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KeyIssue TypePrioritySummaryDescriptionStatusCreatedUpdated
LEG-973New FeatureMediumAdd "Getting Started" Feature* "Getting Started" Feature was addedMerged8/11/2015 10:278/27/2015 20:32
LEG-943New FeatureMediumAdd the Balance of the Account in the Record Expense form* The Balance of the Paid Through Account in the Record Expense form now appears when Recording an Expense.Merged7/30/2015 16:468/27/2015 20:32
LEG-942New FeatureMediumAbility to add an Account from the Record Expense form* The ability to add an Account from the Record Expense form is now availabile.Merged7/30/2015 16:458/27/2015 20:32
LEG-916New FeatureCriticalNew Configuration Module* App4Legal can now be installed via the auto installer from the website. The requester can easily configure his/her instance.Merged7/23/2015 0:588/27/2015 20:32
LEG-819New FeatureMediumNotifications should show up the count in real time* Notifications now show the count in real time. A configuration field is added in the Admin & Setup to control the interval.Merged7/1/2015 14:068/27/2015 20:32
LEG-755New FeatureMediumConflict of Interest report to be added* A new report called Conflict of Interest is added in the Reports module under Contact.
* The report issearchable by a name of a Contact.
* Results include all the Related Cases and Related Companies to this Contact each in a section along with the Relation nature.
* Relations to Cases are either Client or Opponent
* Relations to Companies are either Board Member or Shareholder.
* Columns that appear in Related Cases: Relation, Case ID, Subject, Desc, Type, Arrival Date, Filed on, Due Date and Close on Date
* Columns that appear in Related Companies: Relation, Company Name, Shareholder Num. Of Shares, Shareholder Percentage, Shareholder Shares Value, Board Member Designation Date, Board Member Role, Board Member Permanent Representation, Board Member Until 
Merged6/10/2015 8:588/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1007ImprovementMediumAdd translations to Money transfer form* Money Transfer feature is now translated to 3 languages.Merged8/21/2015 14:308/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1002ImprovementMediumAdd ability to relate a Case to a Company form Company tab* A Case can be related to a Company form Company tab.Merged8/20/2015 10:358/27/2015 20:32
LEG-999ImprovementMediumAdd Relation in a Company form doesn't give a feedback message when there is no permission* Add Relation in a Company form now gives a feedback message when the user has no permission.Merged8/18/2015 17:318/27/2015 20:32
LEG-998ImprovementMediumExpand the Users area in the Calendar* Users area in the Calendar is now expanded.Merged8/18/2015 13:568/27/2015 20:32
LEG-995ImprovementMediumEnhance the spacing among words in the Case & Task Boards* Spacing between words inside the card itself (vertical spacing) is now enhanced.Merged8/18/2015 12:078/27/2015 20:32
LEG-990ImprovementMediumCase Grid search should look up in Description also* Case grid search now looks up the Description also like universal searchMerged8/17/2015 16:228/27/2015 20:32
LEG-984ImprovementMediumImprove Notes History tab under Cases* Improve Notes History tab under Cases:
** Decrease the size of the column "Actions".
** Increase the width of the Search input.
** Rename "Comment" to "Note" in grid columns.
** Add "Note" to bread crumbs path
Merged8/13/2015 12:388/27/2015 20:32
LEG-979ImprovementMediumRename Vendors to Suppliers in Permissions* Vendors are renamed to Suppliers in Money Permissions.Merged8/12/2015 17:218/27/2015 20:32
LEG-978ImprovementMediumEnhance the alignment of the Users in the Calendar in Ar* The alignment of the Users in the Calendar in Ar is now enhanced.Merged8/12/2015 17:118/27/2015 20:32
LEG-976ImprovementMediumEnhance the alignment of the hours in the Calendar* The alignment of the hours with the lines in the Calendar is now enhanced.Merged8/12/2015 9:138/27/2015 20:32
LEG-975ImprovementMediumEnhance the translation of the Exchange Rate in Ar?????? ??????????Merged8/12/2015 9:018/27/2015 20:32
LEG-972ImprovementMediumAdd account in Expense form should redirect to expense form* Add account in Expense form now redirects the user to the Record Expense formMerged8/11/2015 9:228/27/2015 20:32
LEG-965ImprovementMediumTime tracking form: Fix mandatory fields labels* When Case is selected, inserting the Case Subject is now mandatory.
* Comments field is now marked as mandatory.
