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Issue keyIssue TypePrioritySummaryStatusCreatedUpdatedDescription
A4L-4155New FeatureMediumUser should be multi selectMerged2/14/20182/28/2018You are now able to select multiple users while using the advanced search in the "Time Tracking" tab in the "Money Module"
A4L-4139ImprovementCriticalNew file type supportedMerged2/6/20182/28/2018

You will be able to upload new file type:

  1. WAV (ios voice recorder).
  2. 3GP (android voice recorder).
  3. MOV (ios video camera).
A4L-4132BugMediumBug in accounts installationMerged1/30/20182/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-4122BugCriticalData entry problem in Arabic using English InterfaceMerged1/25/20182/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-4108BugHighRegression for the versioning on documentsMerged1/20/20182/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-4099ImprovementMediumFocus to be on Matter Note instead of Added byMerged1/16/20182/28/2018Better view on the fields in matter.
A4L-4098ImprovementMediumTurn off form auto-completion on all addresses fields Merged1/16/20182/28/2018Auto-completion fixed on all addresses fields.
A4L-4096BugCriticalDatabase error when trying to add new invoice taxesMerged1/16/20182/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-4094BugHighInvoice Ref is exported as a number and not the actual valueMerged1/14/20182/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-4084BugMediumBug in Account Statement reportMerged1/10/20182/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-4080BugMediumError in Data Migration for permissions in DMSMerged1/5/20182/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-4078BugMediumBug in folder creationMerged12/31/20171/23/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-4066BugMediumBug in tasks grid when adding/editing a taskMerged12/26/20172/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-4016BugMediumShowing backslash on apostrophe in the menu grid of matters Merged11/21/20172/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-4014BugMediumBug when deleting IP renewal that has no user to remindMerged11/20/20172/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-3998New FeatureMediumApproval Process for ExpensesMerged11/10/20172/28/2018

Approval Process on Expenses allows multi-user accounts to require that drafted expenses are submitted for review before they are approved and payments can be received.

A4L-3992BugMediumPerformance issue in Company ReportsMerged11/7/20172/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-3931ImprovementMediumSupport keywords on documents in the universal searchMerged10/12/20172/28/2018You can now search for your documents through the universal search using the keywords you have put.
A4L-3924ImprovementMediumInclude Closed on date field to matter exportMerged10/9/20172/28/2018In case a matter is closed, it will now appear so in the date form.
A4L-3908New FeatureMediumAdd description to the list of clients account Merged9/27/20172/28/2018A new feature that allows you to add a description to your client's accounts in the money module.
A4L-3884BugLowBug in time logMerged9/13/20172/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-3882BugMediumBugs in IP caseMerged9/13/20172/28/2018Bug resolved.
A4L-3873ImprovementMediumRemove default value for Effective effort in log timeMerged9/7/20172/28/2018Zeros will no longer be seen in the effective effort of the time logs.
A4L-3812BugMediumBug in the display of capital in companies gridMerged8/16/20172/28/2018

Better display of capitals in the shareholders grid.

A4L-3803New FeatureMediumTrust AccountingMerged8/1/20172/28/2018

App4Legal makes it easy to manage all funds held in trust on behalf of your clients.

A4L-3754ImprovementMediumImplement Grid New Design And Functionality In The Specified GridsMerged7/5/20172/28/2018Grids with better look and feel in Bills, Time Tracking and Chart of Accounts.
A4L-3615BugMediumBug when exporting Hearings Roll Session after applying filtersMerged4/21/20172/28/2018Reports generated exaclty like the filters chosen.
A4L-3578ImprovementMediumInclude Case/File Ref # in Universal SearchMerged4/10/20172/28/2018You can now search for your matters through their reference numbers in the universal search engine.
A4L-3510BugMediumRemove Refresh iconMerged3/17/20172/28/2018Refresh icon is removed in the reports.
A4L-3390ImprovementMediumRemove the Department from the grid of CustomersMerged2/8/20172/28/2018There is no more department column in the Cusotmers grid.
A4L-3337New FeatureMediumIntroduce Notes to the Company formMerged1/19/20172/28/2018Collaborate with your colleagues easily through the notes field in your companies.
A4L-3202ImprovementMediumRename "saved reports" to "other reports"Merged12/13/20162/28/2018Saved reports in now changed to Other reports
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