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The following table details, per action (Trigger), the notification alert that appears in your App4Legal session.

Action (Trigger)Condition to create NotificationNotified UsersContent of Notificaton
Add CaseAssigned To != User Logged InCase Assignee

A new Case %Case Subject% has been assigned to you.

Edit CaseAssigned To != User Logged InCase AssigneeThe Case %Case Subject% has been updated by % User Logged In%.
Add NoteNote Created By != Case AssigneeCase AssigneeA new Note has been added to Case %Case Subject%.
Add Note to Case originating from Customer PortalNote Create By= Customer Portal UserCase Assignee

%Customer Portal User% added the below comment:

Add Task MeetingRemove Assigned To From InvitiesInvitees
You are invited to a new meeting %Task ID%.
Add Task Not Meeting (To-Do)Assigned To != User Logged InTask Assignee

A new Task %Task ID% has been assigned to you.

Edit Task Not MeetingAssigned To != User Logged InTask AssigneeThe Task %Task ID% has been updated.
Broadcast  an "ADHOC" Notification for Users      Notify Users Selected Message notification.
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