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Issue keyIssue TypePrioritySummaryStatusCreatedUpdatedDescription
A4L-1362New FeatureMediumAbility to save Grid ColumnsMerged10/20/2015 16:316/1/2017 7:44* For the following grids, Cases, Companies, Contacts, Time Logs, Tasks and Reminders, users can now customize the following:
** The order of grid columns by drag and drop.
 ** The columns selection using a choose columns button
** The sorting of the columns
** The pagination of the grids
 * The Export to Excel action is now split to 2 in the above mentioned grids.
** Export to Excel (Current fields) (This action exports the customized Grid columns)
** Export to Excel (All fields) (The legacy fields of the grid)
A4L-3435ImprovementMediumConflict of Interest report to look up Companies alsoMerged2/27/2017 8:236/1/2017 7:44
  • The Conflict of Interest report now includes the Companies as well.
A4L-3501ImprovementMediumEnhance Case Subject in the HearingsMerged3/15/2017 11:596/1/2017 7:44* The Case subject in the tool tip that appears when hovering over the cell as well as in the exported excel format of the hearings instead are now enhanced.
A4L-3562ImprovementMediumRename Certification Nb. to Certificate Nb. in Shares OperationsMerged4/5/2017 9:086/1/2017 7:44* Certification Nb. is renamed to Certificate Nb. in Shares Operations.
A4L-3610ImprovementMediumRetrieve the Assignee(s) column to the Hearings gridMerged4/19/2017 14:486/1/2017 7:44
  • The Assignee(s) column is now added to the Hearings grid.
A4L-3518ImprovementMediumRename Cases to MattersMerged3/20/2017 14:226/1/2017 7:44* Cases are now renamed to Matters and Legal Matters are now renamed to Matters/Advisory.
A4L-3709ImprovementMediumEnhance the Hijri date converter behaviorMerged5/24/2017 18:116/1/2017 7:44
  • Instead of an icon, the label "Hijri" now appears.
  • When the user hovers, the system displays immediately the date in Hijri
A4L-3587BugMediumBug in boards saved filtersMerged4/12/2017 12:346/1/2017 7:44* first when

The bugs are fixed in the following:

* When using a saved filter that has a legal team selected the assignee filter


loads all users regardless of the team selected


User selection in assignee filter is not working properly for example you select "user a" after page reload "user b" is the selected instead
* user data order is not alphabetical the order is corrupted after page load

-> the above is reproducible in case and task board

* Area of Practice filter load all types regardless of the Show filter value (legal matter or litigation case)

-> reproducible in case board
A4L-3630BugMediumError when accessing Outlook APIMerged5/2/2017 10:036/1/2017 7:44language files are not available except english folders

A4L-3489BugMediumDB Error in some grids on instance using MSSQL 2008 R2 Database ServerMerged3/13/2017 18:576/1/2017 7:44Url's Grids:
case (matter, litigation, intellectual)

Money Reports:

Core Reports:
A4L-3563BugMediumBug in case board drag and dropMerged4/5/2017 14:496/1/2017 7:44

Bug in case board drag and drop in some scenarios


* Some columns are highlighted though the user has no permission.(first scenario is due to wrong data, a second scenario was discovered is due to javascript logic)
* Bug when dragging it to the column => there is an alert message that the workflow status is not allowed.

Should work like the edit case
  • The bug is now fixed.
A4L-3586BugMediumbug in client lookup in time logMerged4/12/2017 9:196/1/2017 7:44

* Open time log dialog


, add a related task then click billable then add a case=> client input appears but it is not working (no request is sent), this scenario occurs when the time log is being edited

A4L-3681BugMediumRename Personne to ContactMerged5/17/2017 15:546/1/2017 7:44* Rename Personne to Contact as the title of the Contact grid in French


  • The bug is now fixed.
A4L-3660BugMediumAbility to view/edit paid paymentsMerged5/5/2017 16:156/1/2017 7:44same as A4D, add the
  • The ability to view/edit the bill / invoice payments is now added.
A4L-3686BugMediumBug when changing password in CP moduleMerged5/22/2017 10:326/1/2017 7:44check screenshot
instance on new sign up
  • The bug is now fixed.
A4L-3447BugHighBug in the export to word of a case with Ar textMerged3/2/2017 10:406/1/2017 7:44* arabic interface:  arabic text are flipped when word document contain arabic data or exported in arabic
* fix will be applied on the following
Matters / Export to Word (Matter/Advisory|Litigation Case)
  • The bug is now fixed.
A4L-3687BugCriticalshareholders Shareholders information disappearMerged5/22/2017 16:316/1/2017 7:44Whenever you update info in the Company tab and save it, whatever was saved in the Capital & Shares section under the Shareholders tab is lost
  • The bug is now fixed.
A4L-3714BugMediumError in Edit User FormMerged5/31/2017 13:046/1/2017 8:41when
  • When editing a user, modifying the List of Teams and save

  • , the system tells me "invalid url" where the url is valid and was saved long time ago
  • The bug is now fixed.