.Mobile for Jira supports Push Notification feature that notifies users on any update occurred on the ticket, this document is meant to help users configure this feature and make sure it's working properly.

Mobile for Jira follows your instance Notification Schemes to send Push Notifications for your user.


  1. Mobile for Jira requires Jira Core version 7.0.0 and above for the Notification feature to work.
  2. Mobile for Jira Add-on is required to be installed for Notification feature to work, you can find the add-on by following this link (https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1214475/mobile-for-jira?hosting=cloud&tab=overview).
  3. You can install Mobile for Jira from the corresponding stores Play Store and App Store.

Configuration Needed:

Configuration needed from Mobile for Jirs Add-on side:

  1. If your organization has a firewall, you need to open the following ports: 52285229, and 5230 to unlock this feature (You can refer to this link for further details FCM Ports), these Ports are used by FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging).
  2. Navigate to Add-ons admin settings, select Notification Settings from Mobile for Jira section, and make sure that Notification Status is On.

Configuration needed from Mobile for Jira mobile app side:

  1. Totally close the app and remove it from the background.
  2. Make sure that you have Internet Connection.
  3. Make sure that Notification feature is not blocked by your device:
    1. iOS:
      1. From your iOS device click open settings.
      2. Click on Mobile for Jira.
      3. Click on Notification.
      4. Make sure that Allow Notifications is turned On.
    2. Android:
      1. From your Android device click on settings.
      2. Click on Apps.
      3. Click on Mobile for Jira.
      4. Click on Notifications.
      5. Make sure that the feature is turned On.
  4. Open the app and login to your Jira instance if you're not done already.
  5. Click on the Gear Icon (Settings) and check if notification is enabled.

Configure the way Push Notification is sent:

  1. By default Mobile for Jira sends notifications depending on the Default Jira Notification Scheme in your instance.
  2. You can also create new Notification scheme, select a project and navigate to its settings, click on Mobile for Jira Notification Scheme from the right panel, click on the select list and choose your wanted scheme.

You can find Notification Scheme by navigating to Issues admin settings and selecting it from left panel

Create a support ticket through our portal https://css.infosysta.com/servicedesk/customer/portal/14/group/40, and make sure to provide the following:

  1. Share with us the logs of Mobile for Jira add-on, logs can be founded on the server where Jira instance is installed under the same log directory of Jira (Example: C:\Program Files\Atlassian\Application Data\JIRA\log).
  2. Share with us Mobile for Jira logs by clicking on the gear icon and select Contact Support.

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