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Important highlights from this release

  1. The path you work on for a commercial matter is completely different than the one you choose for a civil matter. That's why we enhanced our workflow module to support different paths depending on the matter's area of practice.
  2. Calendar module enhancements: You can now set invitees as optional in calendar meetings, moreover you can select who attended the meeting for future reference.

Issue TypeSummaryCreatedDescription
New FeatureSupport for Active Directory on Cloud9/13/2018Bug Fixed
Bug404 page when pressing on a matter in matter container8/14/2018Bug Fixed
BugBug when converting matter to litigation and choosing a matter stage8/9/2018Bug Fixed
BugBug in export related contacts8/2/2018Bug Fixed
QA_BugCalendar module enhancements7/29/2018Bug Fixed
BugLook and feel is overriding the money menu color7/13/2018Bug Fixed
ImprovementWhats new 7.47/12/2018Bug Fixed
BugBug when deleting a cover template7/11/2018Bug Fixed
New FeatureNew changes to Matter Workflow and SLA Features5/31/2018

Allow users to add several Workflows for any chosen: Matter Category (Matter and Litigation Case) & Area of Practice.

An Area of Practice can have one Workflow. One Workflow can belong to one or more Area of Practices for Matters or Litigation cases.

By default, for migration purposes, the existing Workflow applies to all Area of Practices and Matter Categories.

In Manage Workflows, allow users to add/edit Workflows. Also allow adding on the fly Workflow Status.

SLA should be per Workflow. SLA should have the same design (Start Status, Pause Status, Stop Status).

Once the user chooses the workflow(s), the Statuses that appear are the ones related only to the Workflow.

for migration purposes, the existing SLA applies to the current workflow (for all matter categories & Area of Practices)

Matter boards to be based on Workflows

more details can be found in attached screenshots

Matter logs will be impacted in this change

API changes to apply the new design

New FeatureCalendar module enhancements5/11/2018

Add Meeting Type field

Define if attendees are optional or mandatory in Add and EDIT form

Add Participants (who participated the event) to the event for EDIT form

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