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Important highlights from this release

  1. Video camera and voice recorder are now supported in App4Legal Mobile App when trying to upload a file.
  2. Approval Process on Expenses allows multi-user accounts to require that drafted expenses are submitted for review before they are approved and payments can be received.
  3. As easy as it gets, the Universal Search will now allow you to search for documents using keywords as well as any matter through the file/reference number you set for it.
  4. Improvements to Money module grids in Bills, Time Tracking and Chart of Accounts. You can now view and save the columns and grids to appear like you want them to.
  5. IOLTA Trust Funds (Interest On Lawyer Trust Accounts): App4Legal makes it easy to manage all funds held in trust on behalf of your clients.

Issue keyIssue TypePrioritySummaryStatusCreatedUpdatedDescription
A4L-4155New FeatureMediumUser should be multi selectMerged2/14/20182/28/2018You are now able to select multiple users while using the advanced search in the "Time Tracking" tab in the "Money Module"
A4L-4139ImprovementCriticalNew file type supportedMerged2/6/20182/28/2018

You will be able to upload new file type:

  1. WAV (ios voice recorder).
  2. 3GP (android voice recorder).
  3. MOV (ios video camera).
A4L-4132BugMediumBug in accounts installationMerged1/30/20182/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-4122BugCriticalData entry problem in Arabic using English InterfaceMerged1/25/20182/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-4108BugHighRegression for the versioning on documentsMerged1/20/20182/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-4099ImprovementMediumFocus to be on Matter Note instead of Added byMerged1/16/20182/28/2018Better view on the fields in matter.
A4L-4098ImprovementMediumTurn off form auto-completion on all addresses fields Merged1/16/20182/28/2018Auto-completion fixed on all addresses fields.
A4L-4096BugCriticalDatabase error when trying to add new invoice taxesMerged1/16/20182/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-4094BugHighInvoice Ref is exported as a number and not the actual valueMerged1/14/20182/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-4084BugMediumBug in Account Statement reportMerged1/10/20182/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-4080BugMediumError in Data Migration for permissions in DMSMerged1/5/20182/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-4078BugMediumBug in folder creationMerged12/31/20171/23/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-4066BugMediumBug in tasks grid when adding/editing a taskMerged12/26/20172/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-4016BugMediumShowing backslash on apostrophe in the menu grid of matters Merged11/21/20172/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-4014BugMediumBug when deleting IP renewal that has no user to remindMerged11/20/20172/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-3998New FeatureMediumApproval Process for ExpensesMerged11/10/20172/28/2018

Approval Process on Expenses allows multi-user accounts to require that drafted expenses are submitted for review before they are approved and payments can be received.

A4L-3992BugMediumPerformance issue in Company ReportsMerged11/7/20172/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-3931ImprovementMediumSupport keywords on documents in the universal searchMerged10/12/20172/28/2018You can now search for your documents through the universal search using the keywords you have put.
A4L-3924ImprovementMediumInclude Closed on date field to matter exportMerged10/9/20172/28/2018In case a matter is closed, it will now appear so in the date form.
A4L-3908New FeatureMediumAdd description to the list of clients account Merged9/27/20172/28/2018A new feature that allows you to add a description to your client's accounts in the money module.
A4L-3884BugLowBug in time logMerged9/13/20172/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-3882BugMediumBugs in IP caseMerged9/13/20172/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-3873ImprovementMediumRemove default value for Effective effort in log timeMerged9/7/20172/28/2018Zeros will no longer be seen in the effective effort of the time logs.
A4L-3812BugMediumBug in the display of capital in companies gridMerged8/16/20172/28/2018

Better display of capitals in the shareholders grid.

A4L-3803New FeatureMediumTrust AccountingMerged8/1/20172/28/2018

App4Legal makes it easy to manage all funds held in trust on behalf of your clients.

A4L-3754ImprovementMediumImplement Grid New Design And Functionality In The Specified GridsMerged7/5/20172/28/2018Grids with better look and feel in Bills, Time Tracking and Chart of Accounts.
A4L-3615BugMediumBug when exporting Hearings Roll Session after applying filtersMerged4/21/20172/28/2018Reports generated exaclty like the filters chosen.
A4L-3578ImprovementMediumInclude Case/File Ref # in Universal SearchMerged4/10/20172/28/2018You can now search for your matters through their reference numbers in the universal search engine.
A4L-3510BugMediumRemove Refresh iconMerged3/17/20172/28/2018Refresh icon is removed in the reports.
A4L-3390ImprovementMediumRemove the Department from the grid of CustomersMerged2/8/20172/28/2018There is no more department column in the Cusotmers grid.
A4L-3337New FeatureMediumIntroduce Notes to the Company formMerged1/19/20172/28/2018Collaborate with your colleagues easily through the notes field in your companies.
A4L-3202ImprovementMediumRename "saved reports" to "other reports"Merged12/13/20162/28/2018Saved reports in now changed to Other reports