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DateJan 15, 2016
Issues190 issues



Please find below the Release Notes of App4Legal v5.5



Important highlights from this release

  1. Inline edit is now added to all Related Documents and iDocs.
  2. Contacts and Companies can now be imported.
  3. Dynamic Report is now available on Cloud instances.
  4. Workflow on Statuses of Cases is now implemented.
  5. The ability to save Filters on grids is now integrated in App4Legal.
  6. Hearings Roll session report is added.
  7. Inactive Users are now highlighted as an Inactive flag.


All updates for this release

KeyIssue TypePrioritySummaryStatusCreatedUpdatedDescription
LEG-1512New FeatureMediumAdd Payment Method to the Record ExpenseQA Validated">Merged11/30/2015 17:2412/17/2015 10:50* A new field called Payment Method is added to the Record Expense form.
* New rules are added to the type of displayed accounts based on the Payment Method
** Cash: Cash Accounts
** Credit Card: to bring Liability of type Credit Card.
** Cheque & Bank: to bring Bank accounts
** Online payment: Bank and Liability of type Credit Card
** Other: to bring Cash, Bank and Liability of type Credit Card.
LEG-1425New FeatureMediumAdd the Manage non-business daysQA Validated">Merged11/2/2015 15:0311/4/2015 12:26* Manage non business days should is implemented in SLA management. It is added to the Admin & Setup.
LEG-1373New FeatureMediumDynamic Report is now available on Cloud solutionsQA Validated">Merged10/22/2015 16:5912/8/2015 13:11* Dynamic Report is now available on Cloud solutions
LEG-1371New FeatureMediumAdd a new Report to give the Hearings Roll sessionQA Validated">Merged10/22/2015 16:5712/16/2015 15:45* The Report Name is Hearings Roll Session Report.
* The Report has predefined functional filters that are Weekly, Monthly and Last Case Hearing.
LEG-1370New FeatureMediumAdd a new field to Litigation Cases called Success ProbabilityQA Validated">Merged10/22/2015 16:5011/30/2015 17:05* The Success Probability is be a drop-down list that is added to Litigation Cases. It has the 3 default values None, Low & High. The values are configurable.
LEG-1217New FeatureMediumSet up an account on mobile app should create an Entity by defaultQA Validated">Merged9/21/2015 17:1710/13/2015 14:40* An Entity is created by default when a sign up request is sent from the mobile.
LEG-1205New FeatureMediumRemove Juristic Contact from the applicationQA Validated">Merged9/21/2015 14:1111/30/2015 13:55* Juristic Contacts are now removed and Company forms are being used instead.
LEG-1204New FeatureMediumAdd Configuration Values on the flyQA Validated">Merged9/21/2015 14:0212/2/2015 15:53
  • Next to every field that has dynamic value there is an ability to add new entry on the fly.
LEG-1137New FeatureMediumNew additions to be added to Hearing form & gridQA Validated">Merged9/15/2015 14:4712/3/2015 13:08* A mandatory field called Subject is added to the Hearing form and grid.
* The Subject is a hyperlink that takes the User to the Hearing form.
* The Search of the Grid is based on the Subject, Summary and Reference number.
* In the Action wheel of the grid of Hearings, there is a new action called View in Calendar. This action redirects the User to the Calendar week where this Hearing is slotted.
LEG-991New FeatureMediumAbility to Save FiltersQA Validated">Merged8/17/2015 16:2410/22/2015 9:44* Saving the filters is now possible on Cases, Companies and Contacts Grids using the advanced search filters.
* Filters are managed directly on the grids.
LEG-1057New FeatureHighImplement Workflow on CasesQA Validated8/28/2015 19:3811/30/2015 10:37* Cases now follow a user defined workflow. Workflow is customizable.
LEG-917New FeatureMediumAdd inline editing to App4LegalQA Validated7/23/2015 14:581/15/2016 14:44* Office Documents can now be edited in an inline manner within the application
LEG-395New FeatureMediumManage the Lawyer's petty cash accountQA Validated8/4/2014 14:191/11/2016 14:06* The idea behind this issue is to have a control over what accounts the lawyer can see while recording Expense. Only the allowed accounts for a certain user are the ones that appear in the drop-down list of the Paid Through Account when recording an Expense.
LEG-1517ImprovementMediumAdd validation to Admin & Setup values so as not to have duplicationQA Validated">Merged12/2/2015 12:5912/16/2015 14:54* Whenever there is a duplication, the system now notifies the user.
LEG-1466ImprovementMediumEnhance the view of the Date & Time of HearingQA Validated">Merged11/11/2015 11:3412/23/2015 10:23* The Hearing Date Time column as well as the Postponed Date with the Time are now concatenated.
LEG-1382ImprovementHighEnhance the Reference number in the Hearing formQA Validated">Merged10/23/2015 10:4412/3/2015 10:17* Reference number of a Hearing is now a drop-down list of the External Court Reference.
