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  • List/View Expenses

    The Expenses can be seen in the form of a table. All the user has to do is click on the Expenses section in the homepage.

  • Record an Expense

    The user can add an Expense in the plus sign in the bottom right of the screen

    The selection fields in the system will give a pop-up upon clicking on it, that will give the user the option to select the desired field ex Expense Category.

    The Date field also give a Calendar view in which the user can select the desired date.

    The lookup fields will give a search page where the user can lookup the desired Case.

The text fields will slide up the keyboard so that the user can insert the text ex. Ref # of the Expense.

A picture can also be added to the Expense ex. a snap shot of the voucher. The system allows the user to select pictures from Gallery or Camera.

  • Edit an Expense

    Once the Expense is recorded, the user can edit it by clicking it on it. The form is as shown in the picture.


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