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  1. At first, enter your cloud instance base URL and then hit the validate URL button.
  2. A pop-up dialogue mentioning to generate an API token will be prompt with 2 options "Cancel" and "generate a token". hit "generate a token" option to generate a new token and in case you have one just hit cancel.
  3. Select the browser you want it will ask you to login with your Atlassian credentials and when you log in you'll be redirected to Atlassian token manager.
  4. Hit create API token set a name for it then copies it (it's better to save this token inside memo or note application since you'll need it later in case you've logged out and need to log in again).
  5. And all you need to do is to return to the app, paste the API token inside the field asking for API token enter your email and you're there.

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Login through SSO:

  1. Click on SSO label, username and password fields will disappear.
  2. Copy the link that you usually used to login to your instance from the web browser and paste it in URL field.
  3. Click login, you'll be redirected to your instance to login (This procedure may take a few minutes for your site to load).