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Important highlights from this release

  1. There is now the ability to import IP Cases.
  2. Informative tool tips are now introduced to help users configure reports.
  3. The ability to Copy URL action to the top of the Customers grid is now possible.
  4. A footer is added to all exported excel docs from App4Legal.


KeyIssue TypePrioritySummaryStatusCreatedUpdatedDescription
A4L-3204New FeatureCriticalImport IP CasesMerged12/14/2016 12:1612/28/2016 11:50* There is now the ability to import IP Cases.
A4L-3211ImprovementMediumEnhance translation of Arabic monthsMerged12/16/2016 9:1012/28/2016 11:50* Translation of the months in Ar is enhanced.
A4L-3161ImprovementMediumImprove Kanban PerformanceMerged12/1/2016 10:3912/28/2016 11:50* Performance is enhanced.
A4L-3080ImprovementMediumIP module: Ability to have the petition/opposition drop down customizableMerged11/9/2016 15:3912/28/2016 11:50* Petition/opposition is now a configurable drop-down list.
A4L-3071ImprovementMediumRename Lawyers in Hearing formMerged11/9/2016 10:3812/28/2016 11:50* Lawyers are renamed to Assignee(s).
A4L-3070ImprovementMediumRename the empty option in the Archive filterMerged11/8/2016 16:2412/28/2016 11:50* The empty option is renamed in the Archive filter to either in both Tasks and Cases.
A4L-2925ImprovementMediumEnhance the Add formsMerged10/7/2016 12:3412/28/2016 11:50* The selected field is now highlighted in the forms. The spaces between fields is reduced.
* Tip of the window now begins directly after the top main menu.
* All drop-down lists now have the search option.
* The system now scrolls up to the missing fiel
A4L-2579ImprovementMediumEnhancements to the Core reportsMerged6/20/2016 8:5812/28/2016 11:50* The behavior of Choose Company in Contacts Per Group Of Companies is now enhanced. If the user has selected a value from the drop-down list then upon refresh hide the "Choose Company" option.
A4L-2524ImprovementMediumRemove time-stamp of seconds from CPMerged6/14/2016 14:4412/28/2016 11:50* It is now enhanced.
A4L-2285ImprovementLowEnhance the list of Countries in the import template sheetsMerged4/28/2016 21:5812/28/2016 11:50* Template excel sheet for import now has the list of countries in alphabetical order. 
A4L-2276ImprovementMediumAdd copying URL to Customers gridMerged4/28/2016 19:1112/28/2016 11:50* The ability to Copy URL action to the top of the Customers grid is now possible.
A4L-2159ImprovementMediumAdd a Keep me signed in checkbox for CustomersMerged4/6/2016 15:1912/28/2016 11:50* Customers now have the option to stay signed in.
A4L-1989ImprovementMediumImprove Change Password behavior for Users and CustomersMerged2/25/2016 21:4112/28/2016 11:50* The focus when inserting a wrong username or password, when the page reloads the focus is now on the password field.
* The system now redirects the page to the home page after saving the new password.
* When the passwords don't match (new and confirm), 
A4L-1911ImprovementMediumEnhance some Reminders functionalityMerged2/15/2016 15:2312/28/2016 11:50* When no default value for Social Security Reminder Type is set, the resulting feedback message is enhanced. The user used to see "the user will not be notified" but didn't know why. The feedback message is now more informative:
** A Reminder couldn't b
A4L-1727ImprovementMediumAdd a footer to all exported excel docs from App4LegalMerged1/18/2016 9:2012/28/2016 11:50* The footer in App4Legal is:
** Generated on %Date & Time% by *%Username% using App4Legal %version%
A4L-1564ImprovementMediumEnhance feedback messages look and feelMerged12/16/2015 15:0512/28/2016 11:50* The messages are now enhanced.
A4L-1510ImprovementMediumFacilitate the configurations of some reportMerged11/30/2015 13:5512/28/2016 11:50* In cases where some configurations are needed to have a valid report, users may sometimes face a dead end where they don't know what to do. Informative tool tips are now introduced to help users to:
** Time Tracking KPI
** User Rates grid
** Custom Fiel
A4L-1456ImprovementHighBan/Deactivate actions should be executed promptlyMerged11/9/2015 12:4312/28/2016 11:50* As soon as a User is deactivated or banned, the action is now executed directly.
A4L-3262BugMediumError in expenses per clients reportsMerged12/27/2016 18:3612/28/2016 11:50* It has been fixed.
A4L-3231BugMediumBug in casesMerged12/21/2016 16:1912/28/2016 11:501 )Add case with status X then change this status to status Z,delete status X and try to access the audit report=>bug appears
(Reproducible also in case type, assignee,assigned team)
2) Bug when deleting case status(db error)(That is global or doesn't h
A4L-3162BugMediumRegression bug in Kanban BoardsMerged12/1/2016 10:4312/28/2016 11:50* It has been fixed.
A4L-3113BugMediumTime logs buttons are broken with small screen.Merged11/16/2016 15:4412/28/2016 11:50* It has been fixed.
A4L-3093BugMediumScroll to top image overlays the kendo refresh buttonMerged11/14/2016 14:1212/28/2016 11:50* It has been fixed.
A4L-3078BugMediumBug in multi-select fields in Advanced SearchMerged11/9/2016 11:0212/28/2016 11:50* Double click inside the field, the cursor disappears and the user can't type inside the field anymore.
* It has been fixed.
A4L-3062BugMediumMissing fields in the case related expenses export to excelMerged11/3/2016 13:5412/28/2016 11:50* Add (client Name ,Case ID) to the case related expenses excel file.
* It has been fixed.
A4L-3061BugMediumBug in advanced search of custom fieldsMerged11/3/2016 9:2312/28/2016 11:50Bug in advanced search of custom fields,the not equal operator is not working well.