LEG-1374ImprovementMediumInactive users should be hidden from the Assignee drop-listQA Validated">Merged10/22/2015 17:0212/9/2015 13:39* They are now hid.
LEG-1369ImprovementMediumSwitch the Item selection in Dynamic ReportQA Validated">Merged10/22/2015 16:4511/5/2015 10:21* It is now switched.
LEG-1351ImprovementMediumRename Correct Time to View/Edit in Time LogsQA Validated">Merged10/15/2015 11:5411/6/2015 15:26* It is now fixed.
LEG-1301ImprovementMediumAdd a walk me in TourQA Validated">Merged10/7/2015 13:1111/16/2015 11:06* It is now added for new comers.
LEG-1285ImprovementMediumEnhance the edit of Auditors in Company formQA Validated">Merged10/5/2015 15:5910/6/2015 12:25* When the user clicks on the name of the Company, the system redirects the user to the Company page and prompts the user for any unsaved changes.
LEG-1271ImprovementMediumRename Contacts Contributors in Advanced Search of BIQA Validated">Merged10/1/2015 16:4711/9/2015 13:46* Contacts Contributors to Related Contributors
LEG-1267ImprovementMediumRemove all obsolete records of Social Security Discharges gridQA Validated">Merged10/1/2015 14:1611/11/2015 16:06* All obsolete records of Social Security Discharges grid per one type are removed.
LEG-1260ImprovementMediumUpon scrolling the word Audit shouldn't be cutQA Validated">Merged9/30/2015 13:3811/9/2015 13:46* It is now fixed.
LEG-1225ImprovementMediumRemove Closed On from Add Case formQA Validated">Merged9/22/2015 15:4611/16/2015 9:44* It is now fixed.
LEG-1198ImprovementMediumSearch by Short Name should be available from Company gridQA Validated">Merged9/18/2015 16:3011/9/2015 12:25* It is now fixed.
LEG-1175ImprovementVery LowRemove # from Invoice# and PO# in ArQA Validated">Merged9/17/2015 13:0611/6/2015 15:44* It is now fixed.
LEG-1151ImprovementMediumNew Entity configuration wizardQA Validated">Merged9/16/2015 11:121/7/2016 14:56* A Wizard has been added for adding new Entities in the Money Module.
LEG-1145ImprovementMediumAdd placeholders to the Password fields in User formQA Validated">Merged9/15/2015 16:3912/9/2015 13:08* It is now fixed.
LEG-1143ImprovementLowImprove the name of the grids of Time Tracking and TasksQA Validated">Merged9/15/2015 15:3412/8/2015 11:19* It is now fixed.
LEG-1142ImprovementMediumImprove the translation of Log Time in ArQA Validated">Merged9/15/2015 15:3112/8/2015 8:50* ???? ????? instead of ????? ??????
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1139ImprovementMediumAdd goto near the Related Case in the Task formQA Validated">Merged9/15/2015 14:5712/9/2015 14:52* It is now fixed.
LEG-1133ImprovementMediumFeedback message about Reminder should be displayed after adding a HearingQA Validated">Merged9/15/2015 12:1812/14/2015 16:16* Feedback message about Reminder are now displayed after adding a Hearing so that the user knows that a Reminder was added concerning this specific Hearing.
LEG-1703ImprovementHighSeniority level should be set to default when importing from Active DirectoryMerged1/14/2016 16:491/15/2016 8:59* Scenario: import a user from AD, edit this user, the system will not allow you to save the user form unless the seniority level is chosen
LEG-1611ImprovementMediumTranslate some items in Notifications in Default ValuesMerged12/24/2015 16:5212/25/2015 9:23* They are now fixed.
LEG-1608ImprovementMedium'null' description in the Related Reminder Task when the description is emptyMerged12/24/2015 13:1912/30/2015 13:10* It is now fixed.
LEG-1593ImprovementMediumRemove the Support agreement expiry messageMerged12/23/2015 12:161/6/2016 13:01* It is removed because it is no longer needed.
LEG-1537ImprovementMediumShares by Date report to keep action wheel visibleMerged12/9/2015 10:3912/17/2015 10:18* In the Shares by Date report now keeps the action wheel visible for the user in order to edit at any time.
LEG-1536ImprovementMediumRename Remind in the Reminder formMerged12/8/2015 17:4712/9/2015 14:08* It has been enhanced to become User to Remind.
LEG-1448ImprovementMediumTranslate Invoice Template in Invoice Edit formMerged11/6/2015 14:1812/17/2015 15:14* It is now fixed.
LEG-1444ImprovementMediumAdvanced Search of Related Reminders on a Case is brokenMerged11/5/2015 14:1512/18/2015 8:14* It is now fixed.
LEG-1441ImprovementVery LowEnhancement some wording on the Dynamic ReportMerged11/5/2015 9:0512/17/2015 15:12* They are now fixed.
