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OTJ offers two methods in order to update a ticket:

First method:

  1. Select an e-mail

  2. Right click on the e-mail
  3. Go to JIRA
  4. Click on Update 

Second Method:

  1. Click on the “JIRA” icon displayed in the top right menu in Outlook
  2. Click on “Update”

 Once “Update” is clicked:

  1. Issue search screen pops up

2. Select a Project

3. Search and select an existing issue

4. Edit all your desired fields


5. Click on “Update”


6. A window with a link to the updated ticket in JIRA will appear


Optional Features

Issue Search Screen:

Option to search by:

  • Issue Key: Type in your JIRA ticket number
  • Summary: Type in any text you have in the Summary section of an JIRA ticket
  • Description: Type in any text you have in the Description section of an JIRA ticket
  • JQL Query: Type in a JQL query to find your issue/ticket just like in JIRA. (Click on Advanced)

Under Comment:

  1. Add e-mail header: Adds your e-mail header information (From, To, CC, Subject, etc...)
  2. Add e-mail body: Adds the e-mail body
  3. Add e-mail timestamp: Adds the timestamp of your e-mail (E-mail received date, Time, etc...)
  4. Inline Images: Adds all inline images as attachments (signature logo's, etc...)

Under Attachments:

  1. E-mail attachments: Includes the e-mail attachments and allows you to select the attachments of your e-mail.
  2. Include e-mail as attachment: The e-mail itself will be attached in the corresponding JIRA ticket.
  3. Include Screenshot: Allows you to add a screenshot to your JIRA ticket by:
    • Click 'PRTSCR' on the desired screen
    • Check the 'Include Screenshot' checkbox
    • A small picture of your screenshot will be shown

4. Drag & Drop any external attachments into your ticket.




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