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PriorityIssue TypeKeySummaryStatus
CriticalImprovement ImprovementOTJ-64Update the documentation linkMERGED
HighBug BugOTJ-94Login user in OTJMERGED
HighImprovement ImprovementOTJ-104Remove the word issue from the add-onMERGED
HighBug BugOTJ-108Reporter on creationMERGED
HighBug BugOTJ-112Summary SearchMERGED
HighImprovement ImprovementOTJ-113Change the location of the create screenMERGED
HighImprovement ImprovementOTJ-114Reduce the space between the fields in the create screenMERGED
HighBug BugOTJ-115User pickerMERGED
HighBug BugOTJ-116Outlook to JIRA not responding on big projectsMERGED
HighBug BugOTJ-117Scroll when selecting a projectMERGED
HighBug BugOTJ-118Projects are not populatingMERGED
HighImprovement ImprovementOTJ-119"About" Window DesignMERGED
HighImprovement ImprovementOTJ-120Greying out Description+Spelling+lower case on Issue UpdateMERGED
HighImprovement ImprovementOTJ-126Horizontal Space on Create ScreenMERGED
HighImprovement ImprovementOTJ-127Drop Down List on FieldsMERGED
HighBug BugOTJ-128Faded Affected areaMERGED
HighImprovement ImprovementOTJ-133Make a Default position for all windows in OTJMERGED
HighBug BugOTJ-135Some fields are not diplaying the nameMERGED
HighImprovement ImprovementOTJ-146Empty space when configuring fieldsMERGED
HighImprovement ImprovementOTJ-147Configure Field does not need to be double clicked to enable it.MERGED
HighBug BugOTJ-148Removing first letter when selecting a project on update screenMERGED
HighBug BugOTJ-149Issue types of previous project are being displayedMERGED
HighImprovement ImprovementOTJ-150Tabbing on Create ScreenMERGED
HighBug BugOTJ-152Update Summary textbox upon selectionMERGED
HighBug BugOTJ-154Empty Space on Create ScreenMERGED
HighImprovement ImprovementOTJ-155Re-designing About ScreenMERGED
HighBug BugOTJ-156OTJ Description UpdateMERGED
HighImprovement ImprovementOTJ-157Scrolling to the top of the Create screenMERGED
HighBug BugOTJ-158Modify existing language not functioningMERGED
MediumBug BugOTJ-42Fix the Label of Advanced Configuration to be DynamicMERGED
MediumBug BugOTJ-43Modify the XML of Atlassian Market PlaceMERGED
MediumImprovement ImprovementOTJ-56Outlook installation optionsMERGED
MediumBug BugOTJ-59Issue with loginMERGED
MediumImprovement ImprovementOTJ-60Change Attach name from Mail.msg to Subject.msgMERGED
MediumImprovement Improvement OTJ-61Send Inline Images only if Checkbox View Email Body is CheckedMERGED
MediumBug BugOTJ-66User issue while setting upMERGED
MediumBug BugOTJ-67Setup OTJMERGED
MediumBug BugOTJ-68OTJ Portal linkMERGED
MediumBug BugOTJ-70JIRA To Outlook - Client BugMERGED
MediumBug BugOTJ-71Unable to Install Outlook2JIRA client using the Workstation PackageMERGED
MediumImprovement ImprovementOTJ-72Labels are not clickableMERGED
MediumBug BugOTJ-73Issue Update ScreenMERGED
MediumImprovement ImprovementOTJ-74Create Issue ScreenMERGED
MediumImprovement ImprovementOTJ-75Add a link to the documentation on the client add-on(Installation)MERGED
MediumImprovement ImprovementOTJ-80Revert fields positionMERGED
MediumNew Feature New FeatureOTJ-81Add external attachmentsMERGED
MediumBug BugOTJ-82Reporter Not Saved CorrectlyMERGED
MediumImprovement ImprovementOTJ-86Scroll WheelMERGED
MediumImprovement ImprovementOTJ-88CursorMERGED
MediumNew Feature New FeatureOTJ-89Summary in Issue UpdateMERGED
MediumImprovement ImprovementOTJ-90Changing "Arrow" on the side of fields to a drop-down listMERGED
MediumBug BugOTJ-91Permission is needed to add attachmentsMERGED
MediumImprovement ImprovementOTJ-92"Slash" on the Setup ScreenMERGED
MediumBug BugOTJ-93"Start Taskbar" not displaying correct window titleMERGED
MediumImprovement ImprovementOTJ-96Due Date not setMERGED
MediumBug BugOTJ-97Fix Version always selectedMERGED
MediumBug BugOTJ-125Drop Down List Should DisappearMERGED
MediumImprovement ImprovementOTJ-130Ability To Select All Text Comment by Ctrl+A in Update WindowMERGED
MediumImprovement ImprovementOTJ-136Changing Label Teext and PositionsMERGED
MediumNew Feature New FeatureOTJ-137Add a GoTo JIRA sectionMERGED
MediumImprovement ImprovementOTJ-138Replace User Picker By another ControlMERGED
MediumImprovement ImprovementOTJ-139Control on Tab actionMERGED
MediumImprovement ImprovementOTJ-140Disable Issue type DDL upon loading fieldsMERGED
MediumImprovement ImprovementOTJ-141Dont Show Delay In Loading Create Issue ControlsMERGED
MediumImprovement ImprovementOTJ-142Summary Selection EventMERGED
MediumImprovement ImprovementOTJ-143Description Textbox WidthMERGED
MediumImprovement ImprovementOTJ-160Fix logo resolution when right clicked on an e-mailMERGED
LowImprovement ImprovementOTJ-83Auto Lookup FieldsMERGED



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