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KeyIssue TypePrioritySummaryDescriptionStatusCreatedUpdated
LEG-867New FeatureMediumImplement Money Transfer* Implement Money Transfer to be like the Journal Form.
** From / To accounts list are display the Asset (Cash and Bank accounts only).
Merged7/9/2015 10:407/22/2015 19:13
LEG-832New FeatureMediumAdd "Reset Password" feature* "Reset Password" feature is added to recover lost passwords.Merged7/2/2015 14:577/22/2015 19:13
LEG-902ImprovementMediumAt login let the user be warned when Caps Lock is on* At login let the user is now warned when Caps Lock is on before inserting the password.Merged7/20/2015 10:397/22/2015 19:13
LEG-896ImprovementMediumRemove the priority arrows from Case / Task Boards.* Priority arrows are removed from Case / Task Boards.Merged7/15/2015 18:287/22/2015 19:13
LEG-894ImprovementMediumAdd Photo to User Profile* User profiles now have the ability to accept uploaded photos.Merged7/15/2015 18:207/22/2015 19:13
LEG-893ImprovementMediumRename "Received by Team" to "Member of" in User Form* "Received by Team" is renamed to "Member of" in the User Form.Merged7/15/2015 18:207/22/2015 19:13
LEG-890ImprovementMediumLimit the actions for the banned/deactivated users* When a User is banned or deactivated, the action wheel used to display all the actions normally. The list is now enhanced to only contain the actions of View/edit, Ban/Unban and Activate/Deactivate.Merged7/15/2015 17:087/22/2015 19:13
LEG-885ImprovementMediumEnhance the position of the delete action of the rows in an Invoice* The position of the delete action is enhanced in the rows in Invoices.Merged7/13/2015 15:547/22/2015 19:13
LEG-880ImprovementMediumChange the font in the Invoice Details (Word format)* The standard font style and size for the Email and File No. is now Optima – 8. Merged7/13/2015 13:047/22/2015 19:13
LEG-879ImprovementMediumHours to be in decimal format in Invoice Details (Excel)* Decimal for the TIME is now limited to two places only example 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00 and so on.Merged7/13/2015 13:037/22/2015 19:13
LEG-878ImprovementHighClick Upload File in Related Documents, wrong feedback message appears* It's now fixed.Merged7/13/2015 12:357/22/2015 19:13
LEG-873ImprovementMediumInvoice form: notify user when adding a new item row or a new partner within the same item* Invoice form: When adding a new item row or a new Partner within the same Item, the system now notifies the user in case of refresh or going to another page that there is data that will be lost.Merged7/10/2015 12:357/22/2015 19:13
LEG-871ImprovementMediumOpponent fields should inform the user in case of loss of unsaved data* Scenario: go to a Case, add an Opponent, press the goto link, the system takes the user to the Opponent form without warning that data will be lost.
* It's now fixed.
Merged7/9/2015 14:077/22/2015 19:13
LEG-870ImprovementMediumMove the radio button away from billing part* The radio button is now moved away from billing part. Merged7/9/2015 13:077/22/2015 19:13
LEG-864ImprovementMediumEnhance Opponent Lawyer in ar translation* It's now enhanced to  ??????? ????? &
????? ????? ???.
Merged7/8/2015 16:407/22/2015 19:13
LEG-858ImprovementMediumAdd or Delete an Opponent on IE9, navigation away message appears* It's now fixed.Merged7/7/2015 16:237/22/2015 19:13
LEG-850ImprovementMediumEnhance the search field in Company Assets* It's now enhanced to become larger.Merged7/7/2015 11:147/22/2015 19:13
LEG-849ImprovementMediumOpponent Lookup Case Add form not working when switch the opponent type* Scenario: try to lookup a company in the case pop-up add form, then try to switch the opponent type without selection from the results list. After that the lookup of person / company did not work properly.
* It's now fixed.
Merged7/7/2015 11:007/22/2015 19:13
LEG-848ImprovementMediumEnhance the alignment in Time Tracking Reports* The Alignment of Case with the text field in Time tracking by Case and Time tracking by Seniority is now fixed.Merged7/7/2015 10:467/22/2015 19:13
LEG-846ImprovementMediumRemove the delete sign next to the first Opponent* The delete sign next to the first Opponent is removed when no data is yet entered.Merged7/7/2015 9:267/22/2015 19:13
LEG-843ImprovementMediumReorder the columns in the Users Rate Grid* The First Name and Last Name are directly after the ID column.Merged7/3/2015 15:107/22/2015 19:13
LEG-842ImprovementVery LowMake the Eff. Effort summary more readable* It's now fixed.Merged7/3/2015 15:037/22/2015 19:13
LEG-838ImprovementLowSearch field in BI should be bigger and readable* It's now fixed.Merged7/3/2015 12:097/22/2015 19:13
LEG-834ImprovementMediumRemove the border in the login page* The border in the login page is removed.Merged7/2/2015 16:237/22/2015 19:13
LEG-833ImprovementMediumEnhance the look & feel of Case/Task Board*  Case/Task Board is renamed to Case Board Name & Task Board Name, Save Filters to Save Filter.
