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Issue TypeSummaryCreatedDescription
BugAccess Denied when exporting data in money2018-07-24Bug Fixed
BugError in Universal search2018-07-16Bug Fixed
BugSearch by Total or Status in Money Module (Invoices) is not working2018-07-16Bug Fixed
ImprovementEnhancements on Invoice Template2018-07-04* time logs title to be configured and so for expenses and items.
* All hours should be decimal (19.00 instead of 19)
* Initials to be added before Full names in the time logs summary
* Description row is very narrow where the narrations sometimes can reach up to 300+ characters and then all narrations will be stacked up and unclear with no spacing or separations between each narration.
BugIncorrect balance in money2018-06-25Bug Fixed
BugUser code should be displayed in invoice time logs section in export to word2018-06-11Bug Fixed
BugIncorrect behavior in expense currency2018-06-11Bug Fixed
BugIncorrect behavior in expense in mobile app2018-06-11Bug Fixed
BugMissing Matter Subject in Exported Word Document2018-06-11Bug Fixed
ImprovementInvoice template improvements2018-06-06# Ability to add “Reference number” to the invoice
ImprovementEliminate the manual work being done for every invoice based on the new invoice template2018-05-23# Removed the word "Invoice" from the Header and moved it to the Body
# Added in our Logo - this was difficult because your new template is 3 columns and our logo is only 2, so I had to also change the table setting
# Add the option to add the page numbering
ImprovementEnhancements on the Invoice Template2018-05-23* Fix the logo resolution
* Fix the text formatting when copying from a word to the text editor(header)
* Rename the note in the settings to (Thank you for your business.)
*  rename invoice# value in english to Invoice # (sample data)
*  put the field to be editable under the icon from Invoice Template 
* remove this: (Generated on 2018-05-23 10:08 by using App4Legal 7.2)
*  check if we can change the Huge Medium Low of the text editor
* stick to the font type and size of the below word
ImprovementAdd the "Requested by" field in the column list in the time log page2018-05-22# add requested by to both grids (my logs and all logs)
# add this field to grid default columns, advanced search and exported views
ImprovementAllow new file type in upload document2018-05-18Allow receiving a file type with mime "image/png" and extension .jpeg to unblock the mobile app with the new release of IOS as they consider the jpeg file as png format when capturing a new photo directly without selecting from the gallery. 
ImprovementRe-engineer Universal Search Feature2018-05-17# when the user pressing ENTER in universal search, the system should display the page with the title only "Search Results for ( %term%)"
# display the containers with loading icon only
# the data should be displayed in consecutive way
ImprovementShareholder Name should be clickable (hyperlink)2018-05-16in the Company Object, Shareholders tab, the value in the column "Shareholder Name" should be a hyperlink to the Company or Contact in question in order to ease the navigation.
ImprovementEnhance the sample data of invoice language for ksa and uae2018-05-15The invoice title in money language to be "Tax Invoice" instead of "Invoice"
BugBug when redirecting the user to a page that he has no permission on2018-05-15Bug Fixed
ImprovementAdd delete option in time logs grid2018-05-14Added to the main time logs grid
BugBug when the invoice is overdue and partially paid at the same time2018-05-14Bug Fixed
BugDB error when integrating with office 365 calendar2018-05-14Bug Fixed
New FeatureSecurity enhancements2018-05-11 3:16 PM# ability to control user session by 2 options:
## allow user to open multiple sessions in different browsers and PCs
## allow user to open one session cross PCs / browsers
# the options should be available in administration page in setup & configuration under a new tab called "security" or in a config file
New FeatureBranding App4Legal2018-05-11# All system colors (dashboard gadgets, top menu, buttons..)
# Logo
# Fav icon
# App name (browser tab)
BugBug in discount transactions on invoice2018-05-11Bug Fixed
BugUndefined message when renaming a file that exists in money2018-05-09Bug Fixed
ImprovementAdd all fields to export conatcts2018-05-08All Fields added
BugAdd limitation to export records2018-04-02Bug Fixed
ImprovementEnhancements to Litigation Case Process2018-04-02
BugRounding Numbers in Bill Form2018-03-28Bug Fixed
BugRemove Account types from permissions scheme2018-03-01Bug Fixed
BugError in IP edit form2018-02-16Bug Fixed
BugData entry problem in Arabic using English Interface - Phase 22018-02-13Bug Fixed
ImprovementInform and enforce accountant to set exchange rate when defining a new currency2018-01-28Accountant is now asked to fill in the exchange rates when defining a new currency
BugBug in the partner accounts when adding new entity2017-12-19Bug Fixed
ImprovementAdd the ability to add on the fly Meeting Location2017-03-21You can now add on the fly next to the Location field in the meeting form
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