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  • How to access it

From the main menu "Case -> List Hearings" or from Litigation Cases grid-> Actions button-> "List Hearings".

  • Add/Edit a Hearing

Hearings can be added in 3 ways

1- From the Hearings grid: Actions-> Add Hearing

2- From the Related Hearings tab in a Litigation Case via the Add Hearing button

3- From the Quick Add drop-down list

Once the Litigation Case is inserted in the Hearing form, all the data that is inserted in the Litigation Data tab is fetched such as Client, Opponent, Lawyers assigned, Judges, Opponent Lawyers and more. If the Hearing is being added from within the Related Hearings tab in a Case, the associated Case is selected by default.

Once a Hearing is saved, a Reminder is created to the Lawyers in charge with the Hearing Date being the Due date of the newly created Reminder. A Hearing is designated with a Subject. The Subject is the hyperlink that will open the edit form of a Hearing. 

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  • Postpone a Hearing

    In a Hearing form, there is a field to inserted the Postponed to Date. If a Postponed Date is inserted in a Hearing form, the system will automatically offer to Add a new Hearing for the new date. Once, the form is saved with a Postponed Date, the system automatically dismiss the old Reminder and create a new one with the new Postponed date.

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  • Clone a Hearing

    From the action wheel next to the Hearing entry, there is a Clone action. The Clone feature will copy the same information of the Hearing entry to another one to be added and saved. It is basically used, in case a user at the Hearing form edited some of the data that is fetched from the Litigation Data tab such as a Judge change. The next time the user wants add a Hearing and maintain the changes, the clone feature is used.

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  • Only My Hearings

    From the grid, there is a check box that will filter only the Hearings that the logged in user is assigned on.

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  • Search for a Hearing

    The Search field in the Hearings grid searches in the Hearing Subject, Reference number and Summary. The Reference number in a Hearing has the same entries as the External/Court Reference entries in the Litigation Data tab. 

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  • Track Hearing in Hearings Roll Session Report
    There is a Report in the Report module called Hearings Roll Session Report that has various functionalities. Visit our Reports page to find out more information.

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  • Export to Excel

The Hearings grid and the Related Hearings grid in a Litigation Case can be exported to an excel sheet at any moment via the Actions button on the grid-> Export to Excel. Also, search results can be exported to an excel sheet separately.

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