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KeyIssue TypePrioritySummary
OTJ-235BugMedium"From" is corrupted and CC not working
OTJ-205BugMediumupdate window not retrieving any projects
OTJ-228BugMediumEmpty Space after clicking description icon
OTJ-231BugHighOTJ adding random spaces in description(HTML-Plain)
OTJ-208BugHighC:\Jira-Outlook is not handled on upgrading the add-on
OTJ-242BugCriticalCreate new issue form not loaded
OTJ-169BugMediumClicking the drop-down arrow
OTJ-224BugMediumSummary is empty after error
OTJ-214ImprovementMediumSupporting Self Signed Certificate in Embedded Create Screen
OTJ-187ImprovementHighCreating new ticket from an email directly from main menu
OTJ-216ImprovementMediumNo connection screen to show for Update
OTJ-234ImprovementHighHelp window in advanced configuration
OTJ-258ImprovementHighImproving the UI
OTJ-217ImprovementMediumAlready connected to an unreachable URL
OTJ-107ImprovementMediumWarning Message on Download
OTJ-204ImprovementMediumLag time for loading the create screen
OTJ-230ImprovementHighUpdating Server Side
OTJ-209ImprovementMediumChange "Credentials" to "Setup"
OTJ-229ImprovementHighCannot add snapchot
OTJ-207ImprovementMediumTime when sending the FTP update request.
OTJ-179ImprovementMediumEnhance the screen that displays when the request is created
OTJ-212ImprovementMediumOTJ Upgrade
OTJ-233ImprovementMediumCreate side menu
OTJ-175ImprovementMediumUpdate screen UX
OTJ-211ImprovementMediumOTJ Uninstall Display
OTJ-210ImprovementMediumError message in case of wrong username/password
OTJ-200ImprovementMediumDefault group in the JIRA Language Configuration
OTJ-190ImprovementMediumWindow size on update screen
OTJ-186ImprovementMediumAdd a message if user exists credentials screen if connection was not saved
OTJ-185ImprovementMediumConnect to URL on Enter
OTJ-225New FeatureMediumInclude e-mail as attachment upon creation of an issue
OTJ-218New FeatureMediumDo not display confirmation dialog
OTJ-192New FeatureHighOutlook 2016 Compatibility
OTJ-95New FeatureMediumBulk Email Update
OTJ-181New FeatureMediumOption to select a default project
OTJ-203New FeatureMediumability to truncate email parts when added as text
OTJ-87New FeatureMediumUpdate issue
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