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KeyIssue TypePrioritySummaryStatus
OTJ-201ImprovementImprovementMediumModify the text in the FTP Update, Language group, and Outlook Add-on sectionsMERGED
OTJ-197ImprovementImprovementMediumInclude a help icon next to "Include Screenshot" on update screenMERGED
OTJ-191New FeatureNew FeatureMediumOTJ Version LockingMERGED
OTJ-189ImprovementImprovementMediumInclude Screenshots as attachment improvementsMERGED
OTJ-176BugBugMediumError when issue type is selectedMERGED
OTJ-174ImprovementImprovementMediumIf project is selected by mistake I cannot select another oneMERGED
OTJ-173BugBugMediumBrowser not appearing after clicking on the link that directs to the issue in JIRAMERGED
OTJ-172BugBugMediumPosition of the Create windowMERGED
OTJ-171ImprovementImprovementMediumRemove the help icon in the create screenMERGED
OTJ-170ImprovementImprovementMediumName the window "Issue Create" just like in the update window.MERGED
OTJ-168BugBugMediumTwo different pages for the same create screenMERGED
OTJ-167BugBugHighHTTP redirection issueMERGED
OTJ-166ImprovementImprovementHighCreate Screen web versionMERGED
OTJ-162ImprovementImprovementHighOTJ to be compatible with JIRA 7MERGED
OTJ-161BugBugHighOTJ does not connect when using TLS v1.2MERGED
OTJ-145BugBugHighNot Responding when trying to connect to unreachable serverMERGED
OTJ-144New FeatureNew FeatureMediumAbility to Paste screenshots from clipboardMERGED
OTJ-132BugBugHighUser credentials securityMERGED
OTJ-121New FeatureNew FeatureMediumBold/Italics/Underline + Font to be introducedMERGED
OTJ-109ImprovementImprovementHighAutomate the installationMERGED
OTJ-98ImprovementImprovementMediumWhen installing the plugin (Without dependencies) all installation dialogs need to be closed by the userMERGED
OTJ-76ImprovementImprovementMediumAdd the advanced search in the Update issue moduleMERGED
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