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Important highlights from this release

  1. You can now customize invoices and generate them in a template of your choice. Change the logo, company name and more.
  2. Stay up to date with real-time notifications and know of every action/update on an expense.
  3. You can now create quotes before generating them to invoices.
  4. Created a bill or an invoice by mistake? No worries, they can now be deleted.
  5. As usual, plenty of bug fixing, improvements and more.

Issue keyIssue TypePrioritySummaryStatusCreatedUpdatedDescription
A4L-4120New FeatureMediumAbility to Delete an InvoiceFixed1/25/20185/14/2018You can now delete an invoice after creating it.
A4L-4119New FeatureMediumAbility to Delete a BillFixed1/25/20185/14/2018You are now able to delete a bill.
A4L-4115New FeatureMediumInvoice Template design flexibility Fixed1/24/20185/14/2018You can now customize your invoice template to change the logo, header, footer and more.
A4L-4106New FeatureMediumDraft invoice shouldn't book invoice IDFixed1/19/20185/14/2018You can now create a quote before generating it as an invoice.
A4L-3857New FeatureHighAPI: Allow filtering data on listing API'sFixed8/28/20175/14/2018
A4L-4247ImprovementMediumDisplay Needs Approval Amount for Paid Through AccountFixed4/12/20185/14/2018The paid through field in the expense form to show all expenses with different statuses (approved or not).
A4L-4246ImprovementMediumNotification upon recording an expenseFixed4/12/20185/14/2018You can now set notifications in the settings of the money module for certain users to receive notifications when recording and changing the status of an expense.
A4L-4244ImprovementMediumEnhance hearing's quick search Fixed4/9/2018 9:555/14/2018 15:53You can now search for a matter in the hearings module in order to check the associated hearings for it.
A4L-4240ImprovementMediumDisplay priority value when hovering over priority icon in BoardsFixed4/6/20185/14/2018The priority value of the task/matter will show while hovering over it in the task/matter board.
A4L-4228ImprovementMediumImprove the behavior when adding a notification Fixed3/29/20185/14/2018You will now be directed to the page you were at instead of the homepage after recording a notification.
A4L-4209ImprovementMediumReplace Template Symbol in Document GeneratorFixed3/15/20185/14/2018You will be able to set the values for your templates in the document generator feature based on the symbol (%) instead of ($).
A4L-4203ImprovementMediumReplace cloud image with an upload image in all attachments grids Fixed3/15/20185/14/2018While uploading an attachment, the cloud image is now replaced with an upload image.
A4L-4154ImprovementMediumEnhance Archive/Unarchive action in GridsFixed2/14/2018 9:185/14/2018 15:53You can now archive/unarchive by selecting the fields in the grids.
A4L-3633ImprovementCriticalBypass dashboard screen and open link after successful login Fixed5/2/2017 10:515/14/2018 15:53When you log in to your instance after your session expires, the system will no longer redirect you to the dashboard but the page you where working on.
A4L-4231BugMediumBug when adding a new entity or adding a depositFixed4/2/20185/14/2018Bug fixed.
A4L-4214BugHighAdding a new "Licenses & Waivers failsFixed3/22/20185/14/2018Bug fixed.
A4L-4199BugMediumSome fields are not loaded from Document Generator templateFixed3/15/20185/14/2018Bug fixed.
A4L-4196BugCriticalNo relation between matter and related contacts / companiesFixed3/13/20185/14/2018Bug fixed.
A4L-4190BugCriticalNo action when adding a task on getting started + fresh instanceFixed3/9/20185/14/2018Bug fixed.
A4L-4177BugCriticalAPI: bug when delete a contact.Fixed2/26/20185/14/2018Bug fixed.
A4L-4166BugCriticalSystem showing '?' on some arabic letter Fixed2/19/20185/14/2018Bug fixed.
A4L-4131BugMediumBug when exporting contacts to excelFixed1/30/20185/14/2018Bug fixed.
A4L-4113BugMediumBug when uploading files with Arabic nameFixed1/24/20185/14/2018Bug fixed.
A4L-4082BugMediumCheck the doubled requests when the folder is emptyFixed1/8/20185/14/2018Bug fixed.
A4L-4081BugMediumBug when rename the matter note attachmentsFixed1/5/20185/14/2018Bug fixed.
A4L-3858BugMediumExclude company Group from dashboard widgetsFixed8/29/20175/14/2018Bug fixed.
A4L-3554BugMediumBug in Bearer field in Company Shareholders tabFixed3/31/20175/14/2018Bug fixed.
A4L-3431BugMediumUser can access send notification page without authenticationFixed2/24/20175/14/2018Bug fixed.
A4L-2976BugMediumDMS - Bugs when renaming folder with the same nameFixed10/18/20165/14/2018Bug fixed.
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