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  • List Contacts

Contacts are accessible via the sliding menu on the left of the screen:
Click on Contact from the sliding menu in order to view the List. The List shows the Contact name and the corresponding email address under.

  • Add a Contact

The User can add a Contact using the plus sign next to Contact section in the sliding menu:
Or, from the green quick add plus sign at the bottom of the screen.
If the user is at the homepage, the app will prompt a list of objects to be added:

If the user is at the Contact list, the Contact Add form will automatically open if the user presses the plus sign.

App4Legal will offer the user to import an already existing Contact from the phone directory. All what the user needs to do is choose the phone icon, the system will prompt the Contacts list from the phone directory. Once the user chooses the contact in question, the system will fetch the most important data and inserts them into the Contact Add form. Data that is fetched could be Phone, Mobile, E-mail, Address and more.

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