Merged8/7/2015 11:348/27/2015 20:32
LEG-963ImprovementMediumInvoices Form: The details section is tremble when clicking partner shares link* It is now fixed.Merged8/7/2015 10:288/27/2015 20:32
LEG-962ImprovementMediumDisable "Case" field in the tasks form under Related Tasks tab of a case component* "Case" field is now disabled in the tasks form under Related Tasks tab of a case component.Merged8/7/2015 10:208/27/2015 20:32
LEG-958ImprovementMediumPrompt the user to add the Exchange Rate upon adding a new Currency* The user is now prompted to add the Exchange Rate upon adding a new Currency from the Default Values in the Money Settings. Merged8/5/2015 17:138/27/2015 20:32
LEG-956ImprovementMediumEnhance the Syntax of Record Expense permission* It is now enhanced.Merged8/5/2015 16:008/27/2015 20:32
LEG-954ImprovementMediumInclude a space between the Title of the column and Case Statuses in add new Board* It is now enhanced.Merged8/5/2015 14:238/27/2015 20:32
LEG-950ImprovementMediumUpon navigating through Case tabs the mouse should be a pointer* It is now enhanced.Merged8/3/2015 15:398/27/2015 20:32
LEG-949ImprovementMediumLet the lawyer and In-house lawyer be a drop-down list* It is now enhanced.Merged7/31/2015 9:108/27/2015 20:32
LEG-946ImprovementMediumRemove the word Setup in the Money Settings* It is now enhanced.Merged7/30/2015 16:568/27/2015 20:32
LEG-945ImprovementMediumAdd the Exchange rate in Money Transfer form* Exchange rate in Money Transfer fis now added.Merged7/30/2015 16:528/27/2015 20:32
LEG-944ImprovementMediumAfter recording an Expense do not redirect the user to Expenses grid* After recording an Expense the user is redirected to the same page where he/she was.Merged7/30/2015 16:488/27/2015 20:32
LEG-938ImprovementMediumEnhance the feedback of an empty Case Board name* It is now enhanced.Merged7/30/2015 15:278/27/2015 20:32
LEG-932ImprovementMediumSeperate required User info in a tab* All required fields in the user Add form are in a separate tab called Basic Information. Merged7/30/2015 10:038/27/2015 20:32
LEG-921ImprovementMediumCOI report should be exportable Word* It is now enhanced.Merged7/28/2015 17:428/27/2015 20:32
LEG-913ImprovementMediumMoney Attachments View Mode not Working* It is now fixed.Merged7/22/2015 15:278/27/2015 20:32
LEG-911ImprovementMediumSplit Export to Word Permission into 4 Permissions for Money Reports* Export to Word Permission are now split into 4 Permissions for Money Reports:
** Account Statement
** Trial Balance
** Balance Sheet
** Income Statement
Merged7/22/2015 15:178/27/2015 20:32
LEG-908ImprovementLowAlign Clone Users with the check box in Reminder form* It is now enhanced.Merged7/21/2015 16:478/27/2015 20:32
LEG-904ImprovementMedium[Responsive]: Kanban of task board and case board is broken on small devices[Responsive]: Kanban of task board and case board are broken and make additional horizontal space on small devices. It is now enhanced.Merged7/21/2015 10:488/27/2015 20:32
LEG-900ImprovementMediumAdd "Delete" & "Clone" actions to Inline Contact Form* "Delete" & "Clone" actions are added to Inline Contact FormMerged7/16/2015 14:438/27/2015 20:32
LEG-892ImprovementMediumEnhance User Form by Adding Horizontal Tabs* It is now enhanced.Merged7/15/2015 17:488/27/2015 20:32
LEG-891ImprovementHigh"Field is missing" feedback message to appear only on the Save action* It is now fixed.Merged7/15/2015 17:188/27/2015 20:32
LEG-807ImprovementMediumAdd new fields from the Contact edit form to the inline* New fields are added from the Contact edit form to the inline
** Is Lawyer
** Is in-house Lawyer
** Company
Merged6/30/2015 15:028/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1049BugMediumDB error in case estimated effort* It is now fixed.Merged8/27/2015 19:158/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1048BugMediumDB error in case form when the values exceeds the limit of decimal digits* It is now fixed.Merged8/27/2015 17:388/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1043BugMediumGo to case reminder tab, try to add a reminder, then click on "Litigation Data" tab, Page not found error will occur* It is now fixed.Merged8/26/2015 17:168/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1041BugMediumFolder in case related documents doesn't open on IE11* It is now fixed.Merged8/26/2015 15:498/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1032BugMediumCase Note is broken* It is now fixed.Merged8/25/2015 16:598/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1031BugMediumRemove the Save and Create Another checkbox from the Add New Account dialog.* It is now fixed.Merged8/25/2015 15:358/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1029BugMediumIE: Edit Case Stage doesn't work* It is now fixed.Merged8/25/2015 15:078/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1028BugMediumBug in the add Bill form.scenario :
* add another invoice details line without fill the first line data .