LEG-1435ImprovementMediumEnhance the password recovery emailMerged11/4/2015 10:4812/17/2015 16:47* After "Dear X X" add a Comma to become Dear X X,
LEG-1424ImprovementMediumEnhance Tasks in the DashboardMerged11/2/2015 12:4212/17/2015 15:01* It is now My Recent Tasks.
LEG-1411ImprovementMediumRe-order the columns in Users GridMerged10/28/2015 8:5012/16/2015 15:43* The order is as follows:
LEG-1409ImprovementMediumInactive users to be marked in grids and lookupsMerged10/27/2015 16:0912/28/2015 15:48* Next to inactive user there is a flag as "(inactive)". 
LEG-1408ImprovementMediumAdd a Title to User Groups gridMerged10/27/2015 16:0312/16/2015 12:20* It is now fixed.
LEG-1388ImprovementMediumEnhance the look and feel of Reminder formMerged10/23/2015 13:1312/17/2015 15:11* It is now fixed.
LEG-1363ImprovementMediumEnhance the Ar translation of KPI in default valuesMerged10/21/2015 8:4612/16/2015 12:21* ??? ????? ???? ??????
LEG-1358ImprovementMediumEnhance Document Name in URL'sMerged10/16/2015 15:3612/16/2015 11:18* It is now fixed to beDocument instead of Doc.
LEG-1350ImprovementMediumEnhance the Expense edit formMerged10/15/2015 11:5112/17/2015 10:15* It is now in the form of Tabs.
LEG-1349ImprovementMediumEnhance the pagination when it's 100Merged10/15/2015 11:4412/17/2015 10:00* It is now fixed.
LEG-1348ImprovementMediumEnhance the color of the delete actionMerged10/15/2015 11:3412/17/2015 15:10* It is now fixed to be in red.
LEG-1339ImprovementMediumEnhance feedback message after adding a new CaseMerged10/14/2015 10:3812/22/2015 14:08* The font of the Case URL in the feedback message is now enhanced to become clearer.
LEG-1338ImprovementMediumEnhance adding another Opponent to the Litigation CaseMerged10/14/2015 9:4412/16/2015 14:34* It is renamed to become Add another Opponent. 
LEG-1334ImprovementMediumEnhance the Translation of Start TimerMerged10/13/2015 15:3112/16/2015 12:30* ???? ??????
LEG-1328ImprovementMediumChange some Icons in the Reports moduleMerged10/13/2015 12:5712/17/2015 15:49* Some icons are enhanced.
LEG-1327ImprovementMediumCompany Container title is broken in FrMerged10/13/2015 12:4812/16/2015 11:06* It is now fixed.
LEG-1324ImprovementMediumEnhance the actions when a Filter is selected in Case/Task BoardMerged10/13/2015 12:1612/16/2015 14:41* Sytnax and order of actions are enhanced.
LEG-1322ImprovementMediumEnhance some Company reports behaviorMerged10/13/2015 11:5512/17/2015 14:51* The Report Name is maintained in
LEG-1319ImprovementMediumEnhance the Title of the Users section in CalendarMerged10/13/2015 10:5912/9/2015 13:14* It has been changed to:
LEG-1317ImprovementMediumEnhance the Task formMerged10/13/2015 10:5012/16/2015 11:01* Unneeded spaces are removed.
LEG-1314ImprovementMediumContacts in Fr is stuck with the search fieldMerged10/12/2015 17:1212/16/2015 9:59* It is now fixed.
LEG-1313ImprovementMediumEnhance the action name of exporting the Receipt VoucherMerged10/12/2015 16:5312/9/2015 13:31* The action name became "View Receipt in Word"
LEG-1310ImprovementMediumEnhance the "Don't show this screen again" check boxMerged10/9/2015 11:3812/16/2015 14:47* After the user checks the option "Don't show this screen again" it is removed and an "Ok" and "Cancel" buttons appear.
LEG-1280ImprovementMediumEnhance Tasks look up when Logging Time on a CaseMerged10/5/2015 14:0512/16/2015 10:20* The look up now brings only the Tasks that are related to the Case.
LEG-1279ImprovementMediumChoose Log Time from Cases grid, the Case shouldn't appearMerged10/5/2015 13:3512/16/2015 9:45* It is now fixed.
LEG-1272ImprovementMediumAdd a placeholder to the list of saved reports in BIMerged10/1/2015 17:1012/9/2015 13:07* Placeholder is added to the list of saved reports when running an already saved Dynamic Report.
LEG-1255ImprovementMediumFix the arrows in (h) in Ar in Advanced Case ReportMerged9/29/2015 14:5712/16/2015 12:38* They are now fixed.
LEG-1254ImprovementLowEnhance the size of the Date fields of the Advanced Search of Reminders in Company objectMerged9/29/2015 14:3612/16/2015 9:42* It is now fixed.
LEG-1246ImprovementMediumFix the name of the Maker Checker User Group ReportMerged9/29/2015 8:4912/16/2015 9:38* It is now fixed.
