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Installing Outlook To JIRA via Active Directory’s Group Policy

 A. Pre-Requisites:

Users should have these prerequisites installed on their PC's in order for the add-on to run
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • Microsoft Office 2007 Primary Interop Assemblies
  • Microsoft Visual Basic PowerPacks 10.0
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime
  • Windows Installer 4.5

B. Preparation For a Fresh Installation:

  1. Login into your Active Directory(AD)
  2. Copy the Outlook To JIRA (OTJ) installer folder into the AD to be shared
  3. Share your copied folder:
    • Right click the folder
    • Choose Properties
    • Click on Sharing tab
    • Click on Share Button
    • Enter the Name of the group to share with (ex. Everyone) and Click Add
    • Click on Share
    • Click on Done

4. Manage the Group Policy Management in your AD:

    • Click on Start -> Administrative Tools -> Group Policy Management
    • Expand Domains tree
    • Navigate to your domain and expand it
    • Right Click Group Policy Objects
    • Choose New
    • Enter the Name for the New GPO (ex. OTJ Installer)
    • Click OK

Note: The new added GPO (ex. OTJ Installer) is now listed under the Group Policy Objects.

    • Right Click on this new GPO created
    • Choose Edit
    • In the new Opened Dialog, in the Left panel move to :

User Configuration -> Policies -> Software Settings  ->Software Installation

  • Right Click the Software Installation
  • Choose New -> Package
  • In the new opened window fill the File Name with the location of the shared folder (ex. \\server2008a-name\OTJ)
  • You’ll get the content of the folder shown, Choose OutlookToJIRA.msi
  • Click on OK
  • New window Deploy Software is shown, choose Advanced and click OK
  • Outlook To JIRA will now appear in the Software Installation view area.
  • Right Click Outlook To JIRA ->Properties
  • Click on the Deployment tab
  • Select the Assigned Deployment Type
  • Check the Uninstall this application when it falls out of the scope of management
  • Check the Install this application on Logon
  • Click on OK
  • Go back to the Domains tree in the Group Policy Management
  • Select your Domain and the Right Click
  • Choose Link an Existing GPO..
  • Choose the new GPO created (ex. OTJ Installer)
  • Click OK
  • Select this New GPO that will be Shown under your Domain
  • In the Security Filtering panel-group Click on Add
  • Enter the Name to select (ex. Everyone)
  • Click OK

All users joining this AD group will have OTJ installed once they log off and log on to their computer.

C. Upgrade an Existing Version of OTJ:

  • Remove any previous GPO added for pushing the OTJ Add-on to the users in AD.
  • Create a new GPO following the above steps and using the MSI binaries for the new OTJ version

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