* remove this line by clicking on x icon .
* It is now fixed.
Merged8/25/2015 15:008/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1027BugMediumEdit button doesn't work when Case Value is long* It is now fixed.Merged8/25/2015 14:368/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1025BugMediumTask Board doesn't open* It is now fixed.Merged8/25/2015 14:228/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1023BugMediumBug when add new location in the add new task popup.scenario:
* open the add new task dialog and the try to add new location so the location popup appears close it and then cancel the add new task popup .
* do the same scenario again the add new location popup appears behind the add new task popup .
* same bug when trying to add case related tasks.
* It is now fixed.
Merged8/25/2015 14:018/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1022BugMediumRemove dialogs HTML in Case tabs when switching from tab to another* It is now fixed.Merged8/25/2015 13:578/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1021BugMediumAdd new Note bug.scenario:
* go to the case form and try to add new note with attach file.
* change the tabs and then go back to the case form tab and try again to add new Note the attach file and add URL link doesn't works .
* It is now fixed.
Merged8/25/2015 13:548/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1020BugMediumBug in the Contact and Company Related Documents.* upload image of attachments.
* open this image and then click cancel .
* an alert message of type not allowed appears .
* open the image again the image not found.
* It is now fixed.
Merged8/25/2015 13:508/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1018BugMediumError when inserting a task without estimated effort* It is now fixed.Merged8/25/2015 11:258/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1015BugMediumInvoice Details Exported View to Word does not load the Time Logs* It is now fixed.Merged8/24/2015 16:278/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1014BugMediumDatabase error when creating cover template with wrong logo on MSSQL* Database error when creating cover template with wrong logo on MSSQL:
** on MSSQL: the logo column structure does allow the null value.
** on MSSQL: the logo column structure allow the null value.
** solution: set validation on server side (PHP model) to disallow the null value to be passed to db.
* It is now fixed.
Merged8/24/2015 15:028/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1012BugMediumThe note's URL shouldn't appear in the in the Notes History grid.* It is now fixed.Merged8/24/2015 12:208/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1011BugMediumUsers Edit form, hit "Enter" after focusing on any field, the upload window will appear* Try to edit a user form, fill all required fields, focus on any field (by mouse click) then hit enter, the upload window will appear.
* It is now fixed.
Merged8/21/2015 17:518/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1010BugMedium"Go To Company From Other Forms" action is a source of confusion* "Go To Company From Other Forms" action is a source of confusion:
** under Companies permissions, we need to check "Edit Company" and "Go To Company From Other Forms" to grant user to edit companies.
* It is now fixed.
Merged8/21/2015 16:388/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1008BugMediumDisallow user to create Journal or Transfer Money with "0" as Amount value* Disallow user to create Journal or Transfer Money with "0" as Amount value:
* It is now fixed.
Merged8/21/2015 14:408/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1006BugMediumCase time logs display wrong data* It is now fixed.Merged8/21/2015 11:168/27/2015 20:32
LEG-1000BugHighJuristic Contact Form fixing* The Form now has a title and the Convert Button is added.Merged8/19/2015 12:278/27/2015 20:32
LEG-997BugMediumBug in selecting item in inline editing of Contact form in order to edit* Scenario: a user wants to change the email address of a Contact. go to inline editing of Contacts, click edit on the email address, select the content so that you can enter a new email, the system removes the selections and takes the user out of the field.
* Solution is to maintain the the selection so that the user can enter the new text
* It is now fixed.
Merged8/18/2015 13:488/27/2015 20:32
LEG-993BugMediumAdd Discharge Type in Company form doesn't work* Add Discharge Type in Company form doesn't work.
* It is now fixed.
Merged8/18/2015 11:498/27/2015 20:32
LEG-989BugMediumRemove Case Board Filed On Filter* Filters are now removed.Merged8/17/2015 11:228/27/2015 20:32
LEG-988BugMediumData is saved twice in the database* It is now fixed.Merged8/16/2015 14:198/27/2015 20:32
LEG-985BugMedium404 Page not found when Click on Case icon in home page* It is now fixed.Merged8/13/2015 13:048/27/2015 20:32
LEG-983BugMediumLogin pop-up on IE9 doesn't work when pressing Enter* It is now fixed.Merged8/13/2015 12:248/27/2015 20:32
LEG-982BugMediumDatabase error in invoice form when there's no default value for user rate per hour* It is now fixed.Merged8/13/2015 11:518/27/2015 20:32
LEG-981BugMediumError in Case Form (add/edit) when the case value currency does not have default value* It is now fixed.Merged8/13/2015 11:078/27/2015 20:32
LEG-980BugMediumCase Reminders gives Access Denied regardless of the permission* It is now fixed.Merged8/13/2015 9:138/27/2015 20:32
LEG-970BugMediumBug in the user group permission.* Create new entity.
