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KeyIssue TypePrioritySummaryStatus
OTJ-320341ImprovementBugMediumRe-design OTJ Server sideHighPreferences LoadingMerged
OTJ-319340BugMediumBring Outlook To FrontHighUpdate Form Flickering Upon LoadingMerged
OTJ-318338BugImprovementMediumCreating new language: "Name with spacesChange label name under "Language Settings"Merged
OTJ-317336BugMediumHighClose the Update WindowMergedOTJ-316BugMediumOn Check for Updates, do check if Window is openedAuto-Update, "No update found" on all casesMerged
OTJ-315335BugImprovementMediumSave Credentials from first Time upon version blockingRemove unused labels from server sideMerged
OTJ-314334ImprovementMediumServer improvementsAdd a create tab + universal tab from server sideMerged
OTJ-313333BugImprovementMediumOTJ ProfilingAlign the 'Account' box with othersMerged
OTJ-312330ImprovementHighServer side improvementsImprove OTJ LogoMerged
OTJ-311329ImprovementMediumRename "Resources" on server Remove the spacing on "Create New language" jar sideMerged
OTJ-310328ImprovementHighCreate form is creating in the middleMerged
OTJ-309BugMediumClose the Create Window after Clicking the Issue Id linkMerged
OTJ-308ImprovementMedium"Email attachment" on create formMediumAbility to delete a newly created [non-default] languageMerged
OTJ-307327ImprovementHighUpdate Form ImprovmentsOnly have the needed labels.Merged
OTJ-306326ImprovementMediumImprove check for update timeChange Compliments to Feedback server sideMerged
OTJ-305325ImprovementBugMediumProfile screen improvements.long namesMerged
OTJ-304324ImprovementMediumAdd multiple default projects per profileMerged
OTJ-299BugMediumScript is added on top of the description in some emailsMerged
OTJ-297BugHighAdd Support for JIRA 5.2Fix all punctuation in sentences.Merged
OTJ-296323ImprovementMediumImprove Email attachments on CreateLanguage settingsMerged
OTJ-295ImprovementMediumEnhance the profile screenMergedOTJ-293322BugMediumCreate from email avoid reloading Description and SummaryLanguage settingsMerged
OTJ-292302New FeatureImprovementMediumOption to include inline images in the create from email formRemove maximize button from success messageMerged
OTJ-291301ImprovementMediumChange the Create Sub-menu to be two main menusMerged
OTJ-290ImprovementMediumMerge the Test & Save Action in Setup FormMerged
OTJ-285ImprovementMediumOTJ screenshots upon releaseMerged
OTJ-284ImprovementMediumImprove "Include Screenshot"Ok" to "OK"Merged
OTJ-283298ImprovementBugMediumServer update modificationsMergedOTJ-282New FeatureMediumAdd email attachments on creation of new JIRA issueLines are added on top of the descriptionMerged
OTJ-276281ImprovementMediumSuccess message after creating a requestMerged
OTJ-246ImprovementLowTime on confirmation dialog for create.Merged
OTJ-222New FeatureMediumMultiple profiles upon connectingMerged
OTJ-202ImprovementMediumAdding Language setting on the server sideRestore original language valuesMerged