* The word Due on  before the Date is removed.
* The Assignee is not in Bold anymore.
Merged7/2/2015 16:177/22/2015 19:13
LEG-828ImprovementVery LowEnhance translation of Export to PDF in Ar*  ??? ???????? is renmaed to PDF in all the application. BI, Time tracking by seniority, Invoices.Merged7/2/2015 11:497/22/2015 19:13
LEG-826ImprovementLowEnhance selecting Billable or Internal in Time Logs* In Time logging form, click on the word Case or Task, the system select it. Click on Billable, the system doesn't select it unless the user clicks on the radio button.
* It is now fixed.
Merged7/2/2015 10:177/22/2015 19:13
LEG-822ImprovementMediumImprove the translation of the Title of the columns in Case & Task Board* ????? is renamed to ???????.Merged7/1/2015 14:477/22/2015 19:13
LEG-815ImprovementMediumThe title of the Dynamic Report is outside the border* It is now fixed.Merged7/1/2015 12:327/22/2015 19:13
LEG-811ImprovementMediumRemove any date filters by default on Case & Task Boards* It is now enhanced.Merged6/30/2015 17:107/22/2015 19:13
LEG-804ImprovementLowName the Invoice grid in Ar as ?????? ?????* It is now enhanced.Merged6/30/2015 11:257/22/2015 19:13
LEG-803ImprovementMediumSuppliers grid name is broken in Ar* It is now fixed.Merged6/30/2015 11:247/22/2015 19:13
LEG-802ImprovementMediumEnhance Macro & Micro reports phrases* In Case Value per Client, Expenses per Client, Judgment vs. Recovered Report:
* Show Case Details and Show Report Details are replaced by Show Details.
* back to report is replaced by Hide Details. 
Merged6/30/2015 11:077/22/2015 19:13
LEG-800ImprovementMediumEnhace the space of adding notes. Some words are cut* It is now fixed.Merged6/29/2015 17:337/22/2015 19:13
LEG-899BugMediumDatabase error when deleting a Contact* It is now fixed.Merged7/16/2015 14:417/22/2015 19:13
LEG-887BugMediumBug in the Case Board on CHROME on Cloud instance when Due Date is null* It is now fixed.Merged7/14/2015 15:297/22/2015 19:13
LEG-883BugMediumWrong value in Date Time field in Calendar Module* Scenario: go to Calendar page and try to select time slot (for example 09:30 - 12:30), then click on Edit details link, after that the task dialog opened with wrong date time value (defaulted to nearest time).
* It is now fixed.
Merged7/13/2015 15:297/22/2015 19:13
LEG-877BugMediumBackground color of Active Tabs does not display in Setup & Configuration* It is now fixed.Merged7/13/2015 10:427/22/2015 19:13
LEG-875BugMediumDatepicker is displayed below the Case pop-up add form* It is now fixed.Merged7/10/2015 16:157/22/2015 19:13
LEG-874BugMediumConflict in send notification by email in cases and tasks* It is now fixed.Merged7/10/2015 15:377/22/2015 19:13
LEG-868BugMediumProblem in uploading large files* Problem in uploading large files:
** when trying to upload by browsing the file, an error message displayed "no_input"
** when trying to drag and drop the file, an error message displayed "undefined"
* It is now fixed.
Merged7/9/2015 10:567/22/2015 19:13
LEG-865BugMediumFeedback messages appear under dialog* It is now fixed.Merged7/8/2015 17:187/22/2015 19:13
LEG-863BugMediumChange ???? ??????? to ???? ??????? in the expenses tab of cases.* It is now enhanced.Merged7/8/2015 12:297/22/2015 19:13
LEG-862BugMediumConflict between the Add and Edit Task Form* It is now fixed.Merged7/8/2015 9:517/22/2015 19:13
LEG-860BugMediumPHP error when accessing Expenses grid on Linux* It is now fixed.Merged7/7/2015 17:347/22/2015 19:13
LEG-830BugMediumLegend in Expenses per Client is broken* It is now fixed.Merged7/2/2015 12:197/22/2015 19:13
LEG-827BugMediumBug in Header Notes on IE9* Create a new invoice template. Try to delete the default content of the Header Notes, the cursor is centralized in the middle and not from the beginning of the text field. reproducible only on IE9.
* It is now fixed.
Merged7/2/2015 11:197/22/2015 19:13
LEG-816BugMediumArrows of the Dynamic Report are broken on IE9 in Ar* They are now fixed.Merged7/1/2015 12:347/22/2015 19:13
LEG-813BugLowCase Value Tiers footer is broken on Mozilla* It is now fixed.Merged7/1/2015 9:137/22/2015 19:13
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