* create user with user group that has only (add expensive permission).
* when the user try to add expense an alert message appears with access deny the problem is the entity is new and does not have Default Exchange Rate values and the user doesn't have permission of the Default Exchange Rate page.
* It is now fixed.
Merged8/10/2015 13:018/27/2015 20:32
LEG-969BugMediumUser rate per hour duplicate key* It is now fixed.Merged8/10/2015 11:148/27/2015 20:32
LEG-966BugMediumShort name in Company should be unique in SQL server DB script* It is now fixed.Merged8/7/2015 12:498/27/2015 20:32
LEG-964BugMediumFeedback message that says "Access Denied" does not appear when adding new supplier in expense form* feedback message that says "Access Denied" does not appear when adding new supplier in expense form:
** try to open the expense form, and search for new supplier, then click on add. The popup of supplier will open but empty. The msg "Access Denied" does not appear when the user does not have permission to access the add suppliers.
* It is now fixed.
Merged8/7/2015 10:298/27/2015 20:32
LEG-961BugMediumDismiss all Reminders, the list can't be closed* Dismiss all Reminders that the user has, the close button disappears. the list can't be closed. It's stuck.
* Same applies to Notifications.
* It is now fixed.
Merged8/6/2015 13:048/27/2015 20:32
LEG-959BugMediumError when downloading file in Versions history section when the file has single quote in the name* It is now fixed.Merged8/6/2015 10:258/27/2015 20:32
LEG-953BugMediumBug in the money transfer when we the 2 accounts have 2 different currency.* create 2 accounts the first is with account1 (LBP )currency and the other is with account2 (USD) .
* Go to the money transfer and transfer 30000 from the account1 to account2 .
* and then open the transactions account grid account1/account2 have 30000 credit /debit with different currency .
* It is now fixed.
Merged8/4/2015 13:138/27/2015 20:32
LEG-947BugMediumSystem accepts empty fields in Admin & Setup* System accepts empty Client positions. if no values are entered, the system accepts to add a new client position.
* reproducible for Case Stage.
* It is now fixed.
Merged7/30/2015 17:318/27/2015 20:32
LEG-939BugMediumAdd Opponent on the fly in Hearing form appears behind the opened form* It is now fixed.Merged7/30/2015 15:408/27/2015 20:32
LEG-937BugMediumWrong feedback message in Journal form* It is now fixed.Merged7/30/2015 15:068/27/2015 20:32
LEG-936BugHighAjax Login keeps loadingScenario to generate :
* Go Legal Case Grid.
* Dump all records in ci_sessions table.
* Refresh the grid, not the page.
* The login popup appears, wait about 1-2 minutes, the form keeps loading until the page freezes.
* It is now fixed.
Merged7/30/2015 15:058/27/2015 20:32
LEG-926BugMediumDisable add new account type form.* It is now fixed.Merged7/29/2015 11:198/27/2015 20:32
LEG-925BugMediumUndefined validation message in the Task and Case Board* It is now fixed.Merged7/29/2015 10:598/27/2015 20:32
LEG-922BugMediumBug in the php validation message in the Admin & Setup* It is now fixed.Merged7/28/2015 17:458/27/2015 20:32
LEG-920BugMediumRemove the unneeded requests on the page load in the expense edit form* It is now fixed.Merged7/28/2015 15:138/27/2015 20:32
LEG-919BugMediumAccount values in money transfer should be reversed* It is now fixed.Merged7/24/2015 15:438/27/2015 20:32
LEG-909BugMediumAdd Opponent popup is not working in Hearing form* It is now fixed.Merged7/22/2015 13:258/27/2015 20:32
LEG-808BugHighUser Rate Per Hour in money module and cases component should be per entity and not global* Default User Rate Per Hour in money Setup & Configuration should be global per entity and not common for all entities.
* User Rate Per Hour per user should be also per entity.
* Also for User Rate Per Hour per case:
** Let the Entity appear in the add specific user rate
** If there is only one entity, hide it from the "add form"
** Entity field to be displayed above the user field
** By default fetch the assignee and relate him to the first entity in db
** Add a column called currency in the specific user rate grid
* Rate per User should be fetched with respect to the selected entity in all forms of money module.
* It is now fixed.
Merged6/30/2015 15:578/27/2015 20:32
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