LEG-1220ImprovementMediumEnhance the validation error message syntax in Ar for File/Ref #Merged9/22/2015 12:4812/9/2015 13:04* It has been enhaned to become:??? ????? ??????? ????? ??????, ??? ?? ???? ??? ?????
LEG-1203ImprovementLowCapitalize the P in Money Settings in FrMerged9/21/2015 11:4012/9/2015 12:58* The P in Money Settings in Fr is capitalized.
LEG-1187ImprovementMediumChange the translation of Outsourced lawyer in Advanced SearchMerged9/18/2015 10:1812/16/2015 9:28* ??????? ??? ????? ?????
LEG-1179ImprovementHighWrong Error message when setting a Contact as PrivateMerged9/17/2015 15:1111/9/2015 13:53* Wrong Error message when setting a Contact as Private and the user is not the creator. An error is received called Invalid Record. It's not supposed to appear.
LEG-1176ImprovementMediumEnhance the position of the red flag in Ar for unsaved dataMerged9/17/2015 14:0212/9/2015 14:59* It is now enhanced to have the same position as in other languages.
LEG-1171ImprovementLowPut a Space between the Value and currency in Case Advanced SearchMerged9/17/2015 10:2912/16/2015 9:21* A Space is added between the Value and currency in Case Advanced Search for Litigation cases 3 values and Legal Matter Case value.
LEG-1170ImprovementMediumRaise the Advanced Search level above the gridMerged9/17/2015 10:2812/9/2015 12:57* The Advanced Search is raised above the grid to be the same as in the rest of the grids.
LEG-1165ImprovementMediumReminder form: time picker field should be read onlyMerged9/16/2015 16:4712/16/2015 14:32* Reminder Form: If you enter a text in the time picker field, the form can be submitted without validation on this field, but the result is: record could not be saved.
LEG-1162ImprovementMediumKeep only the S capital in "Save and Create Another" check boxMerged9/16/2015 16:1012/9/2015 12:55* Only the S is capital in "Save and Create Another" check box in Task form.
LEG-992ImprovementMedium Multi Select filters are added to Advanced SearchMerged8/17/2015 16:2610/2/2015 8:46* Every Advanced search component that has Drop Down now allows multi select filters.
LEG-1707BugMediumBill To section has no line breaks on IE9QA Validated">Merged1/15/2016 8:401/15/2016 10:42* It is now fixed.
LEG-1702BugMediumError when saving the DashboardQA Validated">Merged1/14/2016 16:101/14/2016 16:38* When pressing multiple times on the Save action in the dashboard, an error occurred and the dashboard will open as a blank page.
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1700BugMediumBug in the Actions drop-down list in Invoices gridQA Validated">Merged1/14/2016 12:491/15/2016 8:55* Selection can occur between words. * It is now fixed.
LEG-1699BugMediumSeniority level appears as numbers in the Audit ReportQA Validated">Merged1/14/2016 12:421/15/2016 10:26* It is now fixed.
LEG-1698BugMediumPartner look up in Invoice is broken on IE9QA Validated">Merged1/14/2016 12:361/15/2016 15:44* It is now fixed.
LEG-1666BugMediumBug when clicking on Edit in the Invoice on IE9 you get navigation away messageQA Validated">Merged1/12/2016 16:441/14/2016 12:30* It is now fixed.
LEG-1660BugMediumDates filters in the Journals advanced search doesn't work.QA Validated">Merged1/12/2016 14:381/13/2016 17:24* It is now fixed.
LEG-1657BugMediumIncorrect alert message when adding new Partner accountQA Validated">Merged1/12/2016 14:011/13/2016 15:01* It is now fixed.
LEG-1656BugMediumDatabase error in the time tracking advanced search.QA Validated">Merged1/12/2016 13:451/13/2016 14:31* It is now fixed.
LEG-1655BugMediumBug when cancel add new Log Time.QA Validated">Merged1/12/2016 13:181/13/2016 14:50* It is now fixed.
LEG-1653BugMediumBug when Importing Companies with some empty fields values.QA Validated">Merged1/12/2016 10:471/13/2016 16:55* Try to import companies excel file and then go to the companies grid, the companies are imported but with null values of capital,and shares par value.
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1652BugMediumFix some columns in the User Management Report Arabic grid.QA Validated">Merged1/12/2016 10:021/13/2016 14:29* They are now fixed.
LEG-1650BugMediumBroken arrows in the Arabic on IE9QA Validated">Merged1/11/2016 16:511/13/2016 14:46* It is now fixed.
LEG-1649BugMediumRemove action wheel from print Company Shares By Date ReportQA Validated">Merged1/11/2016 16:341/13/2016 8:48* It is now fixed.
LEG-1648BugMediumFix the description direction when print a case.QA Validated">Merged1/11/2016 15:271/13/2016 8:39* It is now fixed.
