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App LogoSize: 1024x1024

Android Notification LogoSize: 1024x1024

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Jira Base URLYour Jira URL that you mainly use to login


Login Method UsedYou need to determine if you're using an SSO solution or any hybrid login solution other than Jira login

For example, is using Jira login only.

Other instances might use ADFS, OKTA, Onelogin or other login solutions

App NameThe name of the app that will be displayed in App/Play Store and in the devicesex: our app name is Mobile for Jira

Login Page Title Subtitle

The title and subtitle displayed in Mobile for Jira login page

1: Title ex: Mobile for Jira

2: Subtitle ex: The ultimate solution to go mobile with Jira

Login background imageYou can share the required image to be shown in the login screen

In our case we are using the below:

Primary ColorThe primary color is the color that is used in the header for example

Short descriptionIt will be displayed in the App/Play storesex: Mobile for Jira is your ultimate mobile app on JIRA
Full descriptionIt will be displayed in the App/Play stores


Mobile for Jira Enterprise for Android is the ultimate solution to use Atlassian Jira on your Android device. it works with Jira core, Jira software and Jira service desk.

Mobile for Jira requires Mobile for Jira App installed on your Atlassian Jira instance (Server or Cloud). You can download it from Atlassian Marketplace.

Mobile for Jira is designed to view and interact with your issues on the go with a user-friendly interface.
Collaborating faster than ever:

- Create, Edit, link, delete, Watch, Vote and Transition issues
- The best Kanban and scrum boards experience for your stand-up meetings.
- Add, edit and delete comments
- Edit, crop, rename and add multiple attachments to your issues
- Get notified of important updates
- Advanced Search by key, summary, assign, report, status, custom fields..
- Record the time spent working on issues (Log work)
- View your Favorite filters and add them to your home page
- Share issues via your email
- And much much more...

Website A link that will be added in App and Play Store for the users to navigate toex:

Feature Graphic

Size: 1024x500 (No Alpha layer)


1: is the Feature Graphic

Screenshots (Optional)

We can provide them if no specific design is required

Screenshots displayed in App and play Stores with the below sizes:

For App Store

  • images for iPhone 6.5 Display 1242 x 2688 px

  • 5 images for iPhone 5.5 Display 1242 × 2208 px
  • images for iPad Pro (2nd Gen) 12.9 Display 2048 x 2732 px
  • 5 images for iPad Pro (3rd Gen) 12.9 Display 2048 × 2732 px

For Play Store

  • 5 to 8 images with the size: 1440 × 2880 px

Note: all sizes displayed as follows (w x h)

Test AccountThis account will be used by Apple to review the app, it can be with limited permissions


username: apple

password: 12345678

Support EmailAn email that will be used when the user clicks on Contact Support