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  • How to access it

    From the main menu "Calendar".

  • Add/Edit an Event

    You can add an Event using 2 methods:

    1- Directly from the Calendar: Click on any time slot on the Calendar, the system will offer to Create an Event with the Description. If you wish to add more details to the Event, you can choose Edit Details.

2- Using the Task Add form: Go to the Task Add form and choose the Task Type to be Meeting

3- From the Calendar also click on New Event


The Task of Type Meeting (Event) form has many important fields:

  • Case: An Event may be related to a Case or not depending on your needs
  • Organizer: App4Legal User who organized this Meeting. There is a hyperlink that adds that logged in User directly into the field.
  • From and To Date and Time
  • Task Status: A defined list that can be managed in the Admin & Setup.
  • Priority:  A defined list that is hard coded.
  • Location: A defined list that can be managed in the Admin & Setup or on the fly.
  • Estimated Effort
  • Privacy: An Event can be marked as Private and hence it will not appear to other Users on App4Legal. If a User is the creator of the Event and marks it as Private, he/she will be the owner of this Meeting. The Private Meeting could also be Shared with other specified Users. Users who are marked to Override Privacy will be able to see any Private object in App4Legal. A Private Meeting appears on the Calendar in the form of "busy" without displaying any details concerning it.
  • Invitees: App4Legal Users who are invited to this Meeting.
  • Save and Create another: For quick data entry, if the Save and Create Another check box was checked, upon Saving the Event, another Add form will appear directly until the flag is unchecked. This check box appears only in add forms.

In order to edit an Event, all what you have to do is click on the Event and a pop-up will appear, click on Edit Details.

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  • Delete an Event

    In order to delete an Event, all what you have to do is click on the Event and a pop-up will appear, click on Delete.

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  • Manage Co-workers Calendar

    On the left of the screen, there is a list of App4Legal Users that you would like to add to your Calendar. All what you have to do is click on the check box next to their name(s). Colors could be defined for different Users Calendars to better distinguish. You can also add a Color to your Calendar as well.

Colors are reflected on the Calendar as shown below:

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  • Calendar Views

    From the Calendar, there are some quick actions to be done such as View Today's date, choose Day/Week/Month Views, refresh your Calendar, navigate forward or backward or choose a certain Date to go to.

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  • Search for an Event

Tasks of Type Meeting are by default hidden in the Tasks grid Advanced Search. All what you have to do is go to the Advanced Search in Tasks grid and filter on Type equals Meeting.

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