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It's not only about changing colors and logo, but it would be an entirely new app, with your name, your logo, your images, your colors and your very own app listing on Google Play store and Apple App store.

Employees won’t even have to enter JIRA URL as it would be pre-configured in your app.

Contact us!

Google Android app(tick)
Apple IOS iOS app(tick)
PreConfigured Pre-configured URL(tick)
Custom color(tick)
Images i.e. app icon, notification icon, logo, splashDesigned by us
Build appDeveloped by our developers
Submit on Google Play and Apple app storeOur team will submit apps to Google Play and Apple app store
UpgradesAll updates happening in JIRA Mobile app will be applied to your app, valid for one year
SupportPremium supportPremium customer support



All feature will remain exactly same as JIRA Mobile app

What do I need to apply?

 All of it is just a few steps away. follow below steps:


  1. Send us a png app icon with Minimum Size of 512 x 512

      2. Fill the needed info below 

1- JIRA Instance Url

2- App Name : This will be the name by which your JIRAmobile app will be identified at Google Play store and Apple App store.

3- App Description : This will be a short description of your app on Google Play store or Apple App store.It gives a brief about what your application does.

4- App Color : This becomes the color of your app. Like blue is the color of JIRA Mobile app, you can select any color to compliment your app.

We will need one week time for us to build your app and one/two weeks more to get it approved on Google Play and Apple App store.