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KeyIssue TypePrioritySummaryStatus
OTJ-271BugHighArabic Email attachment on createMerged
OTJ-270BugMediumFlickering between screenMerged
OTJ-269BugCriticalOTJ randomly stops workingMerged
OTJ-268BugMediumOTJ is slow at outllook startupMerged
OTJ-267ImprovementCriticalClear the register upon installingMerged
OTJ-266ImprovementHighOTJ upgradeMerged
OTJ-263ImprovementMediumSave and Cancel buttonsMerged
OTJ-262ImprovementMediumBuilding my languageMerged
OTJ-260ImprovementMediumCreate new languageMerged
OTJ-259ImprovementHighRe-size to the defaulted window on minimizeMerged
OTJ-256ImprovementMediumProgress bar after "No updates Found"Merged
OTJ-250ImprovementMediumAttachements of logos of an email bodyMerged
OTJ-249ImprovementMediumImprove about screen to be squareMerged
OTJ-244ImprovementMediumMessage upon "Save" in advanced configurationMerged
OTJ-243BugCriticalOutlook not respondingMerged
OTJ-241BugCriticalCreate form is taking full focus over other applicationMerged
OTJ-226ImprovementMediumWhen selecting a word and clicking on left keyMerged
OTJ-221ImprovementMediumReplace FTP by HTTP or HTTPSMerged
OTJ-215New FeatureMediumRe-design InstallerMerged
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