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Issue keyIssue TypePrioritySummaryStatusCreatedUpdatedDescription
A4L-1362New FeatureMediumAbility to save Grid ColumnsMerged10/20/2015 16:316/1/2017 7:44* For the following grids, Cases, Companies, Contacts, Time Logs, Tasks and Reminders, users can now customize the following:
** The order of grid columns by drag and drop.
 ** The columns selection using a choose columns button
** The sorting of the columns
** The pagination of the grids
 * The Export to Excel action is now split to 2 in the above mentioned grids.
** Export to Excel (Current fields) (This action exports the customized Grid columns)
** Export to Excel (All fields) (The legacy fields of the grid)
A4L-3435ImprovementMediumConflict of Interest report to look up Companies alsoMerged2/27/2017 8:236/1/2017 7:44
  • The Conflict of Interest report now includes the Companies as well.
A4L-3501ImprovementMediumEnhance Case Subject in the HearingsMerged3/15/2017 11:596/1/2017 7:44* The Case subject in the tool tip that appears when hovering over the cell as well as in the exported excel format of the hearings instead are now enhanced.
A4L-3562ImprovementMediumRename Certification Nb. to Certificate Nb. in Shares OperationsMerged4/5/2017 9:086/1/2017 7:44* Certification Nb. is renamed to Certificate Nb. in Shares Operations.
A4L-3610ImprovementMediumRetrieve the Assignee(s) column to the Hearings gridMerged4/19/2017 14:486/1/2017 7:44
  • The Assignee(s) column is now added to the Hearings grid.
A4L-3518ImprovementMediumRename Cases to MattersMerged3/20/2017 14:226/1/2017 7:44* Cases are now renamed to Matters and Legal Matters are now renamed to Matters/Advisory.
A4L-3709ImprovementMediumEnhance the Hijri date converter behaviorMerged5/24/2017 18:116/1/2017 7:44
  • Instead of an icon, the label "Hijri" now appears.
  • When the user hovers, the system displays immediately the date in Hijri
A4L-3587BugMediumBug in boards saved filtersMerged4/12/2017 12:346/1/2017 7:44

The bugs are fixed in the following:

* When using a saved filter that has a legal team selected the assignee filter loads all users regardless of the team selected
* User selection in assignee filter is not working properly for example you select "user a" after page reload "user b" is the selected instead
* user data order is not alphabetical the order is corrupted after page load
* Area of Practice filter load all types regardless of the Show filter value (legal matter or litigation case)

A4L-3489BugMediumDB Error in some grids on instance using MSSQL 2008 R2 Database ServerMerged3/13/2017 18:576/1/2017 7:44Url's Grids:
case (matter, litigation, intellectual)

Money Reports:

Core Reports:
A4L-3563BugMediumBug in case board drag and dropMerged4/5/2017 14:496/1/2017 7:44

Bug in case board drag and drop in some scenarios:
* Some columns are highlighted though the user has no permission.(first scenario is due to wrong data, a second scenario was discovered is due to javascript logic)
* Bug when dragging it to the column => there is an alert message that the workflow status is not allowed.

  • The bug is now fixed.
A4L-3586BugMediumbug in client lookup in time logMerged4/12/2017 9:196/1/2017 7:44

* Open time log dialog, add a related task then click billable then add a case=> client input appears but it is not working (no request is sent), this scenario occurs when the time log is being edited.

  • The bug is now fixed.
A4L-3660BugMediumAbility to view/edit paid paymentsMerged5/5/2017 16:156/1/2017 7:44
  • The ability to view/edit the bill / invoice payments is now added.
A4L-3686BugMediumBug when changing password in CP moduleMerged5/22/2017 10:326/1/2017 7:44
  • The bug is now fixed.
A4L-3447BugHighBug in the export to word of a case with Ar textMerged3/2/2017 10:406/1/2017 7:44
  • The bug is now fixed.
A4L-3687BugCriticalShareholders information disappearMerged5/22/2017 16:316/1/2017 7:44
  • The bug is now fixed.
A4L-3714BugMediumError in Edit User FormMerged5/31/2017 13:046/1/2017 8:41
  • When editing a user, modifying the List of Teams and save, the system tells me "invalid url" where the url is valid and was saved long time ago
  • The bug is now fixed.