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To login successfully through Google to Jira, you need to follow the below steps

Login through Regular

  1. Select Regular.
  2. Enter your site URL that could be for example:
  3.  Enter your username and password that you usually used in your Jira site
  4.  Cloud users can login through username or email and password that usually used in Jira site.

Login through OAuth:  

This option is available for public Jira server instances and cloud.

  1. Click on OAuth, username and password fields will disappear.
  2. Before login, make sure that you have added the Application link in your JIRA instance.
  3. Enter your Jira URL or past it in the URL field.
  4. Click login, you'll be redirected to your instance to login or if you already logged in, You’ll see the following dialog.
  5. Click Allow.