LEG-1647BugMediumIE9 Navigation away message when pressing add entries on the fly in the case edit form.QA Validated">Merged1/11/2016 14:571/13/2016 14:33* this navigation appears when you trying to:
Add Case Type.
Add Case Stage.
Add Client Position
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1646BugMediumCompany/Container is overlapping in in-line edit form of ContactQA Validated">Merged1/11/2016 14:291/13/2016 14:26* It is now fixed.
LEG-1645BugMediumFix Broken title column in the Arabic Company Related Contact GridQA Validated">Merged1/11/2016 14:241/13/2016 8:36* It is now fixed.
LEG-1644BugMediumFix broken Remind on column in the case related reminders gridQA Validated">Merged1/11/2016 14:021/13/2016 8:35* It is now fixed.
LEG-1643BugMediumBug when deleting Company Related ReminderQA Validated">Merged1/11/2016 13:391/13/2016 14:24scenario:
* Go to the Discharge of Social Security section in the Company form.
* Add new Discharge with expires on date.
* go to the Reminder related to this Discharge and try to delete it.
* Data base error appears.
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1639BugMediumFix broken (Share par Value) column in the Arabic Company gridQA Validated">Merged1/11/2016 12:421/13/2016 8:33* It is now fixed.
LEG-1638BugMediummissing error message in Task BoardQA Validated">Merged1/11/2016 12:341/13/2016 8:31* Try to save filter in the task dashboard with name already exists, an error message appears with no content try to fix it with message 'Name already exists; this field must be unique'.
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1635BugMediumAdd an Account from Chart of Accounts it doesn't appearQA Validated">Merged1/6/2016 17:011/7/2016 13:59* It is now fixed.
LEG-1627BugMediumPHP error when changing the link in Universal searchQA Validated">Merged1/6/2016 11:461/7/2016 13:54* Apply a universal search, then clear the part after 1 in the URL link, PHP error is attained.
** Solution: this link should be stopped and redirect the user to the homepage.
* When clearing the value of keyword in the URL, all data in db will be fetched and displayed. we should avoid this behavior and redirect the user to homepage
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1626BugMediumBug in the Advanced Case Report export to excel.QA Validated">Merged1/6/2016 10:111/18/2016 11:12* There's no data when exporting the Advanced Case Report to excel.
LEG-1625BugMediumBug in paginationQA Validated">Merged1/5/2016 10:461/6/2016 11:54* It is now fixed.
LEG-1624BugMediumBug in Cases Per External Lawyer Per StatusQA Validated">Merged1/5/2016 10:391/7/2016 10:52* Go to Cases Per External Lawyer Per Status report, check the fetched data and the total number.
* Click on search button without changing any field in the search form, the data will be changed.
* Open advanced search form and don't change any field in the form and submit the form. The result will also be changed again (in the attached images there's no data in this case).
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1623BugMediumError in Company ContainerQA Validated">Merged1/4/2016 12:431/6/2016 12:03* Scenario:
Try to create new company and save it.
Go to the company form of the previous company and try to change the company id in the url with container company alert message with invalid record should redirect the user to the company grid.
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1622BugMediumBug when creating a new case/edit with Subject contains '%' followed by numbersQA Validated">Merged1/4/2016 11:221/6/2016 12:28* It is now fixed.
LEG-1621BugMediumIncorrect Chart title in the dashboard section.QA Validated">Merged1/4/2016 11:131/6/2016 12:15* The widget title is 'Cases Per Filing Date' so the chart title should be the same instead of 'NB. of Arrival Cases Per Month'.
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1615BugMediumBug in the loader on IE9QA Validated">Merged12/25/2015 14:391/7/2016 17:02* Scenario: change the language on IE9 at any page. the loader appears for a while and then disappears. A white box appears instead.
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1606BugMediumBug when adding new Shares Operations in the Shareholders Company section.QA Validated">Merged12/24/2015 12:401/6/2016 13:25* Open the add new shares operations dialog ,fill all the data open the Executed on Calendar and choose date save it the calendar is still open even though the dialog is closed.
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1605BugMediumBroken icon in the Manage Preferred Shares Grid on IE11QA Validated">Merged12/24/2015 12:281/6/2016 12:55* It is now fixed.
LEG-1604BugMediumLog in pop doesn't contain the emailQA Validated">Merged12/24/2015 12:221/6/2016 12:26* Log in pop sometimes doesn't contain the email. the user can't edit the email. hence there is a blocking.
* Scenario: when session times out, click on iDocs the bug is attained.
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1603BugMediumBug when creating a new Company with name contains some special charactersQA Validated">Merged12/24/2015 12:061/6/2016 12:37* Try to create Company with name contains the " character
a bug appears in the name input.
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1602BugMediumDB error when exporting Cover pageQA Validated">Merged12/24/2015 10:541/6/2016 12:32* It is now fixed.