The records are 71 ,search for custom field with equal operator(the records are 2) Then search for the not equal the records are 38 (not known what are these 38 cases)
A4L-3032BugMediumFix tasks lookup when logging time from within a caseMerged10/27/2016 16:5312/28/2016 11:50The task lookup in the "Log Time" form, when opened from inside the case, retrieves all possible tasks instead of just the ones mentioned in the "Related Tasks" grid. Check the related issue for more information.

In addition, the same lookup should not 
A4L-3017BugMediumCase Note is brokenMerged10/26/2016 12:0312/28/2016 11:50* It has been fixed.
A4L-2957BugMediumBroken design in the dashboard widgets on FirefoxMerged10/13/2016 10:2912/28/2016 11:50* It has been fixed.
A4L-2943BugMediumEdit License and Waivers says Task locations in the tab nameMerged10/11/2016 8:2212/28/2016 11:50* It has been fixed.
A4L-2932BugCriticalBug in notes in Litigation CasesMerged10/10/2016 14:2212/28/2016 11:50* It has been fixed.
A4L-2840BugMediumBug in datepickerMerged8/29/2016 16:0112/28/2016 11:50Scenarios:
1)Datepicker doesn't follow the field on scroll

2) On click on the year more than once,design is broken + js error

3) Date picker has a broken design in arabic
* They have been fixed.
A4L-2772BugMediumRegression bug in renaming Person to ContactMerged8/12/2016 11:4312/28/2016 11:50* It has been fixed.
A4L-2725BugMediumBugs in the Statement of Expenses reportMerged7/28/2016 16:5012/28/2016 11:50* Bug in the Statement of Expenses when having an Expense with a currency different than that of the entity. Record an expense on a Case from an account that has a currency that is different than that of the entity. Go to the Statement of Expenses report,
A4L-2675BugMediumFrequent logging out in the systemMerged7/11/2016 8:4612/28/2016 11:50* Frequent logging out in the system on Feras's machine. Is it possible to monitor the reason behind the logging out that is occurring.
* It has been fixed.
A4L-2648BugMediumBroken design in money transferMerged7/4/2016 12:0512/28/2016 11:50* It has been fixed.
A4L-2593BugMediumBugs in partnerMerged6/20/2016 15:0612/28/2016 11:50* It has been fixed.
A4L-2584BugMediumBug in case value tiers chartMerged6/20/2016 10:1812/28/2016 11:50* It has been fixed.