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Important highlights from this release

  1. Introduced a new high-level work-space for lawyers showing upcoming tasks, hearing, etc. called My Dashboard.
  2. Customize & Configure an automated account number of your choice in the money module for your clients, suppliers, etc.
  3. Expanded grid functionality to include saved filters, column customization and more in invoices and expenses.
  4. Revamp data model behind Docs to support integration with other solutions + Retrieve tracking version of documents.
  5. Introduced a Document Generator tool allowing to save documents in a specific template format (footer/header, etc.).
  6. Automated Email Notification on all system Due Dates + enhanced email template to include more needed fields.
  7. Save & Add a new Expense on the fly + build an Invoice related to more than one Case for the same Client.
  8. Files can now be attached on Hearings.
  9. Money module improvements from account statements, labeling, invoicing and more.

Issue keyIssue TypePrioritySummaryStatusCreatedUpdatedDescription
A4L-4055New FeatureMediumAdd Reference Number to Time log gridMerged12/20/201712/25/2017You can now add a reference number to your time logs.
A4L-3959New FeatureMediumRevamp DMS Data Model Phase 3Merged10/24/201712/25/2017A new structure on the document management system.
A4L-3928New FeatureMediumDocument GeneratorMerged10/10/201712/25/2017You can now generate documents based on a templates you add to the system.
A4L-3903New FeatureMediumTime log comment not to be mandatory Merged9/26/201712/25/2017Time logs comments are optional now.
A4L-3900New FeatureMediumAutomatically send an email notification on all due dates in the systemMerged9/26/201712/25/2017Do not miss out on anything. You can now configure the system to notify before due dates such that you will receive an email notification.
A4L-3841New FeatureMediumIntroduce the ability to attach file to hearingsMerged8/17/201712/25/2017You can now attach documents to the hearings you record.
A4L-3835New FeatureMediumWorkspace for LawyersMerged8/17/201712/25/2017Two additional boards. My Dashboard which relates to everything you need to keep track of and Dashboard-Management for management access only in order to track progress.
A4L-3816New FeatureMediumAbility to save and add another expenseMerged8/16/201712/25/2017You can now add multiple expenses at the same time.
A4L-3805New FeatureMediumAccount NumberMerged8/1/201712/25/2017Automatic account number while recording an expense.
A4L-4036ImprovementCriticalAPI: Return id after recording a new expenseMerged12/7/201712/25/2017
A4L-4033ImprovementMediumAdd new fields to email notification Merged12/6/201712/25/2017Receive an email with more details.
A4L-4005ImprovementMediumSet default reminder time when creating a hearing or adding new a reminderMerged11/14/201712/25/2017Default reminder even if you did not set a certain time.
A4L-3981ImprovementMediumImplement Grid New Design And Functionality In Invoices and ExpensesMerged11/1/20172/8/2018New grid designs in invoices and expenses.
A4L-3939ImprovementHighAccount Statement View & Export EnhancementsMerged10/18/201712/25/2017

We facilitated the account statement view to show all the details you need to know.

A4L-3746ImprovementMediumInvoice on several cases for the same customerMerged7/5/201712/25/2017You can now choose between mutliple matters of the same client while creating an invoice.
A4L-3744ImprovementMediumHyperlink on the transactions in the statement of account Merged7/5/201712/25/2017You can access the transactions straight away from the statement of account.
A4L-3438ImprovementMediumAdd the ability to delete an IP caseMerged2/27/201712/25/2017You can now delete an intellectual property case.
A4L-4054BugMediumError NotificationsMerged12/20/201712/25/2017Fixed.
A4L-4040BugMediumUnable to add time logs to invoice with more than 40 recordsMerged12/8/201712/25/2017Fixed.
A4L-3980BugMediumSave button in "Petty Cash to User mapping" not workingMerged10/31/201712/25/2017Fixed.
A4L-3979BugHighPerformance issue in money gridsMerged10/31/201712/25/2017Fixed.
A4L-3978BugCriticalBug in paid through accounts in ExpensesMerged10/31/201712/25/2017Fixed.
A4L-3975BugCriticalBug in time logs related to matterMerged10/27/201712/25/2017Fixed.
A4L-3974BugCriticalErrors in Company AddressesMerged10/26/201712/25/2017Fixed.
A4L-3968BugMediumSync not working between hearing and Calendar integrationsMerged10/25/201712/25/2017Fixed.
A4L-3923BugMediumBug when Time tracking related to this matter is billable by default is checkedMerged10/6/201712/25/2017Fixed.
A4L-3872BugMediumError in Petty Cash Mapping pageMerged9/7/20171/30/2018Fixed.

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