LEG-1586BugMediumFirst note added doesn't have the Send Notification optionQA Validated">Merged12/22/2015 10:1812/22/2015 14:23* It is now fixed.
LEG-1582BugMediumWrong sign of close in feedback messagesQA Validated">Merged12/21/2015 11:4112/22/2015 14:11* It is now fixed.
LEG-1581BugMediumBug when adding a new hearing with only required fields and Hearing Lawyers Values.QA Validated">Merged12/18/2015 16:1112/22/2015 16:45* It is now fixed.
LEG-1579BugMediumPHP error when adding a new Case Note.QA Validated">Merged12/18/2015 15:2012/21/2015 12:57* It is now fixed.
LEG-1578BugMediumBug when trying to delete a User GroupQA Validated">Merged12/18/2015 15:1212/21/2015 13:43* It is now fixed.
LEG-1555BugMediumArrows of the adv search on IE of Hearings Session report are brokenQA Validated">Merged12/14/2015 12:4512/21/2015 16:32* It is now fixed.
LEG-1538BugMediumAmount in Bulk Payment can exceed the TotalQA Validated">Merged12/9/2015 15:0612/16/2015 10:41* It is now fixed.
LEG-1530BugMediumRemove the links at top of default exchange rates dialogQA Validated">Merged12/8/2015 10:5412/9/2015 13:17* It is now fixed.
LEG-1526BugMediumBug in Invoice FormQA Validated">Merged12/4/2015 18:2612/8/2015 9:48* When trying to add new invoice for example with an item (500 USD), before submit the form, the user changed the unit price to (1500 USD) and press Enter and not clicks on Save button.
* This issue is reproducible on oakslawfirm instance
* Technical details:
** the debit amount in DB (voucher_details table): 500, in the submit process, the insert statement takes the total amount in the bottom of invoice form
** the credit amount in DB (voucher_details table): 1500, in the submit process, the insert statement takes the total amount as following: quantity * unit price
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1525BugMediumTimer increases the number of hours (3h +) when the difference between start & end dates is more than 1 weekQA Validated">Merged12/4/2015 13:3912/8/2015 10:49* Timer increases the number of hours (3h +) when the difference between start & end dates is more than 1 week. * It is now fixed.
LEG-1521BugMediumCases form (pop-up): fields are not recognizedQA Validated">Merged12/3/2015 17:0712/8/2015 9:51* It is now fixed.
LEG-1518BugMediumBug in the Total Records in the Admin & SetupQA Validated">Merged12/2/2015 14:3512/7/2015 15:31* Reminder Type
* Task Type
* Client Position
* Contact Title
* Success Probability
* Case Stage
* They are now fixed.
LEG-1515BugMediumPHP error when trying to delete a Case StageQA Validated">Merged12/1/2015 15:3212/4/2015 9:15* It is now fixed.
LEG-1504BugMediumBug in the counter of manage timerQA Validated">Merged11/26/2015 17:3912/8/2015 11:32* It is now fixed.
LEG-1503BugMediumBug in Opponents advanced Search in Hearings grid on MySQL using MozillaQA Validated">Merged11/26/2015 15:5312/7/2015 10:53* The system doesn't let you choose any Opponents. If you search for or look it up, try to click on it, it disappears.
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1499BugMediumHearings do not create Calendar meetingsQA Validated">Merged11/26/2015 14:4512/8/2015 9:07* A warning is now prompted when the Default Task Status is not set when the user creates a Hearing.
LEG-1491BugMediumBug in adding new Hearing when Case Subject contains special charactersQA Validated">Merged11/25/2015 10:2012/16/2015 11:16* It is now fixed.
LEG-1480BugMediumReminders & Notifications: "Access denied" warning messages appear periodicallyQA Validated">Merged11/19/2015 12:5411/23/2015 13:23* It is now fixed.
LEG-1479BugMediumBug in Kindo in-line drop-down list if it contains #QA Validated">Merged11/19/2015 9:4611/25/2015 14:36* Scenario:
** Go to Administration & Setup and add an Asset type containing #
** Go to the Company Asset page and try to add an error is generated.
** Also reproducible in Document type, Company Role,.....
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1459BugMediumInvalid date when trying to add External Court ReferenceQA Validated">Merged11/9/2015 15:4211/11/2015 9:19* Invalid date when trying to add external court reference:
* Scenario: try to clear the date field before adding / editing the changes
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1457BugMediumLook up of Tasks in Reminders in wrongQA Validated">Merged11/9/2015 13:5011/9/2015 17:13* Look up of Tasks in Reminders in wrong on MySQL.
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1447BugMediumTree View gives bullets on IE 11QA Validated">Merged11/6/2015 12:1011/9/2015 9:08* It is now fixed.
LEG-1445BugMediumBug when Task assignee marks it as PrivateQA Validated">Merged11/5/2015 14:2611/9/2015 13:43* Scenario: Add a Task, assign it to the logged in user, flag it as Private, upon save the issue will not appear in the grid.
* Also when a user assigns a Task to another, the task should remain visible to both if set as Private.
* A Task of type Meeting should remain visible to all Invitees on the meeting.
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1440BugMediumCreator of a Contact loses access after another user sets it as PrivateQA Validated">Merged11/4/2015 17:1711/11/2015 16:18* Scenario User 1 creates a Contact
* User 2 sets this Contact as Private
* User 2 can't see the contact anymore (normal behavior)
* Bug: User 1 also can't see the Contact although he is the creator and the owner.
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1433BugMediumForgot password did not send emailQA Validated">Merged11/3/2015 16:2211/4/2015 10:50* It is now fixed.
LEG-1432BugMediumPostponed Hearing misses some infoQA Validated">Merged11/3/2015 15:4311/6/2015 12:41* Client
* Opponent
* External Lawyers
* Scenario: Add all data to a Hearing form, save it, edit it again, add a postponed date. the new Hearing created misses the above listed information.
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1429BugMediumHearings lawyers not loaded in Hearing Edit / Clone formQA Validated">Merged11/3/2015 11:2811/3/2015 15:47* Hearings lawyers not loaded in Hearing Edit / Clone form
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1427BugMediumBug in the Time Tracking KPI Report.QA Validated">Merged11/2/2015 15:3811/5/2015 8:52* Try to open the Time Tracking KPI report with an empty Related User Groups value in the Money Setup & Configuration.
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1422BugCriticalRedirect to the home page when clicking on App4LegalQA Validated">Merged10/30/2015 14:3011/6/2015 9:45* It is now fixed.
LEG-1412BugMediumRelated documents for Bills and Invoices are common for all entities with the same bill ID / invoice IDQA Validated">Merged10/28/2015 11:5510/29/2015 10:18
  • Scenario (same applied for invoices):

1- Go to bill edit form,
2- Go to related documents tab,
3- Change the selected entity

You will notice that the ID in the URL is the same in all entities knowing that it's impossible for an invoice or a bill to be the same in more than one entity.

The solution is to redirect the user to the bills/invoices list under the last selected entity with a message: "Access Denied".
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1402BugMediumthe button to open of collapse a tree shows negative sign "-"QA Validated">Merged10/26/2015 19:4211/6/2015 12:09* It is now fixed.
LEG-1394BugMediumBug in the Hearings grid quick search,it doesn't work and gives a PHP errorQA Validated">Merged10/26/2015 12:4810/28/2015 16:03* It is now fixed.
LEG-1393BugMediumAdd new Company Container with any container Name ,an alert message with Short Name already exists appearsQA Validated">Merged10/26/2015 11:4210/27/2015 11:21* It is now fixed.
LEG-1392BugMediumAll grid Quick Searches are not working properlyQA Validated">Merged10/24/2015 11:4710/27/2015 11:51* Go to company page
* Navigate to second page
* Search for a company that exists
* Observed : Company not found in the grid, page number is wrong, go to first page , you find the company.
* Same applies to all grids.
* It is now fixed.
LEG-1365BugMediumSystem shouldn't allow relating the same Contact more than onceQA Validated">Merged10/21/2015 9:1010/23/2015 13:07* It is now fixed.
LEG-1236BugMediumHover over Search in Expenses grid gives undefinedQA Validated">Merged9/23/2015 12:161/18/2016 12:49* It is now fixed.
LEG-1713BugMediumPut the 'More Filters Criteria' action on new line in Users gridMerged1/15/2016 11:191/15/2016 12:30* It is now fixed.
LEG-1712BugMediumBug in the user drop down List when Unban users.Merged1/15/2016 10:571/15/2016 15:41* It is now fixed.
LEG-1709BugMediumCopy Address From gives navigation away message on IE9Merged1/15/2016 10:331/15/2016 12:47* It is now fixed.
LEG-1706BugMediumCase Board tool tips freeze on Cloud instancesMerged1/14/2016 17:341/15/2016 16:55* It is now fixed.
LEG-1704BugHighMissing data in the Address when Relating a Contact to a CompanyMerged1/14/2016 17:041/15/2016 9:58* Create a Company called test and add the country in the address of the Company.
LEG-1697BugMediumBugs in the error messages in login page on IE9Merged1/14/2016 11:231/15/2016 12:08* There is a Displacement of the error message on login page on IE9. The error message should be directly under the text field.
LEG-1696BugMediumBroken arrows on IE9 in ArMerged1/14/2016 11:081/14/2016 14:27* It is now fixed.
LEG-1693BugMediumBug in the Bill To section in Invoice when adding a Client on the flyMerged1/14/2016 9:241/15/2016 8:43* Bug in the Bill To section in Invoice: When a Client is added on the fly, it doesn't fetch the address and put it.
LEG-1691BugMediumBug in some Reports when Subject of Case is in ArMerged1/13/2016 16:441/14/2016 13:24* It is now fixed.
