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OTJ - v1.6.0 release (ISJIRA)
Displaying 30 issues at 2016-03-04 9:58 AM.
Key Issue Type Priority Summary Status
OTJ-379 Improvement Medium General Enhancements Merged
OTJ-378 Improvement Medium Issue Search screen Merged
OTJ-377 Improvement Medium Revamp the menu for OTJ client side Merged
OTJ-372 Improvement Medium Form Auto-Scale Adaptaion Merged
OTJ-371 Bug Critical OTJ gets disabled Merged
OTJ-370 Improvement Medium Profile name option Merged
OTJ-369 Improvement High Clickonce technology Merged
OTJ-368 Improvement High No permission to C:\ directory Merged
OTJ-366 Improvement Medium Change the message when no email is selected for update Merged
OTJ-365 Improvement Critical Improve capitalization on all the labels Merged
OTJ-364 Bug High JIRA header loads on Update screen for 2 seconds Merged
OTJ-363 Improvement Low Include 16 x 16 OTJ logo on all message boxes Merged
OTJ-362 Improvement High Show screenshot when "Include Screenshot" is clicked Merged
OTJ-361 Improvement Low 16 x 16 logo on update screen + Settings screen Merged
OTJ-360 Improvement Medium Scroll bar position on update screen Merged
OTJ-358 Improvement Medium Add a Loader on the Update Issue Merged
OTJ-357 New Feature Medium Ability to show the log file/file directory from OTJ Merged
OTJ-353 Improvement Medium Re-design About Screen Merged
OTJ-350 New Feature Medium Revamp the update screen to HTML based Merged
OTJ-349 Improvement Medium Outlook Logo Merged
OTJ-348 Improvement Medium Screen not well displayed Merged
OTJ-347 Improvement Medium Language mistakes Merged
OTJ-346 Bug Medium Installer Logo Merged
OTJ-343 New Feature Critical Allow to tag using @ symbol Merged
OTJ-342 Improvement Medium Loader behind confirmation dialogue. Merged
OTJ-339 Improvement Medium Rename "Preferences" in the main menu Merged
OTJ-337 Improvement Medium Improve tabs under preferences. Merged
OTJ-331 Improvement Critical Support Enterprise Deployment Merged
OTJ-300 Improvement Medium Connecting OTJ outlook add on to an instance with no add on Merged
OTJ-279 Improvement Medium Disk folder rename Merged
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