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After installing Outlook To JIRA:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click on the “JIRA” icon displayed in the top right menu
  3. Click on “Setup” 

  4. A “JIRA Credentials” window will appear


5. Fill the required fields:

    1. JIRA URL: Link to access your JIRA instance
    2. Username: Your JIRA username
    3. Password: Your JIRA password
    4. Plugin Language: Choose your desired add-on language (Default Plugin language will be English) 

6. Once all fields are filled with the right information, click on “Save”

7. A “Connection Successful” message should appear (only if the information provided is correct) 


8. Click on "OK"

You can save multiple JIRA profiles by clicking on the "pen" icon next to the "Account" Field

  1. Click on the "Pen" Icon
  2. Enter a name to your profile and press save