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  • Active Directory

Configure Active Directory integration as shown below:

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  • Default Values

Set the Default Values of the below

  • Archive Case Status
  • Archive Task Status
  • Board Member Role
  • Case Board Interval (month)
  • Case Container Status
  • Case Document Status
  • Case Document Type
  • Case Workflow Start Point
  • Case Type (Litigation)
  • Case Type (Legal Matter)
  • Case Value Currency
  • Company Capital Visualize Decimals
  • Company Document Status
  • Company Document Type
  • Company Legal Type
  • Contact Category
  • Contact Country
  • Contact Document Status
  • Contact Document Type
  • Contact Nationality
  • Filters Grid Admin User Groups: These are the User Groups that are allowed to add a Global Filters for all other Users
  • Hearing Reminder Type
  • User Groups included in KPI Report: These are the User Groups whose users are the ones that appear in the KPI report.
  • Received by team
  • Legal Department
  • Case Assignee
  • Reminder Type
  • Round Up Time Logs
  • Seniority level
  • Company Shareholder Vote Factor
  • Company Shareholder Vote Year
  • Social Security Reminder Type
  • Discharge of Social Security
  • Task Board Interval (month)
  • Maker Checker Control

Enable and configure the Maker and Checker User Groups

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  • Notifications

Configure the housekeeping duration of Notifications, number of Notification entries in the pending list and the refresh intervals for Notifications and Reminders in ms.

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  • Outgoing Mail

Follow these steps to configure of the Outgoing Mail on App4Legal:

  1. Go to Administration and Setup -> Default Values under System Preferences section -> Outgoing Mail tab.

  2. Set the values into the empty fields shown in the screenshot below according to your SMTP Server:

  3. Test and validate the notification through out the following steps:
    1. Go to the notification icon in the toolbar of the application and press Notify link as shown below:

    2. Enter the description and add your email to validate the notification via email:


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  • Password Policy

Configure deactivate users out after how many days of not logging in, prevent the use of old passwords by how many in a row, force changing passwords after how many days, locking the accounts after how many trials of wrong passwords, password length and complexity

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  • Reminders

Set for how many days ahead of the Reminder date should the Reminder appear in the pending list and how many Reminder entries in the pending list.

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  • System Values

  • Allow feature "API": Allow the use of the Outlook Add-in and mobile app.
  • Allow feature "Customer Portal"
  • Allow feature "SLA Management"
  • Business Day Equals: In hours how long the business day is
  • Business Week Equals: In days how long the business week is
  • Allow feature "Stay Signed In": Some users would like to stay signed in all the time.
  • Business Days Ends At
  • Business Days Starts At
  • Business Days Off: specify weekend days
  • System Administration Group: System groups shall be exempted from being assign on Cases and Tasks
  • System Administrator
  • System Language
  • System Time Zone
  • Warning Message on Login Page: A message that appears on the log in page.

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