The user can select the email to which he/she needs to add to a Case as a Case Note on App4Legal. The system will ask the user to choose the Case that the note needs to be related to. All what the user has to do is look up the needed Case in the Case Subject field. Once the Case is selected, the system will automatically add the body of the email as a Case Note. The attachment appears in the Related Documents part in the screen shot below.

The email can be truncated to include only the needed parts. Users can for example choose e-mail header, e-mail body, e-mail time stamp and inline images.

In case there are attachments in the body of the email, the user has the option to select e-mail attachments and choose from attachments the needed one(s) to be added to the Related Documents of the Case. The email itself also can be added as an Outlook item in the form of an attachment (.msg) in the Related Documents of the Case.

If the Case to which the Note is being attached to originates from the Customer Portal, then a new flag shall appear in the Add Case Note form that flags the Note as visible from Customer Portal or not: