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  1. Login through Mobile for Jira Steps

    make sure that there is a file attached to be able to troubleshoot. Related issues kb-how-to-article
  2. Push Notification feature needed configuration to work

    \log). Share with us Mobile for Jira logs by clicking on the gear icon and select Contact Support. Related issues kb-how-to-article
  3. How to login through Mobile for JSD Portal

    on the labels you select. Click to edit the macro and add or change labels. Related issues kb-how-to-article
  4. How to create issue from email using Google to Jira?

    the macro and add or change labels. Related issues kb-how-to-article
  5. How to delete OTJ Jira for Outlook data folder?

    For windows add-in users, follow the steps below: Close Outlook Navigate to C:\Users%username%\AppData\Local\assembly Delete the folder OutlookToJira Restart Outlook Login to OTJ Jira for Outlook kb-how-to-article
  6. How to solve error 500 in OTJ Jira Addon Language Configuration section?

    records, and replace them with your language name Save kb-how-to-article
  7. How to enable OTJ Jira for Outlook Add-on for windows users?

  8. How to install a JIRA add-on from the server

    . In case the changes do not reflect immediately on the add-ons page, consider restarting the Jira service. install add-on jira kb-how-to-article
  9. Login through Google to Jira Steps

    , you'll be redirected to your instance to login or if you already logged in, You’ll see the following dialog. OAuth.png Click Allow. gtj google gmail kb-how-to-article
  10. How to install OTJ Jira for Outlook Office add-in on-premise environment?

    ( add-in manifest URL.png Click "Ok" Click "install" otj office add-ins manifest kb-how-to-article