event doesn't send a meeting request to Outlook. Scenario: pick a slot, name it and create the event. edit the event and press save. it will still not send the meeting request.
* It is now fixed.
Merged6/8/2015 14:467/7/2015 19:30
LEG-751BugMediumMissing save button in Dashboard of widget placement customization* Missing Save button in Dashboard of widget placement customization. Bug in v5.
* It is now fixed.
Merged6/8/2015 13:097/7/2015 19:30
LEG-750BugMediumPermissions overlap with the Dashboard drop-down menu* Permissions overlap with the Dashboard drop-down menu.
* It is now fixed.
Merged6/8/2015 12:557/7/2015 19:30
LEG-748BugHighInternal Server error when adding a new Contact* Internal Server error when adding a new Contact.
* It is now fixed.
Merged6/5/2015 15:587/7/2015 19:30
LEG-747BugHighwrong ical format* The uid in the ics format should be unique. it should look like the below :
* It is now fixed.
Merged6/5/2015 12:257/7/2015 19:30
LEG-742BugMediumEmail fields in App4Legal shouldn't accept spaces* Email fields in App4Legal shouldn't accept spaces.
* They are now fixed.
Merged6/4/2015 16:587/7/2015 19:30
LEG-734BugMediumMoney menu is broken on IE9 in FR* It is now fixed.Merged6/1/2015 15:497/7/2015 19:30
LEG-732BugMediumAdd Hearing via Quick Add doesn't extract the Courts* It is now fixed.Merged5/29/2015 10:037/7/2015 19:30
LEG-731BugMediumComment should be in Time Logs should indicate that they are mandatory* It is now fixed.Merged5/28/2015 16:137/7/2015 19:30
LEG-724BugMediumExport to Word of an Invoice gives a broken header* It is now fixed.Merged5/22/2015 12:127/7/2015 19:30
LEG-721BugMediumWrong error message received when account already exists in Supplier, Client or Partner Form* It is now fixed.Merged5/19/2015 17:247/7/2015 19:30
LEG-720BugMediumAllow inserting Share Transfer with value less than 1* In company shares, allow inserting Share Transfer with value less than 1.
* It is now fixed.
Merged5/15/2015 11:247/7/2015 19:30
LEG-705BugMediumTask Type and priority arrows are broken on IE9 in Ar* It is now fixed.Merged5/4/2015 15:137/7/2015 19:30
LEG-675BugMediumStatement of Expenses arrows of filters are broken on IE9 in Ar* It is now fixed.Merged4/17/2015 16:257/7/2015 19:30
LEG-665BugMediumEmail sent from Exchange contains '=' instead of letters* Email sent from Exchange contains '=' instead of letters. They are now fixed.Merged4/15/2015 15:017/7/2015 19:30
LEG-231BugMediumFix RTL direction in exported Word pages* Fix RTL direction in exported word pages:
** Cases edit form.
** Invoice edit form.
Merged11/21/2014 19:507/7/2015 19:30
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