LEG-1690BugMediumUndefined values in Users Audit ReportMerged1/13/2016 16:171/14/2016 12:43* It is now fixed.
LEG-1688BugMediumAdd a warning message in system value, it doesn't appearMerged1/13/2016 15:531/15/2016 8:53* It is now fixed.
LEG-1686BugMediumBulk payment on responsive screen on IE9 scrolls uncontroallblyMerged1/13/2016 15:241/14/2016 17:14* It is now fixed.
LEG-1683BugMediumExpenses per Client Chart doesn't openMerged1/13/2016 14:421/15/2016 8:23* It is now fixed.
LEG-1682BugMediumArchive feedback message has an overlap problemMerged1/13/2016 14:211/14/2016 16:56* In the Archive feedback message in Ar, there is an overlap with the notification icon and the close button.
LEG-1680BugMediumOnly My Hearings flag doesn't workMerged1/13/2016 13:141/14/2016 16:11* It is now fixed.
LEG-1679BugMediumPermissions page is broken on small screensMerged1/13/2016 12:561/14/2016 16:09* It is now fixed.
LEG-1677BugMediumExport of Audit Report on a Case in Ar gives problemsMerged1/13/2016 10:591/14/2016 16:05* It is now fixed.
LEG-1674BugMediumBug in Archived Hard CopiesMerged1/13/2016 9:581/14/2016 9:05* Go to Related Documents of a Case, go to Archived Hard Copies. Press Add, then Cancel then add again, nothing happens.
LEG-1673BugMediumSave and Create another Task doesn't work from Task BoardMerged1/13/2016 9:481/14/2016 13:22* Go to Task Board, open any Task, Click on Save and Create Another, no action is taken.
LEG-1672BugMediumFix some fields in the related Time log on a CaseMerged1/13/2016 9:451/13/2016 17:21* They are now fixed.
LEG-1577BugMediumDB error when uploading a file and the session times outMerged12/18/2015 14:1712/23/2015 10:02* It is now fixed.
LEG-1575BugMediumNavigation away message when in Reminder form on IE9Merged12/17/2015 15:001/14/2016 17:13* It is now fixed.
LEG-1562BugMediumAccount Type is undefined in Chart of AccountsMerged12/16/2015 12:4312/18/2015 13:09* It is now fixed.
LEG-1561BugMediumBroken borders in Case pop-up Add form on MozillaMerged12/16/2015 11:1412/18/2015 17:20* Case Type
LEG-1559BugMediumBug in Tasks look up when the word starts with TMerged12/14/2015 17:2012/18/2015 13:49* It is now fixed.
LEG-1553BugMediumDate fields in Advanced Search are broken on MozillaMerged12/14/2015 11:2412/18/2015 8:17* The drop-down list of the search operator of the date fields in the Hearings Roll session are broken on Mozilla.
LEG-1552BugMediumBug in column alignment in some reportsMerged12/14/2015 11:1512/17/2015 15:19Bug in column alignment in some reports in Ar on Chrome. The words in the fields are not aligned with the column name.
LEG-1541BugMediumMoney menu is broken in Fr on MozillaMerged12/9/2015 17:0412/14/2015 13:21* It is now fixed.
LEG-1533BugMediumBorder of the saved reports in BI is brokenMerged12/8/2015 13:1012/9/2015 13:24* It is now fixed.
LEG-1532BugMediumUse Dynamic Report on IE9 it freezesMerged12/8/2015 13:0712/22/2015 10:31* It is now fixed.
LEG-1522BugMediumAdd a validation on Case Stage relation to either Litigation or Legal MatterMerged12/4/2015 9:1012/14/2015 14:32* Add a validation on Case Stage relation to either Litigation or Legal Matter same as Case Type.
LEG-1516BugMediumContact Category border is broken on mozillaMerged12/2/2015 10:3412/18/2015 13:56* It is now fixed.
LEG-1505BugMediumBug in the advanced search of Advanced Case ReportMerged11/27/2015 11:0412/9/2015 13:16* It is now fixed.
LEG-1494BugMediumAdvanced Search doesn't work with special character %Merged11/25/2015 16:0212/18/2015 9:26* Scenario: go to the advanced search of BI, Advanced Case Report and Case grids. Put in the below fields % only and the search operator contains. The results are not correct.
LEG-1391BugMediumChange the behavior when adding an obsolete Expiry date of Social DischargeMerged10/23/2015 18:3711/5/2015 13:31* When adding a Discharge of Social Security that expires in the past, the system now adds a Reminder even if the Reminder in the past.
LEG-1368BugMediumEnhance Case Notes HistoryMerged10/21/2015 17:0312/22/2015 10:22* After adding/editing a note, the notes sections are collapsed by default except the current one (just like when a user clicks "Notes History" tab).
LEG-1311BugMediumReturn Message has wrong format when adding and expense with an attachmentMerged10/12/2015 10:1810/12/2015 17:02* It is now fixed.