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Infosysta is an Atlassian partner and certified add-ons provider. Infosysta offers On-Server and Cloud add-ons for different Atlassian products.

Each subscriber's cloud add-on is physically located on a server in a dedicated, locked cage at our data center partners. Our data center partners provide power, network and backup services. Infosysta owns the servers and is responsible for provisioning, monitoring, and managing the servers, and for providing support to Infosysta cloud add-on subscribers.

Data storage

Application data is stored on a RAID 10 (mirrored and striped) storage node.


Access to the data centers is limited to authorized personnel only, as verified by bio-metric identity verification measures. Physical security measures include: on-premises security guards, closed circuit video monitoring, man traps, and additional intrusion protection measures.

Our data centers are located in London, UK.

People and access

Our global support team maintains an account on all cloud systems and applications for the purposes of maintenance and support. This support team accesses hosted applications and data only for purposes of application health monitoring and performing system or application maintenance, and upon customer request via our support system. Within Atlassian, only authorized Atlassian employees have access to application data.

Infosysta operations team monitors the cloud platform 24x7 from operation centers in London, Paris, Beirut & Dubai.


Application database backups for Infosysta cloud add-on occur on the following frequencies: On-site backups are performed daily and retained for seven days; All backup data is encrypted.

Privacy and Security 

JIRA mobile stores no data in any third-party data centers for JIRA server. However, we store Server URL, JIRA version,SEN for JIRA Cloud instances. Moreover, communication between JIRA Mobile and JIRA Server/Cloud is done through REST API’s published by Atlassian according to the following links:

Infosysta understands the importance of ensuring the privacy of your personally identifiable information.

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