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  • List/View Intellectual Property Cases

Choose Cases from the sliding menu, then choose Intellectual Property Case List/View all the available Matters in the form of a scrollable list.

The list/view is in the form of Cards. Every Intellectual Property Case has its ID, Category, Initial of the Assignee, Subject, Status and Client.

  • Add an Intellectual Property Case

The User can add an Intellectual Property Case using 2 ways
  1. The plus sign next to the Cases section in the sliding menu. 
Then select Intellectual Property.
2. From the green quick add plus sign at the bottom of the screen:

The Intellectual Property Case Add form will automatically open.

For look up fields, the mobile app will allow the user to search for Contacts and Companies that already exist in the database ex. Client field.

  • Edit a Intellectual Property Case

Once the user clicks on a Intellectual Property Case, it will open so that the user can view/edit the details. In case the user just viewed the Case, navigation away back to the grid can be done through the back button on the top left of the screen.

  • Search for an Intellectual Property Case

Using the top right Search sign, the system will allow you to insert a text to search for within the list.

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