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Important highlights from this release

  1. Revamped the asset management module to better answer your needs, now you can add your own custom fields, upload documents and build reports.
  2. App4Legal now integrates with Dropbox! All the documents you upload to Matters, Litigation Cases, Companies & Contacts are now synced with your Dropbox account.
  3. Improved the overall performance of App4Legal.
  4. Fixed minor bugs.

Issue TypeSummaryCreatedDescription
BugWrong widget header background in dashbaord and reports10/15/2018Bug Fixed
BugBug in task export to excel10/15/2018Bug Fixed
QA_BugExternal/Court Reference should always show 10/12/2018Bug Fixed
QA_BugReport Builder permission10/11/2018Bug Fixed
QA_BugEnhance the way of adding lawyers to a team10/11/2018Bug Fixed
QA_BugEnhance the performance of Hearing Roll Session10/11/2018Improve the query of the report and the query of the export to excel.

QA_BugClient name not showing in Time Logs exported excel10/10/2018 13:00Bug Fixed
QA_BugBug when exporting the grids to excel without sorting10/9/2018Bug Fixed
QA_BugHearing under each stage should be always sorted by date10/8/2018Bug Fixed
ImprovementAdd requested by to matter and litigation case grid columns10/8/2018On the litigation grid, fetch the field 'Requested by'
BugDatabase error when saving a matter10/8/2018Bug Fixed
ImprovementEdit the footer10/8/2018Remove (Powered by Infosysta) from the footer
BugMigration of workflows on MSSQL not working10/1/2018Bug Fixed
ImprovementEnhance the performance of Hearing Roll Session9/24/2018Improve the query of the report and the query of the export to excel.
Bug"Delete invoice" is not working9/24/2018Bug Fixed
ImprovementHearing grid is missing data9/20/2018Bug Fixed
ImprovementExternal/Court Reference should always show 9/19/2018Bug Fixed
ImprovementHearing under each stage should be always sorted by date9/19/2018Fixed
New FeatureEnhance the way of adding lawyers to a team9/19/2018Fixed
ImprovementActivity page is refreshed9/19/2018Fixed
New FeatureShow attachments inside the hearing9/19/2018Create a new table for hearing.

Link files uploaded with hearing.

ImprovementExternal/Court Reference need to appear in the top of the menu9/19/2018External/Court Reference need to appear in the top of the menu of changing the litigation stage. Court Type, Court Degree, Court Region, Court and Sentence Date need to appear in the form by default
ImprovementAssets improvement9/14/2018

Assets tab:
Ability to add custom fields
Grid + advanced search + export to excel
Upload documents
edit of the asset will go to a new tab with the details and documents grid
assets report for all companies

assets folder in the documents tab

New FeatureSupport for Active Directory on Cloud9/13/2018Done
New FeatureIntegration with Dropbox9/7/2018

New link called "Integrations" in admin page

Integration page should contains the Dropbox logo, small description about the integration and how to steps + links if needed

When integrating with Dropbox, a new tab called "Dropbox" in all attachments grids should be visible for users

The current tab "Documents" should be renamed to "App4Legal Documents"

The integration should be done in the Dropbox tab without impacting the first tab

Ability to specify the default tab in admin page to let the user re-order the tabs in the page

Retrieving of data should be done by "object id-object name":

When renaming a folder in Dropbox, App4Legal should suggest for the user to create the folder when accessing the matter related docs page because the link has revoked and no data should be visible in the grid (Folder does not exist or the link has been lost

if company folder / matter folder is already exists in Dropbox before creating the matter in App4Legal, then the link should be exists without creating another folder

ImprovementTime Tracking (KPI)9/4/2018In Time Tracking KPI report (with details), the user field should be printed next to each record and not grouped 1 time.
ImprovementClient name not showing in Time Logs exported excel9/4/2018

Client name should always be present (billable and Internal)

ImprovementTime logs permission9/4/2018

Users should be able to edit *only* the time logs they created ( found in My Time Logs), this should be the default behavior (no change in permissions).

Administrators should have access to edit *ALL* time logs, found in All Time Logs (This is the current behavior, no need to do anything).

BugReport Builder permission9/4/2018Bug Fixed
BugIncorrect behavior in Event Form8/9/2018Bug Fixed
ImprovementUpgrade Codebase Framework7/17/2018

Upgrading from v2.2.x to 3.0.x (replace the system folder with some config files

Fix db scripts errors(install.php) on the new version of mySQL

BugBug in IP edit form in API7/5/2018Bug Fixed
BugBug when exporting the grids to excel without sorting3/1/2018Bug Fixed
ImprovementAbility to link matter to contact from related matters11/14/2017Go to "Related Matters" in contact, I have no option to link Matters to contacts